Bike Parkour with Extreme Filmmaker Devin SuperTramp

By Becks D.

A car with great MPG is good. But MPG AND more is better . Devin SuperTramp and some of the best Trials bikers in the country take on San Francisco in the Fusion Energi and CMAX Energi. In cars powered by battery and gas, these thrill-seekers go further than you can imagine!

Tell us where your Ford has taken you:
magoo 02/05/2014
Whoa - that's too cool!! These guys are so awesome!! They make me want to get another mountain bike, but I would seriously hurt my old bones!! Thanks for the entertainment. We just love our Focus Titanium!!!!!Magoo.
Phyllis 02/05/2014
Love my CMax Energi.....bought it June, 2013 , just finished two tanks of gas after 4200's date 2/5/2014
Jim J, 02/04/2014
A shorter version of this video would have been a great Super Bowl commercial.
GENE 02/04/2014
This is not how to ride a bike.
Ray K 02/04/2014
I work for an urban university and manage a maintenance team to care for the buildings and grounds of main campus. I love electric car technology; I have had them here on campus over ten years with Club Cars, and Gem cars for my maintenance employees to get around campus. With that being said; we have a significant amount of damage done to our campus by cyclists and skate boarders.  We had $60,000 in damage done to just one monument in a weekend.   It almost pained me to watch your video, and I hope it doesn’t encourage the damage and destruction of properties.     
Bike Parkour with Extreme Filmmaker Devin SuperTramp
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