Breaking News with Details on New Ford Escape, Big MPG for C-MAX Hybrid

By Ford Social Member

Although it’s not set to be revealed to the public until November 2011 at Los Angeles Auto Show, we have the inside scoop on one major change that’s putting the “new” in the new Ford Escape. It’s all about the EcoBoost® – the Escape will offer the most options of that engine ever in a Ford SUV, with, count ‘em, two four-cylinders: the 2.0-liter and a new-to-the-U.S. 1.6-liter. Also available will be the 2.5-liter Ti-VCT four-cylinder. The 1.6-liter, by the way? It’s expected to get higher highway fuel economy than even the Escape Hybrid, which is EPA-estimated at 31 mpg.

Also making headlines is more on the plan Ford has to launch the C-MAX Hybrid and C-MAX Energi plug-in five-passenger hybrids next year in North America. The C-MAX Hybrid will feature the first hybrid transmission and lithium-ion battery system Ford has built in-house, enabling it to deliver a 25 percent improvement in fuel economy as compared to the outgoing Escape Hybrid.

The C-MAX Energi aims for 500-plus miles of driving range using the battery and engine, more than any other plug-in or extended-range vehicle. Read the story, "More Ford C-MAX Hybrid Details Revealed!" for newer information about the Ford C-MAX Hybrid and C-MAX Energi plug-in hybrid.

Ford developed the new generation of hybrid electric vehicles via its extensive experience with first-generation hybrids, including the Escape Hybrid, the world’s first SUV hybrid. “Using our platform approach to hybridization, developing two choices for customers in the heart of the market with the dedicated, front-wheel-drive Ford C-MAX was our strategy to extend the benefits of hybrid technology to even more customers,” said Derrick Kuzak, Group Vice President, Global Product Development. Ford takes very seriously the fact that today, fuel economy is 2.5 times more important to American customers than environmental concerns when it comes to buying a vehicle.

So, to recap: the largest-ever EcoBoost engine lineup, the C-MAX Hybrid to make crazy-good fuel economy and Ford delivering electrified vehicles that are both attainable and meeting real people’s needs. That's news you can use!
David R 07/24/2012
The excitement about the EcoBoost, with the quote, "It’s expected to get higher highway fuel economy than even the Escape Hybrid, which is EPA-estimated at 31 mpg," chooses to neglect the fact that the Escape Hybrid is mostly purchased and driven by consumers for use around town, where it gets 34mpg in town. I have another car for long-range road trips with the kids. What I'd loved and wanted from Ford was to keep the Escape going so I could buy a new one for in-town use with the family. So disappointed to see it gone. And no interest in the C-Max. Too much of a a cross between a Prius and a minivan to ever lure me.
Kristen 03/11/2012
I agree completely with Hannah - if a Grand C-Max hybrid were available in the US, we and many others we know would buy it. That said, have to go with another hybrid seven seater option for the kids' sake, so back to Toyota.
Jim Talley 02/10/2012
I can't wait to drive the new C Max!! I'll be at my local ford dealer the minute it hits their showroom!
Hannah 01/09/2012
PLEASE PLEASE bring the grand c-max (third row with sliding doors)!!! I love taht you are having an electric and hybrid version but why not the third row? I do not need a five seater hybrid or electric. There is NOTHING available in the US like this and there is a demand (read the posts or google electric/hybrid minivan). You would have no competition at this point. i just don't get it.
Tom A. 12/03/2011
They really need to keep the hybrid option on as many models as possible. As popular and reliable and very efficient as the Escape/Mariner hybrids are, I'm surprised that they didn't continue the offering, whether with their new LI-ion or with the existing NiMH battery packs.
Tom A. 12/03/2011
A quote from the article: "fuel economy is 2.5 times more important to American customers than environmental concerns when it comes to buying a vehicle." What is the difference? Stupid people? The less gas you use, the less pollution there is, and the less money you spend on gas.

The Escape hybrid gets better combined mileage than either of the three versions of the new Escape can possibly get (at least, without start-stop technology, which hasn't been announced so far). Shifting the main hybrid model to a smaller vehicle is stupid on all fronts - efficiency (fleet average), pollution and responsibility.
Tom A. 12/03/2011
David N: the 1.6L is an EcoBoost engine - variable cam timing, direct-injection, and most importantly, it's turbocharged. Those EcoBoost engines crank out lots of torque at low rpm - I suspect that it will become a popular option as Americans gain experience with turbocharged engines (only exist on European vehicles until now). The displacement is misleading in terms of performance.

I agree that the lack of a hybrid option is disappointing to say the least. This article is misleading when talking about the 1.6 L EcoBoost beating the current hybrid on the highway. That's playing games with tall overdrives. The hybrid has a rating of 34 mpg in the city. The 1.6L EcoBoost won't get anywhere near that. The combined mpg for the hybrid is 33mpg. The combined mpg for the 1.6L EcoBoost will probably be in the mid 20s. Not even close. A huge step backwards.

I've had my 2010 Mariner hybrid (same as Escape) since March of 2010, and I'm averaging 36.4 mpg over that time (total miles traveled divided by total gallons pumped). I was averaging 39.2 mpg when I was driving on a daily basis in mixed driving conditions.

Very disappointed, Ford. Your SUV fleet average will drop by dropping the Escape hybrid.
Rockymtngal 12/02/2011
PLEASE make a 7 passenger C-Max.
R. Theus 11/30/2011
We need to have the 7 passenger in the U.S. !!!
Jim 11/21/2011
Another vote for a 7 seater, eco-boost; hybrid or otherwise.
saralee 11/21/2011
please bring back the 5+2 C-Max. i would definitely buy one!
Dave 11/15/2011
please bring back the 7 seat C-Max. Looked at a Mazda 5 and I am sure Ford can make a nicer version. My wife loved the way it drove, but I thought the acceleration was OK, road noise was too loud and the interior trim was just O.K. I was disappointed to see the the Grand C-Max was cancelled
David Numikoski 11/10/2011
Not happy with the loss of the Escape hybrid, something tells me that 1.6 liter engine isn't going to go 100,000+ miles and/or have squat for acceleration. I know it's all a compromise, just wish they would update the hybrid system in a truck body. I don't want a station wagon.
David Lyddall 11/04/2011
One more vote for the 7-seater. I don't know which genius decided to scrap it for the NA market, but it was a bad decision. I don't want a Mazda5, I hate my wife's bloated Odyssey (15mpg!!!), I'm willing to pay a premium price for a premium product, and the S-MAX and C-MAX vehicles (as well as Focus and Mondeo's) that I have driven in Europe are premium, well made, brilliantly designed vehicles. PLEASE make them available to us in the US.
Mike Laporte 11/02/2011
Our mazda 5 is great when the wife and 4or5 kids are with her and we average 25+mpg. I drive a widstar shorter distances by myself. I quess I will buy a Dodge man van before they stop making them. Bring back the 3 row C-Maxx!!!!!!!!!!!
Mike Laporte 11/02/2011
I bought a mazda 5 that I planned to trade in for the 7 passenger c-maxx..alas, now I have a maded in Japan I never planned to keep...Ahhh!
Brad Barefoot 10/19/2011
Seems more want to see the Grand C-Max available, Ford you have a winner there. Don't wait for another eurovan type to come across and steal your thunder.
Todd Heide 10/12/2011
wow, its breaking. Stop hitting it with your foot, maybe it will stop breaking.
Brad Barefoot 10/12/2011
I like a few others would really think that you (Ford) need to reconsider the Grand C-Max. Why? For my fellow Ford Shipmates who might not know The Dodge Caravan is going to be history. This leaves a huge hole in the Wagon/Van segment. If I were Lee Iacocca (you need him back) I'd bring back the Grand C-Max in both the Ford and Lincoln brands (think Dodge Caravan & Chrysler Town & Country) to fully embrace the buying public's needs. Mechanically offer removeable third row seats for those like my wife and I who don't need them and offer a trunk type accessory to cover the hole. And offer a trailer hitch for the older buyers who bring a smaller scooter/ev with them and for very light towing 1,000 to 1,400 lbs. Gentlemen you'd own this, I've seen and enjoyed the Grand C-Max in France, again you'd own this market segment!
Alejandro Solorzano 10/10/2011
I was waiting for the 7 passenger C-MAX, and I am shocked that Ford is only bringing the 5 passenger version. The most disappointing thing is that I have read hundreds of comments of people who want the 7 seater CMAX but looks like Ford does,'t listen and definitely I will not spend my money in a brand that disappoints people and still have the mindset of the people who took ford to bankruptcy.
Spencer Conklin 10/10/2011
Warning: Ford does not stand behind the Hybrid technology. I have a $5000 regenerative intermittent breaking issue (that they will not help with) to prove it. The problem I have is well know and widespread in the online hybrid community. Come on Ford, man-up and stand behind your stuff!! Look at the comments of this blog. Tons of other folks have the issue.
Ricky 10/08/2011
Please bring back the 7 seater I really liked it @ the detroit auto show....we need more than just the mazda 5 in this segment.
drew 10/07/2011
Please! Don't forget decent brakes!! My '06 Escape with 4-wheel disc brakes was a industry leader with short stops....the later models with cheaper rear drums went to the bottom of the pack with mediocre braking at best. This is not the way to go.
Scott Monty 10/07/2011
@John Kurpinski: this isn't the new Escape. That won't be revealed until the L.A. Auto Show next month.
"John A." "Kurpinski Sr." 10/07/2011
I don't like the new escape at all.
Nathan Huck 10/06/2011
Ford, at last you are bringing the Kuga to us -but you forgot to bring the diesel? Come on guys are you going to let Mazda beat you with the sky active diesel in the cx5? We need the power, torque, mileage and reliability of Ford small diesels in the us. Just give us the option please!
Maury 10/06/2011
MZS: Ford, you're trying but this feels like a lot of foul balls, not even an infield hit. I had a Grand Caravan and "downsized" to an Escape Hybrid for the improved mileage. Like the Escape, hoped for an updated model. The C Max neither satisfies the SUV in me (macho shape, fun to drive) nor the practicallity of 7 passsenger capacity (which I sorely miss). Why bring the European C-Max converted to Hybrid or Electric-Hybrid when using the larger (and more stylish) S-Max might have been able to preserve passenger capacity? Are you just trying to up the CAFE performance and not really giving customers what they want? Many of us "family guys" will settle for improved (not award winning) mileage with style and capacity!
Marvin Ranaldson 10/05/2011
I would buy A Cmax 7 in a heartbeat. I think ford dropped the Ball when they decided not to bring it to the states.
Daniel Ayala 10/04/2011
Ohhh!!! I assumed that was a picture of the new Escape
By the way, thought Id say I love Ford and the Escape
Ford Motor Company 10/04/2011
This isn't the new Escape. We'll reveal that at the L.A. Auto Show.
Jason Webster 10/04/2011
I'm in the same boat as KG, B JS, I really need the CMax Energi to be 3rd row, even its just for munchkins, so add me to the list as "definite" buyer for 6/7-Pass Energi, but only "maybe" buyer for 5-pass Energi. Hope its not too late to add it back to your product mix, just been sooo busy with the kids! Thanks for moving in the right direction though...much appreciated!
Daniel Ayala 10/04/2011
Dont like that this is the new Escape :/
Bill Rickords 10/04/2011
Put in the turbo 2.0 Eco-Boost with the Twin Clutch auto and we are there.....faster than any manual out there.
Michael Bashta 10/04/2011
I still want to see a hybrid ecoboost on the Ford Escape!
Steve 10/04/2011
It's nice that it gets better highway MPGs, but city MPG is more important to me and probably over 80% of the people that doesn't commute on the highway for over 90% of the drive. Most homes are not right off the highway and neither are a lot of stores and businesses. Not having a new hybrid Escape SUV will be a mistake. I like the C-Max, but I'd rather have a little higher ground clearance.
hlring 10/04/2011
Currently driving a minivan, because of the flexibility it provides. I can easily load my luggage and tandem bicycle inside, yet still have room for 7 passengers when I arrive at my destination and unload. If the C-Max can load my tandem, without having to break it down, then I would consider this vehicle. If not, I may have to stay with the Chrysler T&C. The Connect does not have enough room lengthwise, even though it is more than tall enough. The Flex is not tall enough to fit the tandem standing up, which is pretty much what needs to be done, otherwise all the luggage space is consumed, and there is grease and dirst all over the inside of the vehicle.
Brad Krekelberg 10/04/2011
Neither of these interest me. I want the 7-passenger C-Max with either a gas or diesel engine. The 1.6L needs to make its way to the Focus line-up also, with a 6-speed manual, for when I replace my '12 Focus. Thanks
KG 10/04/2011
Please, please give us an American built 7 person hybrid minivan. Bring back the 7 seat C-Max option - I've been waiting years for it. But looks like I'll have to go for the new Prius van. Come on Ford, we Ford families want to support you.
B JS 10/04/2011
CMax should still be a 7 passenger vehicle. At least as an option. Now the Mazda5 will still be the only choice with 3 rows in this segment.
Carl Warmington 10/04/2011
Finally North America will experience the 1.6l EcoBoost, now put this engine the new Focus as well and you have a real winning combination, along with the 6 speed manual transmission of course :-)
Great to have amazing family hybrids cars!
& I believe that Ford will always make great cars.
Breaking News: Details on New Ford Escape, Big MPG for C-MAX Hybrid
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