Be Prepared to be Amazed at these Innovations

By Cole Q.

Cars that draw pictures based on your drive, an LED display to automatically communicate with cars behind you, a musical composition based on how you drive. Pipe dreams? Hardly! These are just some of the innovations that were dreamed up and developed during the Boing Boing Ingenuity hack day held August 17, 2013, at the TechShop in San Francisco.

Boing Boing is an online magazine devoted to technology and the culture that surrounds technology. What a perfect match for the Ford OpenXC platform , and the 2013 Ford C-MAX Hybrid ! Boing Boing invited some of the top hackers in its community and Ford brought a C-MAX as well as its expertise. The goal was for the participants in this hack day – dubbed Data Driven – to create some new, innovative features or functions using the data available through the Ford OpenXC platform. And innovate they did! We already mentioned some of the really cool projects that were built throughout the day, and there were many more!

There was the real-cost driving meter. Want to know the true cost of a trip? The goal of this project was to factor in wear-and-tear as well as depreciation of the vehicle.

How about a driving replicator? This hack pulls the data from your drive – your turns, your acceleration, your braking – and then replicates it through a toy RC car.

And how is this for the ultimate password: Driving a certain pattern unlocks a locked box inside the vehicle!

Want more? The Boing Boing team has posted quite a few stories at and will continue to add more in the coming weeks.
john 08/27/2013
Ford used to have diesel's in their Lynx years ago. I owned 2 of them and would love to see this come back. I was getting 40 to 45 MPG back then in these cars. They were Awesome!
Brad B 08/26/2013
Hey Ford & Duane !  The diesel engine, well I'm not sure about a diesel in the Focus, the Transit Family of vehicles would be a better fit.  Why?  Most small car buyers won't own the car long enough to benefit the saving in the fuel cost.  I now own a C-Max and enjoy on average 48 to 50 mpg around town.  I'd estimate that a diesel powered Focus would cost the same as a C-Max if not more.  The Transit Connect SWB van with the diesel would be great, I'd like to see that for us on the farm.  We've almost made the decision to get a new Transit Connect over a used 2 to 3 year old car.  We've found Van/Wagons with trailers work better than trucks.  And we tend to hang onto farm vehicles longer than personal cars.  So the dlesel would find better success on the commercial side than the consumer side.
Duane 08/23/2013
The Ford Focus Diesel--Chevy got smart and brought out the Cruze in diesel--where is the Focus diesel, the best commuter car ever created? Bring it to America, dummies!!