Do You Have ET for EV?

By Tori T.

Everything has an associated etiquette, from whatever that small fork in a table setting is supposed to be used for, to wiping down sweaty gym equipment when you’re done working out. That means there’s also an unwritten etiquette for electric vehicles, or ET for EV! You know what? We’re going to go ahead and make those rules written! With around 9,400 public charging stations in the U.S., including at fast-food joints and universities, we know there’s likely a protocol developing. Let us know whether you agree on what we think that is, or if you have some others to add!

1. Unplugged: Never unplug another EV unless you’re certain it’s fully charged. After all, you wouldn’t sit down at someone’s table at a restaurant if they were still chowing down. The Ford Focus Electric , Fusion Energi plug-in hybrid and C-MAX Energi plug-in hybrid have an LED charge port that shows a circle of life equal to battery life.

2. Cash for gold: If you charge your EV at someone’s house, offer to pony up some moola for “fuel.” They’ll probably laugh at you. That’s OK, you’ll have the last laugh when it comes to getting the most bang for your fuel economy buck.

3. In a cord: Don’t take a charging station spot if your EV doesn’t need a refuel. And be mindful of where your cord is placed; you don’t want people tripping over it when they are distracted while staring at your awesome EV.

4. Luck of the parking: Prepare yourself for sneers and other jealousy when people are wondering why you get such a great parking spot. Explaining that it’s your fueling station, how an EV works and how it has changed your life are perks to EV ownership. Believe us, they will cling to your every word.

5. Get smart: Make sure when you're fully charged, you switch to a regular parking space. With the MyFord® Mobile app, your smartphone is capable of not only helping you find charging stations, but also keeping you up to speed on the battery status in your Ford EV. You can put a note on your car to let others know what time is OK to unplug, too.
Brad B 10/10/2012
Hey Ford & Marty W ! What do you do with a spent battery? Ford will have a plan for refurbishment of those batteries. Those battery packs will have value, you'll have a trade-in program in place. The only fly in the ointment I could see is people over-charging the battery or people putting the battery on charge when it isn't needed. A idea I've thought about since my exposure to this technology is a the use of a small gas generator with a auto-start-when-needed-set-up. Generator builders like Yamaha, Fuji-Robyn just to mention a couple have extremely small and dependable small generators. I have a 4,000 watt Yamaha type that is a power inverator over a generator and is super quiet and fuel efficient. So this would in turn greatly extend the operating range of a electric vehicle. A small inverator wouldn't need a large fuel tank, a 2 to 4 gallon capacity would be all that is needed. You'd get around 10 to 12 hours of running time from 2 to 4 gallons. This would eliminate the idea of being stranded from a depleted battery. This could all of a sudden become the ideal second car for the family. Imagine the Transit Connect combinations for delivery vehicles. Imagine being a courier service where the Transit could run for a complete 8 to 12 hour duty cycle using just 2 to 4 gallons of gas. Another piece of technology would be to use the back wheels as a generator hub assembly to charge the battery while in movement. I think this could be done using disc brakes on the hub over drum brakes to make the gen/hub small and practical. We all have ideas, and we thank Ford for making this platform available.
Will Smith 10/09/2012
Ford has been testing the batteries for there hybrid for the past 2 years. Guess what some have over 700,000 miles on them. Doesn't sound like you would get to replace your batteries for a VERY VERY long time!
Marty W 10/07/2012
What do you do with a $8000 spent battery? Do you buy another one? Is it worth it? What is the "breakout" in cost for a hybrid? Is it better to buy a "gas" spam can? Just give me a nice car.
Olivia T 10/06/2012
Finally instructions on the EV...yey! Looking fordward to reading more on the topic. I want one....
will gas cars ever go out of style?
Jaycee 10/04/2012
I am happy to see "the rules" I look forward to owning one of your cars in the near future. Can hardly wait for the Fusion Energi, looks like a beautiful creation of love.
Do You Have ET for EV?
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