World Debut of the 2011 Ford Super Duty®

By Ford Social Member

Ford Super Duty® customers expect and demand capability from. For most Super Duty owners, it’s the core asset of their business. Day after day, year after year, it’s expected to deliver results in the most demanding situations. No nonsense. And never any excuses.

Mark Fields, Executive Vice President, Ford Motor Company; President, The Americas, revealed the all-new 2011 Ford Super Duty on September 24 at the Texas State Fair, with Chris Brewer, Super Duty Chief Engineer, and Adam Gryglak, Diesel Chief Engineer.

“Our Super Duty customers do some of America’s toughest jobs,” said Mark Fields. “Every day, they’re out there working with little fanfare and all they ask is the right tool for the job. The new 2011 Super Duty offers them a truck with best-in-class towing and payload, all-new powertrains and even more capability than ever to help them do their jobs.”

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Ford’s F-Series has been the best-selling line of trucks in the U.S. for 32 straight years. The new Super Duty further underscores Ford’s Built Ford Tough legacy.

New diesel and gasoline engines deliver improved torque, horsepower, fuel economy

For 2011, Super Duty features both all-new diesel and gasoline engines that are mated to a new transmission.

The new diesel, the 6.7-liter Power Stroke® V8 turbocharged diesel engine, was designed, engineered and built by a Ford team dedicated solely to delivering this class-leading diesel engine to the next-generation Super Duty to enable continued best-in-class towing and payload.

Click here for more information on the new 6.7-liter Power Stroke engine.

Ford tapped into a bit of its proud racing heritage to create the new 6.2-liter V8 gasoline engine, which uses big-bore architecture to produce horsepower and class-leading fuel economy. The V8’s large bore (102 mm) allows for larger intake and exhaust valves for improved engine breathing, and the short stroke (95 mm) allows higher engine speed for increased horsepower.

Best-in-class towing and payload; new towing options

Putting all that power to work is what defines Super Duty. The 2011 Super Duty features increased towing and payload capability, extending its best-in-class rating, and also offering more towing from inside the bed. New is the first-ever factory-installed fifth wheel with warranted gooseneck substructure directly attached to the frame.

Addition of trailer sway control leads safety enhancements

Ford’s lauded trailer sway control joins the Super Duty lineup, giving those customers segment-first capability. Trailer sway control is integrated with AdvanceTrac® with Roll Stability Control™, which now is standard on all single rear-wheel configurations.

The AdvanceTrac control module uses additional software to monitor the truck’s motion when a trailer is attached. Trailer sway control can determine from the yaw motion of the truck if the trailer is swaying and take measures – such as applying precise braking or reducing engine torque – to help reduce trailer sway.

For further peace of mind, the available integrated trailer brake controller, factory-installed and covered by the Ford limited warranty, offers smooth and safe operation, due to its ability to interface with multiple vehicle systems.*

Improved ride, handling and steering for a more comfortable experience

In addition to best-in-class towing and payload capability and improved fuel mileage enabled by the new powertrains, customers of the next Super Duty also will benefit from improved ride, handling and steering. For 2011, the engineering team optimized the frame and suspension of the current Super Duty, particularly the leaf springs and spring rate, as well as adjusting the internal valving in all the shock absorbers to enhance towing and payload performance with further ride refinement.

Bold exterior, new flow-through console highlights interior

The new hood of the 2011 Super Duty, with its prominent power-dome hood, complements the new diesel and gasoline engines lurking beneath. “Super Duty” is stamped on the upper grille, with a larger Ford Oval proudly gracing the front.

Inside the truck, customers will benefit from a new reconfigurable flow-through console that improves the functionality of the truck. Storage space is increased about 60 percent, and at least 70 different configurations are possible. A 12-volt powerpoint is available at the rear of the console and another is located inside the main bin, which is lockable. A 110-volt power inverter is standard with all console configurations.

Improved productivity through Ford Work Solutions™

For many customers, the Super Duty cab also serves as a mobile office. Industry-exclusive Ford Work Solutions™ is part of available technology to help customers stay connected with their business from the job site, as well as track tools.**

A new available 4.2-inch LCD Productivity Screen allows customers to take full advantage of the 2011 Super Duty’s capabilities; an off-road message center has been added as well. The five-way button on the steering wheel allows customers to navigate through various menu options – several relating to fuel economy and towing convenience – never before available on a Super Duty truck.
cfm 04/10/2014
Just love my 2011 F350 King Ranch.
Hotrod77 06/12/2010
ON the contrary the bumpers are actually metal and the grille may look great but it is actually not all just plastic. :)
george 06/08/2010
the union is over rated. get with it bro. ford makes the best trucks bar non. I too would like to see more american parts and services but the unions are killing the industry.
William Skroback 03/02/2010
One more question Zack, which gear ratio for all around use and gas mileage on the 6.2 gas in a SuprDuty,3.55 or 3.73. Common sense says 3.55 for mileage but I have seen instances where a slightly lower gear helped mileage.The new 6-speed transmission may have significant bearing on this.Order goes in 3-4-10....
Thank You
William Skroback 03/02/2010
Hello Zack, I just placed my order for a 2011 F250 Lariat.I understand the interior is two-toned.I hope it is only a slight variation and not radical.I ordered the black interior. I also included the Lariat Interior package . I know the mileage on the 6.2 2V gas is unpublished (I have a lot of faith in Ford Motor Co.) but I sincerely believe your statements about it being better than the 5.4, and more powerful.The 18 inch wheels say cast , I'm not sure if that means a flat finish or shiny(hate to pay out for more wheels if these are attractive) Have not seen pictures to verify interior or wheels.I guess it is all on faith at this point..
Thank You.
Gregg 01/14/2010
I'm trying to be optomistic. I own a 2006 F-250 with the 6.0 liter engine and I must say that I am not very happy with Ford. I love the truck with the exception of the engine. I am trying to stay loyal to Ford and I have huge expections for this new truck and engine. Ford should have done the right thing and warranty the trucks with the 6.0 liter for 200,000 miles. I'm stuck with my 2006 until 2012. When this one is paid off, then i'm going to give them another chance and buy a new one. I hope you guy's test the heck out of this truck because if you don't, it will be the end of the Super Duty.
Richard Schwartz 12/31/2009
I have purchased 3 F serires trucks over the past 6 years, F-250 Crewcab short bed, F-350 Crewcab Long bed 4x4 and the latest is a F-550 crewcab long bed 4x4 Roll along. I have been a loyal ford customer all my life. I'm not very happy with my F-550 and the performance of the 6.0.

Is there any chance to get to try a demo of the F-450 crew cab dually with the 6.7? I'm ready to trade in my F-550 right now.

rodney 11/22/2009
bought a 2010f450 HD very nice truck i dont think ford could possibly build atruck to get any poorer milage my frightliner does better disappointing 70;000spent p.s. 9MPG
JR Grey 11/15/2009
I am switching from being a bow tie to a blue Ford person. Reasons not important at this time however the truck that I pay for is very relevant. I am looking at the 2010 F-450 I like the looks and the interior, the Fuel milage when I test drove it was only 9.6 MPG. is this usual? expected?

I have a few questions ,
1) will the fuel milage improve when the engine gets broke in, or

2) should I wait for the 2011 , with its upgrades suposidly in MPH and other areas

Remember that I really know nothing about Ford trucks or engines other than what I have researched.

3) will I be dissapointed with the 2010 f-450 ,, just looking for an honest answer from some on on Ford team or some owners.

4) is there something wrong with the transmission in the 2010 f-450?? or is it strong enough to tow what it said it will?
Tom 11/11/2009
New 2011 SD sounds good, I really want to see the mileage before buying one. My 05 SD 6.0 has been trouble free, but I need better milliage when pulling my horse trailer. Have to go along with others , my 7.3 was the best in mileage, I would expect beating the 7.3 was the goal.

Question... Any chance we might see the 4.0 liter Rover diesel in the F150? I heard it might happen so I have been holding off on replacing 2 F150's

I don't care where you build the new diesel, just as long as you build it right, The Mexico plant in Hermacillo had some of the highest quality in the company from what I heard. Romeo does great work too, they built the engine for my 05 GT and it has been perfect!

Keep up the good work,!
Doug 10/27/2009
I hope there is a way of "special ordering" a full manual transmission. I, don't need the fancy auxilliary speed control devises. I don't want to buy another automatic either, too boring to drive. Ford should still offer it and not force everyone towards an automatic.
Luis Garcia 10/15/2009
I dont care what people say about my brand was born raised with it and will always will have fords at my house :)
Mathew 10/12/2009
Truck looks good sounds like good Diesel engine just hope we can get in a manual tranny.
John Hannan 10/10/2009
I do not know about the 7.3 but I bought a 2006 6 liter. I got 19.8 mpg at 75-80 mph on a trip to MI. I get 16.5 - 16 mpg arround town. Both are better than my 2008 F150 ever got. I chose to buy used because I do not like the fact the cab has to be lifted to service the turbo, and various other repacements, on the 6.4 liter. In all honesty I will wait untill the 2012 model to buy a new one, first year engines are not something I care to fool with.
ckicken 10/10/2009
my 6.0L is awesome...don't hate a 6.0L because you've heard they suck...they rock!
Ted Supplee 10/09/2009
I love the new truck!! I do have a question. I own a construction company and we currently use 2 F350 flatbed trucks and goosneck trailers (up to 40' long) to deliver materials to jobsites. The trucks are both equiped with V10 automatics with 4:30 gears. This powertrain is extreamly capable of towing any load, and is bulletproof. One of the trucks is an 02 with 260,000 miles and is going strong. Will this powertrain be available in the 2011 truck?
george 10/09/2009's just plastic covered in a chrome color....don't weigh that much.
Timothy D. Naegele 10/08/2009
I love the grill. It's the nicest-looking part of the truck. :-)
Carol Randolph 10/08/2009
This truck is so adorable, I can see more of the ladies liking this one. Go Ford! ...another winner.
Robert Wiseman 10/07/2009
I agree with Crow, I am a huge diesel fan and owner. I am not likely at all to buy one of these Mexican made units. Ford should have stuck with International and went with the bullet proof DT360 inline 6. By the way, Thank you for your service. I will continue to Pray for you and ALL of the Troops until our mission is accomplished. May God Bless You and our armed forces and the good Ol USA!
Robert Wiseman 10/07/2009
Tara, the International engines are just fine. International have no issues with these engines that I am aware of. I own a 6.0 with 140,000 miles and still starts and runs like a top. However If Ford would put the International DT 360 inline 6, in their trucks, they would be unstopable. No other pickup would even come close to the power and torque you get from these engines.
Ross Consbruck 10/07/2009
Just wondering if a diesel will every make it to the F-150?
CALVIN 10/07/2009
marc where did u see actual pics of the 450 i said the same thing about the fenders and wheels
slim 10/06/2009
You can put all the paddle shifting switches you want on there, it still won't be a standard, it won't act like a standard , it won't get the fuel economy of a standard, and at some point it won't be as reliable as a standard. Whether you choose to beleive it or not there is still a demand for the simplicity and economy of a manual. I hope that Ford will rethink this before I have to buy my next truck
Shane HIxson 10/06/2009
I'm sure those Texas boys loved seeing the new super duty, but i'm in Salt lake City, UT. I was wondering if you were taking the new Super Duty on tour, or will we see it at auto shows in the next six months?
Edward D. Peper 10/06/2009
I have a 1999 f-250 superduty, with 7.3 deisel engine. I have 240,000 miles on this truck, and i get 20 to 21 miles on the highway and still like a top. Is this new engine going to be as good as that or better, or going to be problem like 6.0 and 6.4 engine where.
Matt 10/05/2009
The 2011 superduty grill and badge have to go!! keep the current look
crow1 10/05/2009
I am a huge Ford fan and love my 2001 F-350 diesel. I was really looking forward to this new diesel but I absolutely WILL NOT BUY one thats made in Mexico. Horrible decision. I guess I'll have to go back to gas engines.
Joe Lepo 10/05/2009
Dang! Just when I was looking at a 2008 or 2009 F350 King Ranch, Ford comes out with this. Will this truck be available in Lariate or King Ranch trim? I still love my Explorer 2004 Limited. Now I see an F series in my future.
Terry Bengtson 10/02/2009
What will the 5th wheel tow ratings be for the F450 crew cab 4X2 pickup? Why don't you install a wire harness in the box for those of us that tow a 5th wheel? When you have the camera option you should offer this in a locate for hooking up a 5th wheel. Will the rear suspension have a better ride quality when not towing or loaded? What will the axle ratio be for the 24,600 lb rating?The new 5th wheel option, will this be on the Reese type hitch rails and allow the usage of our own air ride hitch or do you have an air ride hitch option? I currently own a 2008 and I'm looking forward to getting out of the 4.88 gears which is peak torque at 55 MPH.
Ranchero 10/01/2009
I love Ford, and how Ford presents it's Trucks.
Always top of the line. Tougher than anything else on the road and always looking tough. There's just nothing above Ford, keep that up!!!
Tom Komadina 10/01/2009
It strikes me, and I am sure many others, that it is a serious miscalculation by Ford to assemble the new diesel engine in Mexico. Why doesn't Ford, which has recently made so many good decisions, consider that fact that most people in this country want to buy Ford products made by Ford unionized employees in American plants?

Tom Komadina
Drexxel Hogue 09/30/2009
Does our past quality of diesel engines suck so bad our new Powerstroke is being built in Mexico or is it that the American enonomy sucks so bad we don't care about that we still need cheap labor. Who cares about Amarican Made? I do because I'm an American Soldier in Afghanistan. I haven't seen Mexican Soldiers fighting over here.
Drexxel Hogue 09/30/2009
My Questions are why does the prototype trucks always go to fleet owners and NOT your average everyday customer? Why can't Ford compete with GM on financing and incentives? Also why not try a joint venture with Caterpillar? 3126B 300 HP with 850lb ft of torque
Marcelino Gonzalez II 09/29/2009
I've always been a fan of Ford Motor Company since my childhood. I own a base model 2005 convertible Mustang and I do plan to buy the 2010 model Mustang. I will be majoring at UIC in a science that invents materials that are eco-friendly. As for this pick-up, it just gets better and better each year that passes. 2011 will be a good year for Ford.
Morley Brown 09/29/2009
Please keep the V10 and please make a regular cab with the King Ranch option. I want a luxury regular cab. Why doesn't Ford build one. Morley Brown
Roger McGuire 09/29/2009
First of all, great to see Ford representatives on here responding to comments/questions.

Two questions to Ford, if I may:

1) The '10 YM SRW trucks are no longer orderable with a 3.73 rear end, which is a shame in my opinion. I assume the driver behind the 3.55 ONLY decision is fuel efficiency, but I, as the owner/purchaser would like to make that decision. Please reconsider this for the 2011 YM SRW trucks. I and many others feel the 3.73 option is a VERY good happy medium between pure towing (4.1) and highway gearing (3.55) for 3/4 ton or larger trucks. PLEASE?

2) The door badge/emblem on the 2011 trucks is not very attractive (and I'm being very nice here). It reminds of some kind of add-on bling you would see on a pimped-out late model Cadillac. It certainly isn't tough looking and totally detracts from the tough look of the rest of the truck (which is awesome by the way, including the grill in my opinion!). Could I kindly ask Ford to reconsider the door badge/emblem? I have seen other comments on the various diesel forums with similar sentiment.

Thanks in advance for your consideration and time.

Sincerely, Roger
Zack Nakos - Asst. Prod. Mktg. Mgr. 09/29/2009
Jeff Thiel - Thank you for your interest in the Ford Ranger and suggestion regarding future powertrain offering. The functional needs of the vast majority of customers in the compact pick-up segment in the US are met with the present 2.3L I4 & 4.0L V6 gas engines. In fact, the 2.3L I4 will achieve Best in Class EPA fuel economy rating @ 27 MPG in the '10 MY, which aligns well with the low cost of acquisition & low operating cost needs of most compact pick-up customers.

Zack Nakos
Ford Motor Company
Zack Nakos - Asst. Prod. Mktg. Mgr. 09/29/2009
William McFarland - Thank you for your interest in the All-New 2011 MY Super Duty powertrains.
The Ford designed & built 6.2L V8 gas engine will replace the 5.4L V8 & 6.8L V10 gas engines in the 2011 MY F250/350 Pickup & F350 Chassis Cab as the base engine. The All-New Ford designed & built 6.7L V8 Power Stroke diesel will be the optional engine in those vehicles and the standard engine on the 2011 MY F450 Pick-up. The 6.8L V10 gas will remain as the standard engine for the F450/550 Chassis Cab. The 6.7L V8 Power Stroke diesel will be the optional engine for F450/550 Chassis Cabs. It will not be available on the F650.

Zack Nakos
Ford Motor Company
Zack Nakos - Asst. Prod. Mktg. Mgr. 09/28/2009
Red - Thank you for your interest. Manual transmission takes rates have been steadily declining over time. With the standard All-New 6-Speed TorqShift transmission with Select Shift, the 2011 MY Super Duty team is able to deliver the ability to operate as a conventional automatic transmission or allow a customer to cycle through 6 gears manually with the Select Shift switch on the shift lever. Additional advanced features enabled by the 6 Speed TorqShift are Range Select and Engine Exhaust Braking when in Tow Haul mode. Range Select limits automatic shifts to the gears specified when towing thru rolling hills/mountains. Engine Exhaust Braking seamlessly circulates engine exhaust back through the engine to slow down the vehicle when descending steep grades with a touch of the brakes. These are enhanced features that would not be available with the conventional manual transmission.

Zack Nakos
Ford Motor Company
Zack Nakos - Asst. Prod. Mktg. Mgr. 09/28/2009
Thank you Dan Park - The All-New 6.7L V8 Power Stroke diesel will have significantly improvded fuel efficiency and will have overall class-leading fuel economy. The specifics will be revealed closer to the vehilce launch in the Spring of 2010. Our fleet testing program will provide feedback on the improved fuel efficiency that real-world customers experience. Please visit the 2011 MY SuperDuty website for more information about the fleet customer experience in the coming weeks.

Zack Nakos
Ford Motor Company
Zack Nakos - Asst. Prod. Mktg. Mgr. 09/28/2009
John - Thank you for your question. The 2011 MY Super Duty team focused on improving serviceability for customers. For instance, the repair time for the following components has been significantly reduced:
Turbo – 4.5 hours less
EGR cooler – 5.2 hours less
High pressure fuel pump – 4.7 hours less

Zack Nakos
Ford Motor Company
Zack Nakos - Asst. Prod. Mktg. Mgr. 09/28/2009
Marc - Thank you. In the All-New seats for 2011 MY, the 40/20/40 configuration has standard storage in the front center folding seat back of the XL series.

Zack Nakos
Ford Motor Company
Zack Nakos - Asst. Prod. Mktg. Mgr. 09/28/2009
Joe Sims - Ford Motor Company continously strives to improve quality. The 2nd Qtr '09 Global Quality Research Survey data indicates Ford Super Duty delivers the lowest "Things Gone Wrong" rating & achieves the highest rated % Customer Satisfaction Among Heavy Duty Pick-ups. This is backed up by Best In Class J.D. Power Initial Quality Survey (IQS).

Zack Nakos
Ford Motor Company
Zack Nakos - Asst. Prod. Mktg. Mgr. 09/28/2009
Tom Komadina - Thank you for the question regarding the All-New powertrains. The 6.7 L V8 Power Stroke Diesel is built in Chihuahua, Mexico and the 6.2L V8 Gas is built in Romeo, Michigan.

Zack Nakos
Ford Motor Company
William McFarland 09/28/2009
Is the 6.2L engine replacing both the 5.4L and 6.8L in the Superduty model year 2011? Second question, is the 6.7L Diesel going to be used in the F650 medium truck as the base power plant?
please reply
Todd Fetzer 09/27/2009
Its about time! .I own a 2000 7.3 that is a great truck but needs to be replaced and would not buy the junk diesels you had to offer .I also own a 2005 F550 6.0 that gets worse mileage than my Peterbuilt dump truck.
Since I wasted 50K on my F550 can I get a demo truck or a discount deal on the new one?
I am a Ford fan and will take anouther chance on you but I need the truck now
joe sims 09/27/2009
the 6.0 and 6.4 were tested in fleet service as you said and they turned out to be junk wont las 100000 miles wont get fuel milage no reason to buy a diesel gas eng. will pull the load and is not 5000 or 6000 $ upgrade
John 09/27/2009
Nice looking truck! I sincerely hope it is as good as it is being made out to be, honesty the last two diesel engines haven't been up to par. Nevertheless, the trucks themselves are rock solid, which is a testament to Ford. The one option that I would really like to see is a 10' bed. This would allow a full sized tool box and still have enough room for 4x8 sheets of plywood or other building materials. I know it would save me multiple trips, or at least a crowded cab that is for sure.
Red 09/26/2009
Why is Ford doing away with the Manual Transmission? I use to driver over the road and have over 700.000 miles without an accident. You have more control of gearing in a manual than so with an automatic. I personally think Ford should rethink doing away with the manual(hand shaker) as some call it. Ford, please think about this and get ahold of some major trucking companys and talk to them please. I'll have a new F-350 w/6.7 Powerstroke in a couple years. Ford for life!! Almost 50. Thanks Ford!!!!
Jon G. - AZ 09/26/2009
Looks nice! But I will stick with my '99 7.3 Ford dually. I can work on it and I own it.
Even with my business and the write off I don't need a new $50k truck with a huge house like payment.
Jeff Thiel 09/26/2009
I was wondering why Ford or any of these other truck makers haven't built or designed a turbo diesel for a light truck (Ranger). If VW can make a turbo diesel for a sedan, why can't it be done for a light truck. I have owned a Ranger twice now and think this is the greatest truck. I used to own a Duramax Diesel and was impressed but it was way to huge for what I do. I'm a Contractor and I would buy a turbo diesel Ranger in a heart beat and I know many other people that would do the same. So whats the problem?
Matt 09/26/2009
Ford is the best because they are the smartest, and have not taken government aid. Because of this reason alone, they are the only TRUE AMERICAN AUTO-MAKER LEFT IN THE WORLD!!! I will only support Ford from now on. Forget foriegn vehicles, we have the best right here. Carry on Ford.... Carry on.
Tom Komadina 09/26/2009
Hello Zack:

Where will the 6.7 diesel engine and 6.2 gas engines be built?

Thank you.
Roland 09/25/2009
Why is Ford making the 6.7 Diesel in Mexico? I think we can build it here in the US.
Detroit Al 09/25/2009
Ford does it again! The best cars and trucks are coming out of Ford today.
RAY W WRIGHT 09/25/2009
dan park 09/25/2009
I would like to know the basic diesel fuel comsumption,compared to my 6.4diesel in the single axel and the dually. thank you.
John 09/25/2009
I pray that the fuel filters are easier to change. The 6.4l had a body harness in the way on the primary filter. On the 6.0l the water drain had a 6mm hex plug(6.4l had a valve). It is hard for the customer to understand that simple maintenance caused the engine to fail. Hopfully someone that works on the engine full time help design the placement of body panels and parts. This would greatly reduce repair cost.
Bryan 09/25/2009
I must agree with Colleen, the newer Super Duties look really nice but the grills just look oversized and out of purportion to the rest of the truck. The mid 90s grill had a much better look to it. Otherwise bravo Ford. F-Series still on top!
Kevin Schad 09/25/2009
Matt, thank you for your interest. Please continue to check our 2011 SuperDuty website ( for more information about our fleet partners. More details to come over the next few weeks!

Kevin Schad
Ford Motor Company
Angela Henderson 09/25/2009
I am excited about this truck and this new engine! The Diesel team has truly worked extremely hard to get this engine out! I am so proud of this team! I get goose bumps looking at this new SuperDuty! How amazing!!!! The P473 team did an awesome job on this new BOLD grille design. Yes it is massive, but that is what make it ROCK! This is a truck that by all means exemplifies BUILT FORD "SUPERDUTY POWERSTROKE" TOUGH! When this baby hits the road, the Dealers are going to start seeing more business and so is Ford! Great job!
Harold 09/25/2009
If you're so proud of the fuel economy of your diesel engines, simply provide a direct link to what you think a customer can expect from your product instead of linking to another site where they simply talk about how much it has improved. I want NUMBERS, not talk.
Paul Hornick 09/25/2009
As you know Ford had serious problems with the 6..0, but you won't read about it here........
MATT CULLEN 09/25/2009
Who are the fleet companies driving these vehicles? And how can we get there opinion of the new 6.7 l engine.Are they being tested in REAL world situations? This6.7l engine will make or break ford. IT NEEDS TO BE BULLET PROOF>- - - -
Jim J 09/24/2009
Awesome truck. This truck will be just what the Company -- and its Dealers -- need to maintain leadership position in the over-8500 GVWR class. And - August 2009CYTD - Ford dealers in our area (just two states - TX and OK) combined have sold 20% of all Super Duties in the USA? This is TRUCK country which is why the worldwide launch was held here in Dallas today. I firmly believe while the current Super Duty is the class leader -- this new truck will further increase Ford's dominance of the full-size truck segment.
MARC 09/24/2009
Now that I have seen actual pictures, I take back everything I just said about the 450. GREAT JOB FORD.
Jim 09/24/2009
is that the best they can do with that grille?
Marc 09/24/2009
I would like to know if you all gave the reg. cab XL trucks more storage inside? For example making the door pockets standard across the range like in the F150. This is my biggest complaint of my 2003 F250 XL is I have no storage inside. I know you get the door pockets now when you get power windows, but you should get them without having to get power windows.
MARC 09/24/2009
I love the new 2011,except the F450 it looks terrible at least what I saw in the video. The rear fender flares look like the ones on the Dodge megacab dually. And the wheels on the F450 sit in to far, You all took the best looking truck on the road and made it the worst. Also Ford not everybody wants or needs a crew cab King Ranch how bout some nice reg. cab pics and work truck models.
Paul Hornick 09/24/2009
Ford dissapointed thousands of customers with the 6.0 anf 6.4, they also lost hundrds of millions of dollars on recalls and warranty work. The engines werre launched before they were throughly tested and the customer suffered. It would appear that those mistakes have not been repeated with the new engine. You can thank Mulally for that.
Zack Nakos - Asst. Prod. Mktg. Mgr. 09/24/2009
Carl - The class exclusive Live Drive Power Take Off feature will operate in both stationary and mobile modes. Live Drive PTO will be optional on the all-new 6.7L V8 Power Stroke diesel and will enable seamless operation for customers that need to operate accessories like bucket cranes, dump bodies, cement mixers, etc. Thank you for your interest!

Zack Nakos
Ford Motor Company
Zack Nakos - Asst. Prod. Mktg. Mgr. 09/24/2009
Clyde Dorries - The new Ford designed & built 6.2L V8 gas engine and 6.7L V8 Power Stroke diesel will replace the 5.4L V8 & 6.8L V10 gas engines on the pick-up. The 6.8L V10 gas engine will still be available on the F450/550 Chassis cab (along with the all-new 6.7L V8 Power Stroke diesel). Thank you for your question.

Zack Nakos
Ford Motor Company
Zack Nakos - Asst. Prod. Mktg. Mgr. 09/24/2009
Thank you Kevin for you keen interest in purchasing the All-New 2011 Super Duty. Be sure to contact your local Ford dealer to learn of availability in the Spring 2010 and check for updates on specs and features.

Zack Nakos
Ford Motor Company
Zack Nakos - Asst. Prod. Mktg. Mgr. 09/24/2009
Mr. Keefer - Thank you for your comments. The restyled clamshell hood not only gives the truck the signature Super Duty look, it also delivers rock-solid construction with an unmistakable Built Ford Tough DNA like the power dome hood, larger grille and bull-like nostrils.

Zack Nakos
Ford Motor Company
Zack Nakos - Asst. Prod. Mktg. Mgr. 09/24/2009
Tara Loukota - Thank you for your comments. The Ford designed & built 6.7L Power Stroke diesel has undergone extensive component & integrated vehicle testing. In addition, Ford Motor Company is placing 2011 Super Duty prototypes in the hands of several fleet customers to validate durability and reliability under real-world conditions. Please visit for information regarding Powertrain development and real-world testing.

Zack Nakos
Ford Motor Company
Zack Nakos - Asst. Prod. Mktg. Mgr. 09/24/2009
Lisa Starek - The 2011 Super Duty is built at the Kentucky Truck Plant. The Ford designed & built 6.7L Power Stroke diesel is built in Chihuahua Mexico.

Zack Nakos
Ford Motor Company
Mozee 09/24/2009
Yes, both the 5.4L V8 and 6.8L V10 are being replaced by the 6.2L V8 on the gas engine side.
Zack Nakos - Asst. Prod. Mktg. Mgr. 09/24/2009
Ronald Neely - Thank you for your inquiry. As you may know, the EPA does not publish fuel economy ratings for the over 8500 lbs GVW segment, however, the new Ford designed & built 6.7L Power Stroke diesel will have class-leading fuel efficiency. More detailed information regarding specific fuel efficiency will be made available in the future, so please periodically check the for updates on this topic and other features.

Zack Nakos
Ford Motor Company
KC 09/24/2009
Quick, Buy it before Congress Outlaws it!
CLYDE DORRIES 09/24/2009
Samantha 09/24/2009
Hello, EPA ratings not available, yet. New Super Duty is built at the fabulous Kentucky Truck plant!
Rob Ernst 09/24/2009
It will be built in the Super Duty Plant in Louisville, KY.
Samantha 09/24/2009
Hi Kevin--Spring 2010 you will be able to buy one.
Ford Worker 09/24/2009
It is built at the Kentucky Truck Plant in Louisville, Kentucky
The commercial light truck has been built there since 1995
Arvin 09/24/2009
You can buy the this new truck in April 2010
Gunoi 09/24/2009
In response to "Keefer":
There is no "rough idle". The hood will not shake.
Carl 09/24/2009
Not sure if anyone caught it but the PTO unit will be live drive, in other words when your in park the PTO turns. This can be used as a generator for remote work sites, refrigeration units etc.
Lisa Startek 09/24/2009
Kevin 09/24/2009
when can i buy one
Keefer 09/24/2009
In reply to Colleen's comment. The grille is only plastic. So that won't cause any top heavy issues.

Interestingly enough it looks like Ford went back to the body line hood. I am wondering if that will shake arround noticibly with a rough idle.
abhay vadhavkar 09/24/2009
The Super Duty has always been the envy of our competition. Although many have tried, it is truly inimitable. This vehicle has as strong or stronger following than the Mustang. With the new diesel engine and other enhancements we will continue to improve the image and the enthusiasm associated with this vehicle. And by the way, I love the "Get out of my way, subcompact!" grille. Awesome!
BIG JOHN 09/24/2009
Let's keep our fingers crossed with this new engine, I glad that it'sa Ford developed diesel, & we're not using navastar again.Great looking truck, it has the look of power, look out Rams & Bow Ties, Ford will stay #1
Matt giger 09/24/2009
That truch is awesome. I'm a total ford fan n I'm gona buy that monster right when she comes out
Tara Loukota 09/24/2009
We'll see how the diesel performs. Was disappointed in the 6 and 6.4. Nothing will bet the 7.3 in my eyes. Overall a very nice looking truck.
Ronald Neely 09/24/2009
what will be the miles per gallon on the new diesel engines?
Chuck 09/24/2009
A clean diesel is just amazing.

"the first-ever factory-installed fifth wheel with warranted gooseneck substructure directly attached to the frame."

"Trailer Sway Control can determine from the yaw motion of the truck if the trailer is swaying and take measures – such as applying precise braking"

"A 110-volt power inverter is standard with all console configurations."
Ahmad 09/24/2009
Yes! The "P" elements; Power, Performance & Pleasure.
Colleen 09/24/2009
Will have to grow on me. The grill is so heavy looking, I'm thinking the truck will tip over.
World Debut of the 2011 Ford Super Duty®
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