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The Drive one 4 UR School program was developed as a fun, engaging way to help high schools raise money to support their sports and extracurricular activities. Ford and Lincoln Mercury Dealerships partner with local high schools to conduct test-drive fund raising events. For every valid test-drive completed, Ford Motor Company will donate $20 to the participating high school, up to $6,000!

During the fall 2009 session of the Ford Motor Company Drive one 4 UR School program, 25 high schools were engaged to participate in a student video contest for the chance to increase the Ford donation to their respective booster club(s). Eleven participants accepted the challenge, and were tasked with creating original content that would capture the spirit of their event along with highlighting Ford’s commitment to their local communities.

Two video were selected as winners, earning their schools a match of the donation of funds raised at their Drive one 4 UR School event. Both winning videos can be viewed on this page.

R. L. Turner High School

The students at R. L. Turner High School in Carrolton, Texas, worked with Sam Pack's Five Star Ford. Their event resulted in 295 test drives for a total donation of $5,900. As a Winner of the student video contest, R. L. Turner's event donation was matched, giving them a grand total of $11,800.

Here is the video that this school produced.

LaPorte High School

The students at La Porte High School in LaPorte, Indiana, worked with Pine Ford Lincoln Mercury for their event. A total of 227 test drives were taken for a donation of $4,540. As a Winner of the student video contest, LaPorte High School's event donation was matched, giving them a grand total of $9,800. The video this school produced can be seen at the top of the page.
Monica V 10/12/2012
What a wonderful idea! I can do this to support my local schools any day! Here's a shout out to Salem-Keizer Schools! Good luck!
Brending Klout 10/10/2012
aameen 1 09/25/2012
That's a great idea! providing the oppurtunity for students to raise funds for technologies. I really appreciate the founder of this event.
Tom Elliott 09/23/2011
I'm with Maureen! My Royal Ranger group at my church is looking for a fundraiser to take boys to the national campgrounds next summer. We would love to do this type of fundraiser.
Tom Elliott
Maureen Baker 09/15/2011
Is the event limited to high schools? We as an elementary school are trying to raise funds for purchasing technology for our school.
Drive One 4 UR School
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