Go Further with Ford

By Cole Q.

There’s something new. It’s not about great fuel economy, hybrid cars or state-of-the art technology. It’s about a philosophy. The Ford philosophy: Go Further.

Sometimes all it takes is a new perspective to see what’s right in front of you. As Alan Mullaly, President and CEO, Ford Motor Company said “Go Further is what Henry Ford meant when he promised that Ford would “open the highways to all mankind.”

Go further is about giving people the power of choice in the 2013 Ford Fusion with the widest-ever portfolio of fuel-efficient powertrains offered in the Fusion, including EcoBoost® , hybrid and plug-in hybrid engines; automatic and manual transmission offerings; and auto start stop technology.

It’s also about turning a MyFord Touch® software upgrade for customers into a an opportunity to recycle for a charity?

It’s about a commitment to go above and beyond every day to solve real problems for real people. Making a difference in people’s lives. Like taking on the challenge of helping schools raise $1 million for education through 300-plus events across the U.S. in a single month with Drive One 4 UR School.

And, perhaps most importantly, it’s about a can do, will do, must do spirit.

Help us spread the word. Share this article and video with your friends, post it on your Facebook page or tweet it. And visit GoFurther.com. We’d also like to hear how you go further! Has the technology in your Ford vehicle changed your life? Are your kids on a Ford dealer sponsored Little League team? Are you part of a community outreach program or a green initiative? Share your story of how Ford goes further in your life.
??????? ? 05/08/2012
@ Anton
They barely made it into hybrid space. Your ideas are great though.
??????? ? 05/08/2012
Small things, like on-board vacuum cleaner and a set of easy to reach Swiffer Dusters would make life a little bit nicer.
I love the way new Fusion looks.
Matt T 05/04/2012
I need to buy a 2013 Fusion Energi....How can I get my hands on one ASAP??
John C 05/03/2012
heres an idea .. try this on 4 size...introducing the "wild mustang" series
Anton Alexandrovich Koryagin 05/02/2012
Я бы предложил такую концепцию - ультра современного транспортного средства (автомобиля) - которому вообще не нужно топливо ! Так например используя силу тяжести конструкции автомобиля, а так же энерцию, а так же небольшое физическое воздействие физической силы (человека - водителя) - на высокотехнологичные конструкции агрегатов генерирующие малые воздействия для преобразования этой энергии в силу способную обеспечить тяговую динамику автомобилю. А так же некоторые уже имеющиеся разработки в области альтернативных источников питания .. Всё это в совокупности - могло бы обеспечить автомобилю необходимый источник энергии для движения. То есть такой автомобиль был бы способен передвигаться вне зависимости от расположения по близости бензина или розетки электрической.
Anton Alexandrovich Koryagin 05/02/2012
as I can go Further with Ford - if Ford doesn't notice me ? I would offer such concept - an ultra modern vehicle (car) - to which doesn't need fuel! So for example using gravity of a design of the car, and as an enertsiya, and as small physical impact of physical force (the person - the driver) - on hi-tech designs of units generating small influences for transformation of this energy to force capable to provide traction dynamics to the car. And as some already available development in the field of alternative power supplies. All this in aggregate - could provide to the car a necessary power source for movement. That is such car would be capable to move regardless of an arrangement on proximity of gasoline or the socket electric.
Tracy Clouser 05/02/2012
Ford has really come a long way with everything, from their sleek design to worrying about the economy/environment. I am so glad that Ford was able to work out their own business issues how many years ago and is not dependent upon the government. A perfect example for businesses of today to follow. Everyone is so dependent upon the government and is so quick to point the finger to not accept responsibility. Ford stepped up, admitted their mistakes and fixed them to create an all around amazing product!
I'm a used car dealer and I go the the dealer auto auctions every week and have for years. I get to drive every car made including BMW, Mercedes, Porsche, Lexus, Toyota, Honda, Rolls, Jaguar, everything. Ford doesn't always make the best car made but they make the best car for the money. I'm never disappointed with my Ford purchases and my customers are happy too. I can't say that about most other makes.
we havent any issues with the ecoboost but you have you realize nobody builds a perfect vehicle and everything can break.
Ryan 05/01/2012
Clever! Now with a world class line up, I'm curious to experience world class service at the dealerships. Currently, the dealership experience, although good, feels more like Sears.
New look running in the black and all with NO government loans I Love Ford
Margo 05/01/2012
Why make the Escape look like all the other cross overs? If it ain't broke why change it. The Escape was a great looking car.
I have owned nothing but Fords for my 25 years of driving. Bought an 11 F150 FX4 Eco boost and had tons of problems with it! Google "F150 Ecoboost problems" before buying one. Lost my butt on mine, but after several months of no fixes for all the issues I couldn't take it anymore. Stayed loyal for some dumb reason and went back to a good old Excursion with a 7.3 Powerstroke. Back to the good old iron! Get your stuff together Ford! I refuse to recommend the Ecoboost till the current issues are fixed.
Ramli J 05/01/2012
good and interesting
Paul Sparky 05/01/2012
Yeh yeh nice add nice Eco stuff. Where is the bloody for the ranger? I want to see the xlt dual cab 3.2lt diesel machine on my tv!!!! And once it's on my tv I'll get it in my garage!! And make sure it's red!!!
Ron Rulli 05/01/2012
ooops! lol 42 MPG Highway, And It's great at passing gas stations!
Ron Rulli 05/01/2012
I bought a New 2012 Focus SE -(SFE) and get 37 MPG in town, and
Michael B 05/01/2012
Joseph Glynn 05/01/2012
I'm looking forward to test driving the Focus EV:)
Deborah Hall 05/01/2012
I bought a 2012 Fiesta on April 11th and I love it!!!!
Bob Lomax 05/01/2012
I have owned 3 F-150 pickups. It is what I call a city truck. Used locally and for towing 30' camper. I actually have to slow down going up hill when I am behind other brand pick-ups. My 2011 has the 5.0 V8. I have talked to no one that does not like the V-6 (especially towing) Wish I had test driven it. Ford is most definitely the number one pick up for all round use. I would advertise for Ford. Smith Ford in Conway, AR has been outstanding iin my tradiings.
Janet Hughes 05/01/2012
Thought in the last shot the Blue Oval would have been displayed.Good commercial though.
Natasha At Ford 05/01/2012
Hey Kervin,

Have you brought the Fiesta to a dealer for inspection yet? Please send me a private message with your VIN, phone #, mileage, and dealer info so I can help. Thanks!

Ford Service
Tim R 05/01/2012
Move FORwarD & go further! PS Nothing but love for my brandnew Ford Focus 2012.
Joe DC 05/01/2012
whats up?
Luke Ray 05/01/2012
Great commercial. I really enjoyed seeing it!
Scott Hagen 05/01/2012
Kervin Melendez 05/01/2012
I regret going to Ford I bought a 2012 fiesta in December and the cars making loud noises under the hood the talked me into buying the car even more when they offered me a 250 gas card but never got that either ill never go back
Kervin Melendez 05/01/2012
I regret going to Ford I bought a 2012 fiesta in December and the cars making loud noises under the hood the talked me into buying the car even more when they offered me a 250 gas card but never got that either ill never go back
Chris Cline Boyd 05/01/2012
Like the commercial I seen.... at the end should show that all those vehicles was a Ford Product....
Chris Cline Boyd 05/01/2012
Like the commercial I seen.... at the end should show that all those vehicles was a Ford Product....
Michael Schumacher (MSC) 05/01/2012
Ford is cool.
Michael Schumacher (MSC) 05/01/2012
Ford is cool.
Pat Ford 05/01/2012
FORD'S ARE#1)(:)~
Pat Ford 05/01/2012
FORD'S ARE#1)(:)~
Cecilia Vizmanos Adams Long 05/01/2012
I didn't know wht kind of car the commercial was I saw last night
Shaun Abell 05/01/2012
I saw the unbranded commercial last night and thought it was pretty cool.
Sanjay Pradhan 05/01/2012
really dats y ford feel the difference
Candy Michael 05/01/2012
Go Ford!
Mike Gibson 05/01/2012
You are the biggest and the best in the world! Doesn't mean your perfect. It does show that your doing everything you can to show you're the best! And that you care enought to make that effort is being smart and responsible company!
Louis Ford 05/01/2012
I am Ford
Darren Lego Head Morton 05/01/2012
Go further. Go Ford.
Steve Ferguson 05/01/2012
Ford is the best in Texas and Oklahoma that I my dad drive
Roy Watkins 05/01/2012
All you need to do is advance me to the next step in the hiring process
Matthew Adams 05/01/2012
Daniel Nitrite 05/01/2012
why I can't share this update?
Jake Hildebrandt 05/01/2012
Seems like an effective ad campaign! Go Ford!
Matheus Ulisses Pieroni 05/01/2012
Nice commercial!
Go Further with Ford
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