2014 EcoBoost Challenge

By Tori T.

How would you feel about us handing you the keys to some of the hottest new Ford models? Wouldn’t turn that down now, would you? And what if you also had the chance to hot lap in a Ford Fiesta ST? And experience a hybrid and its advanced technologies? And what if all that was in one location? That’s the 2014 EcoBoost® Challenge ! Drive an F-150! A C-MAX Hybrid! A Fiesta ST! A Fusion! An Escape! You get the idea.

The 2014 driving tour is already underway. It will travel to 12 cities in total throughout the U.S., including Los Angeles, Houston, Chicago, Miami and Indianapolis.  Each venue will have three closed-circuit courses, including an ST Performance Academy layout, a Hybrid Challenge and an EcoBoost Challenge Drive.

The EcoBoost and hybrid events will even include the opportunity to drive Ford products against the competition. The day to play is a free and fun way to get hands-on experience with the fuel-efficient EcoBoost engine as well as the latest Ford products.

You can learn more about which cities the 2014 EcoBoost Challenge will be in and also pre-register at www.ecoboostdrive.com . And for a look at the 2013 EcoBoost Challenge through a Ford enthusiast's eyes, click here .
2014 EcoBoost Challenge!
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