A Ford Dealer with a Blue Oval Shaped Heart

By Tori T.

Meet Randall Reed. He’s CEO of World Class Automotive Group, one of the largest dealership groups in the country. Yet for as busy as this former mechanic is in his career trajectory, Randall also makes community outreach a huge priority.

Randall is a Ford Salute to Dealers award recipient, on way that Ford honors dealers who have made outstanding contributions to their community. It's a program that first launched in 2001. Along with Randall, five other dealers have been recognized for their charitable works as part of the 2014 Salute to Dealers.

What made Randall stand out wasn’t only how he gives back to his employees of the Planet Ford Humble dealership north of Houston, although the annual Thanksgiving feast is among the ways he expresses his gratitude to them. What makes Randall inspiring is the difference he makes within the community of Humble. For example, he made a notable contribution to support Project Mammogram, and has donated to the Humble Middle School in the form of money as well as musical instruments for disadvantaged children. And he provided financially to the school district when a school burned down so that it could be rebuild.

He has also raised money for the Village Learning Center and has provided vehicles and computers to the area’s Best Buddies programs, which matches teens with disabilities with high school students. Additionally, Randall and his wife Sherry are involved with the MOSAIC, which picks up where Best Buddies leaves off by helping young adults with disabilities work on skills for independent living.

“To me and Sherry, we’ve always had just a heartfelt pull to do what’s best and what’s required of those that have been given so much," Randall explained. You can learn more about what he has selflessly done for others by clicking here .
A Ford Dealer with a Blue Oval Shaped Heart
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