A Ford First: Focus Electric to Achieve 100 MPGe Rating

By Ford Social Member

It’s a big news day at Ford! The all-new 2012 Focus Electric is expected to see a 100 miles-per-gallon equivalent (MPGe) fuel-efficiency rating for a five-seater; it’s the first-ever all-electric, gasoline-free passenger car from Ford and is expected to be the first of its kind to achieve that rating. Confetti! Streamers! Things that make noise and annoy the neighbors!

Wait, there’s yet another ground-breaker: It will be the first electrified vehicle to offer faster charging with 240-volt outlets, which can be installed in customer homes. The battery can be recharged in just more than three hours using a 240-volt charging station, about half the charging time of the 2012 Nissan Leaf.

The Focus Electric will be powered by an advanced lithium-ion (li-ion) battery system with an advanced active liquid cooling and heating system to precondition and regulate the temperature in its larger, more complex battery system.

Science geeks, dig this: The active liquid system heats or chills a coolant before pumping it through the battery cooling system. This loop regulates temperature throughout the system against external conditions. On hot days, chilled liquid absorbs heat from the batteries, dispersing it through a radiator before pumping it through the chiller again. On cold days, heated liquid warms the batteries, gradually bringing the system’s temperature to a level that allows it to efficiently accept charge energy and provide enough discharge power for expected vehicle performance.

The durability and longevity of batteries – which Ford has been developing and testing since the 1980s – is essential as the company expands its electrification plan. To date, among the nearly 43 million battery cells Ford has tested or seen put to work in customer vehicles, only five issues have been documented.

And about those Ford electrification and fuel-efficiency plans: Nearly one-third of the vehicle lines will feature a model with 40 mpg or more in 2012. The rollout of electrified vehicles began in December 2010 with the 2011 Ford Transit Connect Electric – a small commercial van built in collaboration with Azure Dynamics. The other 40-mpg vehicles include the Focus SE, Fiesta, C-MAX Hybrid and Energi and three vehicles yet to be announced. The C-MAX Hybrid and C-MAX Energi a Ford next-generation powersplit hybrid technology in combination with a lighter, smaller lithium-ion battery system. Both models provide maximum fuel efficiency by pairing the high-voltage lithium-ion battery and electric traction motor with a high-efficiency Atkinson-cycle gasoline engine. This technology enables the gasoline engine to run less than the previous generation.

(Fun fact: When the C-MAX Hybrid launches, Ford becomes North America’s largest maker of hybrid transmissions.)

And further helping the efficiency of the Focus Electric will be a unique version of the MyFord Touch® driver-connect system especially for electric vehicles as well as a smartphone app called MyFord® Mobile that helps plug-in owners control their vehicles remotely.
Some Guy 03/06/2012
The web reports the official rating is 110 MPGe city, 99 MPGe highway and 105 MPGe combined. The starting price seems to be $39,200. Chevy just announced a five-week shutdown at their Volt plant because they aren't selling enough of that one. I understand the Focus electric is made on the same line as the gas models, so they won't need to shut down a whole plant when they want to stop production.
edvard 12/19/2011
There's some comments here that show that some still don't fully understand electric cars. For starters, its entirely possible for batteries and electric motors to last just as long, and longer than a conventional gas engine. If you want proof my wife and I own an 11 year old Prius with the original battery and electric drivetrain related components. Keep in mind that in 11 years there has been a huge amount of improvement since then. But even so, these batteries can be rebuilt. How is that any different from rebuilding a gas engine?

Moving on, I think there are still some hurdles that need to be reached for EV's to become universally accepted as satisfactory replacements for conventional cars. The two biggest to me are in this order: 1: Range. 2: Price. My wife and I fit within the car driving demographic where we have to commute in to our jobs- 40 miles each way. That and we take trips on the weekends. As such a car like the Leaf or upcoming Focus EV are not that beneficial to us. They currently cost as much as a nicely appointed family sedan and are yet only capable of being used in the immediate vicinity that we live in. Our commutes are such that long enough to be pushing the very edge of what current EV's can realistically travel and I'm not willing to take that risk of running out of "juice" 3 miles from home. The only option for us now are cars like the Volt which though doesn't have as great an electric range costs $40k, which is simply too much money.

I've been an electric car enthusiast for years and feel that we're on the eve of electric cars becoming a true reality. But we're not there yet. Keep up the good work and maybe someday I'll be one of your customers.
Herman Campbell 12/16/2011
im honestly just curious why EVs dont use sctual transmissions?
raymond 12/16/2011
your ford cars is very valueble
to our generation and it is good news!
Kim 12/16/2011
Ford and other American manufacturers are really missing the mark. The reason the EV's don't sell well is not because there is no market for them, it's because the manufacturers are AFRAID there is no market for them and OVERCHARGE in order to recoup their R&D costs. They are missing an enormous opportunity. They can actually CREATE the market and establish themselves as the leader in that market if they bring down prices to compete with regular cars and recoup costs over a much longer period through volume. If you want a lot of cars in this market to sell, MAKE THE MARKET! This is not a specialty vehicle. The middle class wants to be free of big oil. Give them a reason to jump and your sales will explode. Think ahead of the game for once insterad of being driven by your accountants.
Paul 12/16/2011
This may be the first electric car we buy.
J Daniels 12/15/2011
Noise, whistles and annoyed neighbors. . . sounds good to me.

I wonder if I could annoy the post office for a moment. If they bought the Transit Connect EV, they could give out raises, and cut fleet energy costs by aprox. 75% [my estimate only] with half the up-keep. And most of their routes are under 100 miles.

China: Would they put a tarriff on these electrics that will be made in America? Or are the used to the smog yet? We had the simular problems in L.A. a few years back. Ev's are perfect for air quality.
I think Ford is on the right path, again.
Pam Richardson 12/15/2011
My Christmas list A JOB. A Job that doesn't ask me to hide my prosthetic limbs, a Job that last longer than January, A Job that isn't seasonal, A Job that actually sees a human being applying for employment. A Job where people don't call you a monster because you served your country, Most of All a Job so a disable veteran can stop eating from a dumpster.
Paul Wilson 12/15/2011
I want.
Dennis Borowy 12/14/2011
Ford....aka FOMOCO...stop sending this...........
Jason Coates 12/14/2011
The Future has to start somewhere and no one ever said it had to be the "cheapest" and "best value" around straight away.

The only thing that bugs me is why does it remind me of a Fiat Punto?
Smiley Williams 12/14/2011
Amazing advances in motoring ,but and just a small but ,when I want to go around Australia ,I will need a longer cord hahahah ,no seriously great stuff
Bill Hight 12/14/2011
Good looking car
Andrew Weigle 12/14/2011
now thats going to cause all sorts of problems batteries/electric motors eventually wear out (faster than traditional gas powered cars theirs a reason electrics have not come on till now as they were first put to use back almost 100 yrs ago)and are not practical for cars then electric rates will go up same with gas with these 30 + mpg cars make a true safe tank like a 71 Gran Torino something that somebody WANTS to drive for a change the true hard core car (musclecar to be exact and not the cheaper new ones like the new stangs etc a true big block that sounds and feels right or small block)enthusiast such as myself WANTS to drive not buys to drive because the automaker they go with did NOT make a car that met 100% of their requirements a lot of ppl just look at a few things and buy cars that way not me cars are an extension of who I am NOT transportation and it's a shame that for the most part since 1979 they have NOT been treated as such.. not going to buy new just cuz thats all u or ALL of ur competitors currently offer a 69-79 was the REAL ticket not todays cars!!!
Ford fan 12/14/2011
Ahhh lame i am not gona wait 3 hours to charge a batterie. E100 and E85 fuel is the real deal not elertic cars.
David Hendrick Behrens 12/14/2011
Ford does it again, it is the main Leader in Automotive Technological advances.
Kimberly Richardson Dickerson 12/14/2011
I have a 2012 focus titanium., LOADED to the max ...I love this car ....I said I'd never buy a Ford focus boy did I eat my words ....I drove one then decided I wanted a titanium model none were.to be found in the state so my salesman went on a hunt and found me one another state and had it brought in ..once I drove it I was sold .. bought it right then ..Ford really nailed it with this car ... we have always had Ford trucks we have 2 actually and my 2012 Ford focus titanium hatchback is the bomb and my first Ford car I'm not disappointed at all .. so I wont be trading in on this model ......
Danny Goodlet 12/14/2011
Adam PI Lewis 12/14/2011
Hey Ford, I was wondering if it would at all possible to give away 6 brand new Fords one or two mustangs, one or two trucks and one or two mid-sized cars...Fusion or other. Your company would get a big tax break for giving away some of it's assets. I know you already know this too. but I'd like to get a Shelby Mustang Convertibile
Scott Tulley 12/14/2011
I'm no nerd, I love mustangs, but this made me geek out a bit. Lol
Kewa Native 12/14/2011
MPG?? So how much does a gallon of electricity cost? hahahah
Jacob Hidinger 12/14/2011
If there was an electric Ford that was readily available around the cost of my Taurus and even 66% of the range, I'd get it hands down. I'd L O V E an electric car!! = )
Gene Morabito 12/14/2011
100 MPGe, focus Electric
Timothy K O'Donnell 12/14/2011
Pinto any one
Tony Peich 12/14/2011
My 2005 Focus 125,000 still running great .... My first car was a 1988 Ford Exp .... Ford Rules
Steve Bielawski 12/14/2011
To all my neighbours at Ford, way to go, and keep up the good work.
Jeff 12/14/2011
I like the abbreviation of MPGe. Now thats more like it as in truthful. I always hate it when an automobile builder states that their car gets 90mpg because it don't get 90 miles per gallon. those are false statements because they don't generally say that thats a combo of fuel and electric. Then they don't really say if its 50/50 or 70/30. See if they don't tell you the whole truth then technically they aren't lying. I hate it when they smear the lies into truth and they know it. Huh Toyota. I'm just saying I am happy Ford has stepped up and is using the "e" after mpg and letting you know its an equivalent and not some untrue mpg claim like the others make.
Kenneth Pastore 12/14/2011
Congrats on this, bringing back the dividend and having quality content in a commercial FB page!
Ashley Ellis-Baxley 12/14/2011
Ehhh, I think I'll just restore my Gremlin, it'd be cheaper in long run! Just as big, just as costly, and it's already paid for lmao!!! ")
Artie Barnett 12/14/2011
Love my ranger and my escort. Best vehicles I ever owed. Ford rules
Dana Terry-Pettigrew 12/14/2011
Now that's what I'm talking about!
Mitchell Van De Stroet 12/14/2011
chuck in all honesty hit the nail on the head
Austin Kelley 12/14/2011
how much does the battery last on hwy/city
George Melendez 12/14/2011
thats right
Chuck Berkman 12/14/2011
It is not so much making a car "green" to me, it is more about getting off Arabian oil. Kudos to Ford!
Don Pierson 12/14/2011
Sure its expensive, but at least its an effort from one of the ONLY two American car companies
James Luce 12/14/2011
I cringed when I saw the new Focus average price tag was 20K+.
Mitchell Van De Stroet 12/14/2011
I will take ford with me to the grave although this is the sign of times.... go figure most of the price tag is tax people it's the fed getting thier or should I say our money. less fuel consumption more tax including and not excluding a milage ticker to tax people per mile...
Anthony Yachanin 12/14/2011
People that post "first" on statuses have no friends!
Jo Rice 12/14/2011
I OWN a 2001 Focus wagon and it gets 32 mpg highway. With less than 98,000 miles on it, I will not be buying a $40,000 one. Being retired, I could not afford it. But, I WON'T drive anything but a FORD. God Bless FORD for their efforts and continued success.
Chuck Brannen 12/14/2011
If is only half a flop as the Volt it will just suck lol
Ядмі Мднмоцф 12/14/2011
i hate ford cuz my car stop due to TCM and i dont find one is this a huge company :S
Mitchell Van De Stroet 12/14/2011
time to go back to camal or horse and buggy
Eddie Mcvain 12/14/2011
@robert bullard, go troll somewhere else.
Mitchell Van De Stroet 12/14/2011
no and with the new elecric motor the fed will tax the vehicle per mile with a mandatory counter thus destroying any independent courier out there. look up alchohol is fuel. you lose 1/2 mi per gal but is much cheaper thus rendering alcohol fuel much more efective and cleaner. hmm imagine that. plus the new hybrids run a 300 amp system versus the older 75 to 185 amp systems. this all could have been avoided years ago.
Randell Shafer 12/14/2011
Did i miss something.....What is the range on a full charge?
Charles Lovejoy 12/14/2011
Ilove my older ford Idon't care if everybody thinks that I am cheap I laugh all the way to the bank!1ahhahahaa!!
Cheri Embree 12/14/2011
how much and when are they available. I want real answers someday on these questions. Also I have a '04 Focus which I adore, it is paid for and runs fine. Why would I trade it for a $40k version?
Kevin Holden 12/14/2011
Ron, you may want to rethink what class you are in if you can not afford a $40,000 auto.....
Kevin Holden 12/14/2011
Robert, with that grammar I can understand why you are having problems. Learn to take care of them!
Ron Hubers 12/14/2011
@Robert Bullard: If you think it's tin can junk, sell it...I like mine.
Robert Bullard 12/14/2011
Tin can junk! Ask me I own a Ford, unforchunautely!
Chris Podnar 12/14/2011
Make it cost effective, no one in their right mind will pay $40,000 for a Focus!
TamAirah Pedersen Campbell 12/14/2011
Don't ya just love being the first!
Ron Hubers 12/14/2011
Look, I really like my Focus and will probably replace with a new one in a few years, but when something like this comes out, it really disheartens a lot of people. $40k for a car that's supposed to save you money on gas, is not really a money saving car. It's something for Hollywood to drive to premeires in, and something for political big-wigs to drive up in touting their latest green initiative. Make something that gives us middle-class types a chance to catch up on bills, save some money for the future and make a difference over-all...this, the Focus Electric, is NOT it.
Walt Hicks 12/14/2011
Nicely done! Hopefully, Ford is also exploring alt-solutions for the hard-hit transportation industry too!
Kyle MacDermaid 12/14/2011
Devin Fryer 12/14/2011
A Ford First: Focus Electric to Achieve 100 MPGe Rating
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