Are You Hooked on Ford?

By Ford Social Member

It’s been another eventful week in the world of Ford. We have to admit that the Hooked on Ford story submitted by one of your fellow Ford fans about how our trucks have been a part of a family business for mile after mile caught our eye with one of the best photos submitted with a story to date.

The story tells about how their first bargain trucks didn’t work out as well as they thought, so they bought their first Ford truck and were sold. Click here to read more.

We think there are a lot more Ford stories just waiting be shared. You don’t have submit a great photos, although we enjoy when you do, just click here to go to Your Stories and share how Ford has been a part of your life.

Of course, is more than just Your Stories. There were plenty of brilliant ideas posted this week, as well as a slew of stories directly from Ford. Here is what’s new on this week:

Your Stories


Hooked on Ford

We started our cleaning business in 1990. Being on a small budget, was reflected in the purchase of the trucks. They quickly became not the bargain we were hoping for. They were nickel and diming us to death. So we purchased our first Ford Ranger and were “SOLD.” Read more…


Iii National Day - Focus Rs Owners Club Spain

Three years ago, a few Focus RS owners founded the Spanish Focus RS Club with this fabulous model of car … Since then and following the mk2’s launching, now we have over 100 members and on October 31st we celebrate ur national meeting on Pau D’Arnos racetrack in France. Read more…


460,000 Miles On A V-10 And Still Going Strong

We bought our first F250 V-10 when it only had 11,000 miles on her. We bought our other v-10, 4 years ago and she had 149,000 on it. Now both of our F250 V-10’s have over 460,000 on each of them. We auto transport for a living, and we put alot of miles on our trucks, We pull a open two car trailer, the miles are alot of highway miles, but that is pulling up into mountains, and they both run very strong, sound just as mean as they did when we first bought them. Read more…

Your Ideas

Sunroof Screen

Those of us who are loyal to sunroofs have experienced foreign objects dropping through the sunroofs when opened. We have also experienced lightweight items escaping from the interior of the vehicle through the open sunroof. Read more…

New Mustang Automatic

The Focus and Fiesta have the new Powershift 6-speed automatic. It is unbelievable how Ford can get BETTER fuel economy out of an automatic than a manual! Ford should put a rear wheel drive version of this Powershift automatic in the Mustang to further enhance power to the ground and fuel economy. Read more…

A Car that Can Share Your Thoughts

It would be great if Ford can put a voice command device that can be translated into a text and then every one can read it from the LED in the back of the car. The LED text can also be either our voice or connected to social media status. Read more…

Our Stories


What Does Your Vehicle’s Color Say About You?

A friend once mentioned it was important that he liked what he drove, since he averaged three hours in his car every work day because of the commute. We assumed he was referring to comfort and amenities, but he clarified that spending all that time staring at his hood in bumper-to-bumper traffic meant he had to love the color of the car. And believe us, that look-at-me bright yellow paint matched his personality, too. Read more…


Ford and General Mills Come Together to Help America’s Schools

What if all you had to do was order a brochure, watch a video or buy that Ford vehicle you’ve been eyeballing to help raise money for the school of your choice? It’s reality – Ford has teamed up with General Mills on Box Tops for Education (BTFE), and is the first automaker to partner on this initiative. BTFE began in 1996, and in the past 15 years, more than 90,000 schools have earned over $400 million, including more than $59 million last school year. Read more…


Go Inside Ford to Learn How it Will Lead Fuel Economy with the Power of Choice

Ever wonder what it would be like to be inside the Ford Product Development Center? How would you like a chance to not only have a look inside, but to join top automotive journalists as they get a briefing from Derrick Kuzak, Ford Group Vice President of Global Product Development, and other team members on how Ford plans to deliver even more fuel economy to its customers through electrification and beyond in future product? This is your chance. Read more…


Breaking News with Details on New Ford Escape, Big MPG for C-MAX Hybrid

Although it’s not set to be revealed to the public until November 2011 at Los Angeles Auto Show, we have the inside scoop on one major change that’s putting the “new” in the new Ford Escape. It’s all about the EcoBoost® – the Escape will offer the most options of that engine ever in a Ford SUV, with, count ‘em, two four-cylinders: the 2.0-liter and a new-to-the-U.S. 1.6-liter. Also available will be the 2.5-liter Ti-VCT four-cylinder. Read more…


Coolest Places to Charge Your EV

When is the last time you did an errand or task based on the surrounding scenery? Most likely never; it gets selected for its location, location, location convenience. Ford has taken what could be a mundane task – charging your electric vehicle – and compiled a list of the 20 coolest places to charge in the U.S. Ford is tracking more than 3,000 public charge stations in 2011, and expects that figure to quadruple by the end of 2013. Read more…


Three Weeks, Three States, One Explorer

Greetings from the Pahaska Teepee lodge, the last place to grab a room and a meal before you get to Wyoming’s eastern entrance to Yellowstone National Park. After a nine hour drive from Boulder, Colorado, it feels good to stretch my legs out on my cabin’s queen-sized bed. And even better to wash down a respectable buffalo meat quesadilla from the lodge’s grill with the Moose Drool Brown Ale I picked on my way through Cody, about 50 miles to the east. Read more…


There’s Coconut Where in My Ford?

Odd building materials in vehicles may sound quirky and clever, but the process is nothing new, and is all about doing good for the environment. For example, did you know recycled blue jeans – the cotton, that is – are used in the 2012 Ford Focus as sound absorption to keep the interior quiet? Or that whenever possible, Ford has used soy foam for seat cushions, castor oil foam in instrument panels and even recycled carpet on cylinder head covers? Therefore, when we mention there might soon be coconut in your Ford, it shouldn’t seem all that nutty. Read more…

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Scott Erickson Sr 08/04/2013
I have four Fords right now. My family has driventhem since my dad had a 1951 Tudor with a flathead eight. I ford wants to keep me as a customer, bring back the Ranger. I havecurrently a 1985 two wheel drive with a 2.8 six cyl, manual 5 speed and 262,xxx miles and never rebuilt any major part. No ranger brought back, I'm going to some other brand to replace it along with the two F150's I own. I dont need a full size truck all the time and gas going thru the room, v8's are no longer feasable, nor is that puny sized v6 in the new ones.
Ex-Ford Fan 12/30/2011
Did Ford acquire the rights to the old Pontiac Vibe or is the 2013 Escape ugly as sin looking to anyone else?
albert LeBlancSr 11/19/2011
i have a 2010 town car and i here that ford is going to change the town car, why? the town car is the king of all cars in the world, nothing rides like a town car, to get rid of the town car is like a king giving up his crown, it is known all over the world, it can be picked out of any crouwd of cars in the world, and you don't need a second look to pick it. what about the strong fan base for this car, everyone wants one and gas, you don't buy a town car for gas millage you buy one for the luxuary because that part can not be beat by any car in the world, so i think that you are making a big error and you will disappoint a lot of people, like me, because when it is time for me to get another one i will not be able to get one so stop being stupid and keep the best in the world just like it is, like they if it is not broken don't fix it.
Jackie Arbogast 11/13/2011
I love my 2008 Focus SES, but the new Focus has me completely floored. All it took was a test drive and I am in shock and awe. Way to go Ford!
Sefton Booth 10/18/2011
Everyones hooked on ford, whats not to love?
Jack Rodgers 10/12/2011
In russia, clothes tailor you :P
Adam Richards 10/12/2011
in soviet russia, invention patents you
Frano Miloslavic 10/12/2011
I am hooked! Today I saw a photo of a new bicicle FORD, I want one!
Anton Alexandrovich Koryagin 10/11/2011
Wane Harvey II 10/10/2011
Looking for a job with Ford. Anyone know were to apply?
Jason Sprouse 10/10/2011
Have owned all kinds of Fords. My first car was a 1982 Mustang GT then I went to a 1988 Tempo GLS after that I went through 2 more Tempos and a 2001 Ranger and currently own an '88 Mustang LX 5.0, '88 Thunderbird Turbocoupe, '01 Taurus SES, and '04 F-150 Lariat. I am very addicted to Ford vehicels they have never let me down as far as reliability and style. Keep up the good work Ford!
Melis Fusun 10/10/2011
Ford motor best car .l love my green motors.
Melis Fusun 10/10/2011
Ford motor best car .l love my green motors.
Alex King 10/09/2011
ya, just a little too much!! lol ;)
Ryan Stewman 10/09/2011
I'm addicted to sync!
Loric Gudzinas 10/09/2011
Had a aerostar for years ugly as sin but it never let me down, I just upgraded to a 03 ranger yesterday and I look foward to the many years of service it will provide. And my brother with his new tacoma is envious of my truck :)
Manoj Gaikwad 10/09/2011
ford motors best car
Thomas Carter 10/08/2011
I was never a FORD man growing up, then I bought one. Now I won't own anything else! My 95 F150 4x4 has 192000 miles and stills runs and looks like new. I love my FORD!
Bill Huth 10/08/2011
Hooked on Ford but disgusted with decision to pull the ad which lauded the no bailout status. Obama must go.
Charlotte Wright 10/08/2011
Yes, now bring a FORD plant back to GEORGIA
Todd Walasinski 10/08/2011
says after what happened to my 2011 F-150 I will never buy another one.
Don Hughes 10/08/2011
Ya,I bleed Ford blue. Daily driver,02 f-250,7.3 power stroke, Race,66 fairlane, 508ci, restoring 69 fairlane cobra notch back, 428scj, working on 53 f-100 +more
Frano Miloslavic 10/08/2011
All my life i was hooked ! i like FORD and the new LINCOLN, now I live in Europe but before in south america, always my favorite brand was FORD
Toni Gomez 10/08/2011
Petra Wansink 10/08/2011
I'm totally Hooked! My blood is Blue ... FORD Blue!!!
Jesse Bennett 10/08/2011
More than ever especially since Obama's thugs have threatened your great company. 2007 F150 Lariat SuperCrew with nice grille guard and rear light guards.
Andrew Weigle 10/07/2011
never personally owned one currently driving Mom's 94 Lincoln it is ok not nearly as nice as my 1979 cadillac or 98 GMC Jimmy were, but it still runs despite some repairs compared to my $9,000 repair bills on 2 vehicles that combined did not last me 2 yrs can't have that especially being 23 have to experience Ford first hand to decide if its a good fit for me so far this lincoln sucks despite still running hopefully I can find something that lasts for the long term and not short term which based on my experience, has plagued American Cars must last till it's at least 20 and get at least 300,000 miles for me and have a lifetime (in that 20 yrs) repair cost under $3,000 as well then i'll go for it... will be looking for my 3rd vehicle in about a yr...
Dana Quinn 10/07/2011
Love my F150 4x4 off road xtra cab 4 door truck .I am one girl who loves her Ford .
Kelly Boyle-Kinsella 10/07/2011
All the cars I've owned were Fords, I brought all my children fords and they are now buying their own Fords.
Gloria McCormick 10/07/2011
Ford is a forward thinking company that I have appreciated since I was young girl watching Charlie's Angels. I have always wanted a Cobra like the one Jill (Farrah) drove.. I am on my second Mustang now, and altho it's not a Cobra, I am having an awesome relationship with my 07 Mustang! My pony is so unique looking (with retro Boss stripes), that it turns heads everyday! Pple are always suprised to learn that my pony is a V-6 rather than a GT.. It looks fast, and it still can be, if I want it to!! I <3 Ford!!
Joshua Adam Galka 10/07/2011
Oh yeah! Love the gauge sweeps at start up!
Joe Otlewskij 10/07/2011
im hooked on fords panther platform... i hope they bring them back!!!
Lizzi Ford 10/07/2011
Of course I am;)
Ben Manning 10/07/2011
I always have been hooked on ford and Its one addiction you never go to rehab for.
Antony Bravado 10/07/2011
I love the new Australian supercharged GT
Fred Gall 10/07/2011
I loved mustang since I was 2 years old in the spring I'm getting a new stang. 5.0! But the new v6 is pretty nasty too, just as much horsepower that the 4.6 pushes out!! Ford racing!
Raymond Murphy 10/07/2011
1 F250 super cab 4x4, 1 F150 Super Crew 4x4, 2 Focus's, nothing but Ford in my driveway. Park your foreign crap at the road not allowed here.
Jeremy Avoli 10/07/2011
3rd Ford in 3 years. Finally achieved success in my field and my Kona blue Tauraus Limited shows it. Best vehicle I have ever owned. Ford for life.
Jennifer Zordan 10/07/2011
For Off Road Duty. Completely smitten with you, Ford. <3
Tim MacKellar 10/07/2011
my F150 was in the shop to get a dent fixed and they rented me a GM. I totally hated it. Way too small and road like crap. Parked it most of the time and drove my wife's Edge. Glad it's repaired at my life is complete again.
Sandy Boleware 10/07/2011
Currently own my fourth Mustang, and just yesterday turned down a job because it was at a Cadillac dealership. Just couldn't bring myself to park my Ford there every day.
Nate Montgomery 10/07/2011
Of course I am :) I want to work for your company as soon as I get out of Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology! Hopefully I get the job :D
Albert Thompson 10/07/2011
Branded for life in the 70 as a small child with my dad in his thames van. He never ran anything else includings trucks. Got my first ford at 18. In running nearly 100 cars later probably 90percent have worn the blue oval my wife says I'm like a stick of rock. If you snapped me in half it would say ford and my blood is ford blue
حمد العماري 10/07/2011
The way Ford go, the way i love
The way i go would be with FORD only!
mine 2011 Fusion SE.
Randall Powell 10/07/2011
Sitting at Lamb Ford buying a F150 Ecoboost right now. So I would say so, 2nd one this year.
Peter Leversedge 10/07/2011
I believe that Ford needs to build a rear wheel drive global car similar to the Falcon. It could be easily offered with a 4 [ maybe Diesel ], 6 or 8 cylinder engine to suit the requirements of the buyer
Slayss Djart 10/07/2011
I have driven ford escort since 1993 brand new I drive all day in the city with 300.000km. and i have no problem and btw it is a perfect off road :D
Peter Leversedge 10/07/2011
I was until there has been suggestions that Ford is going to stop building Rear Wheel Drive Falcons
Jeremy Gephart 10/07/2011
Gmc- garbage mans Cadillac
Jeremy Gephart 10/07/2011
Ford- First On Race Day
Barry Deron 10/07/2011
Yes and proud of it! A better choice than GM (Government Motors).
Sárközi Pál Dezső 10/07/2011
Anabella Fernandez 10/07/2011
Anabella Fernandez 10/07/2011
ohh YES