Test Drive a Ford, Help a High School

By Tori T.

Editor's Note: There is a more recent story about Drive 4 UR School. Click here to read the latest post.

Budget cuts in the education system are always hard to hear about.  Many of us may feel a bit helpless wishing there was something we could do. Turns out there is. Just test-drive a Ford at a Drive one 4 UR School event in your area in April and you can help your local high school raise funds.

The Drive one 4 UR School program is not a new concept – it’s actually a five-year-old initiative that has already raised more than $10 million through nearly 3,000 events.  Schools have used this money to fund educational programs ranging from athletics to music, even to fix damages from natural disasters!

But in April, Ford and its dealers are taking on a special challenge: raise a cool $1 million for education through 300-plus events across the U.S. in a single month.  Although, Drive one 4 UR School is a year-long program, now is the time to keep an eye out for these events in your area so you can help Ford, its dealers and, yes, the high schools raise money for educational programs.

Dealers provide the vehicles for test-drives, while the high school helps organize the event. Both work together to get the word out to their community. For every valid test-drive completed, Ford will donate $20 to the participating high school, up to $6,000. Here’s how you can help:

Visit this link to find a DO4URS event happening in your area.

Help us spread the word by fanning the DO4URS Facebook page or liking or retweeting this article.

Here are just a few of so many stories where Ford and Drive one 4 UR School are making a difference for participating high schools coming up this month:

O’Connell College Preparatory School, Galveston Island, TX (partnering with Classic Ford):

The residents of Galveston Island are still trying to fully recover from Hurricane Ike, which struck in 2008. O’Connell College Preparatory School lost millions of dollars in books, technology, equipment, furniture, fixtures and vehicles, and damages were caused to the school’s library, cafeteria and locker rooms.

Prestonburg High School, Ivel, KY (partnering with Freedom Ford):

In early spring, a few schools in the Prestonburg area were badly damaged by tornadoes. Prestonburg High School forfeited its scheduled Drive One 4 UR School event and instead donated their event to neighboring Magoffin County High School which required financial assistance to recover from storm damages. To recognize the generosity of    Prestonburg High School, Ford granted Freedom Ford a second event to benefit Prestonburg High School.

North Hartford High School, Pylesville, MD (partnering with Plaza Ford Inc.):

This year North Hartford High will use funding from their Drive One 4 UR School event to finish its long-awaited stadium project, adding concession amenities and locker room improvements for both the home and visiting teams.
Charity 10/11/2012
Having a Drive 4 Ur School event on 10/14/12 @Citrus Motors Ford Ontario, CA for Alta Loma Football Booster. KOLA radio live & In-N-Out truck! Help school earn goal of $6,000 plus $2,000 bonus monies for driving 2013 Escape! GREAT EVENT & EASY TOO!
Vicki A 09/25/2012
Great program thank you so much for all you do for our kids. Big thank you to Tom Denchel Ford dealership in Her
Jesse S 04/16/2012
This is a great event that demonstrates how Ford is involved with the community!
Ranel Cox 04/06/2012
Murat Bölük 04/05/2012
I'm from Turkey. I am a teacher of automotive technical. I would like to work on Ford. anybody can help me to come to usa?
M Streat Kurla 04/04/2012
telling lie
Chad K 04/04/2012
They were at our local school last weekend. Great event!
Charity 04/04/2012
Drive One 4 Ur School is a GREAT program to help schools earn much needed $ for necessary programs with all the budget cuts! It's truly unfortunate that Booster clubs would be told not to do this GREAT program by a district when they are then one cutting back on EVERYTHING! Sad but true!! Thank you Drive One 4 Ur School for this program!
Brad M 04/04/2012
Thanks for talking about gaming and eSports today on the executives
Shane H 04/04/2012
Brandi Head 04/04/2012
Steve Gompertz Jr 04/04/2012
Jordan, Mn is the closest to me at just over an hour away. Pretty sure I'll be making the drive in my current Ford to drive some others for a good cause :)
Robert Skinner 04/04/2012
not in the Quincy,IL area. Chicago 10 million times and KC, but nothing in "Hicks Ville"
José Joaquín Muñoz González 04/04/2012
Yo sugeriría que hicieran la siguiente prueba con 2 vehículos iguales: conducir estos vehículos por una misma ruta e iguales puntos de partida y de llegada, y recorrer una distancia de 10 kilómetros o mas y medir el consumo de combustible de cada vehículo y sumarlo; posteriormente ir en un solo vehículo de los antes usados, las 2 personas anteriores, por la misma ruta y el mismo recorrido e iguales puntos de partida y de llegada y medir el consumo de combustible. Sin temor a equivocarme abran economizado combustible, cercano a un 46%.
El consumo/persona de combustible abra disminuido para recorrer el mismo trayecto.


José Joaquín Muñoz González
Ingeniero civil
John Holst 04/04/2012
Own 2 Fords now...really hoping for a new small truck in the coming years. I owned 3 different Rangers and loved them all, and prefer compact trucks to full size. They get much better fuel mileage, but still have the towing and hauling capacity that meets my needs. My '99 stepside Ranger 5-speed with the 2.5L 4-cylinder (the 8-plug one) was a great truck, and I got 27mpg out of it to boot. I wish I still had it...
Roy Wehrenberg 04/04/2012
I own a 96 ford ranger they need to bring back the ford ranger in a 4 door our crew can love my ford ranger just to small needs a full back seat my family growing
John-Paul Murphy 04/04/2012
How bout i test drive a ford and u give me 1million dollars for being a loyal Ford owner??
Andrew Vandiver 04/04/2012
Ok, I'll need a boss 302 and the Shelby gt 500 and the 1000 .
Maximiliano Rodriguez 04/04/2012
Cuando van a pasar algo del ford falcon rural
CamnJoe Schimmel 04/04/2012
We currently own 2- F 150's a 2010 Raptor and a 2008 pick up 4x4 they are the best trucks on the road
Samuel Jamieson 04/04/2012
Fords are the best there fords not firds
Loretta Welch 04/04/2012
Firds are the best !!
Kevin Lilly 04/04/2012
don't need to test drive one I own a beautiful Ford already