What Women Want

By Ford Social Member

Welcome to What Women Want, powered by Ford, a series of 30-minute podcasts created by women, for women. The idea for this series is based on the unique and important point-of-view that women have on automotive topics such as safety, maintenance and technology.

Three bloggers were given the opportunity to chat with Ford experts on these topics, and we’ll be airing one per week. When the interview is ready, a BlogTalk Radio player will be visible below. Click on it to listen the conversation between the blogger and the Ford expert.

Bookmark this page (and share it with your friends), so you can come back each week to hear the latest interview. You'll be able to listen to each conversation when it posts, or any time after.

Fact vs. Fiction. The Real Story About Car Maintenance.

August 23, 2010, at 11:00 a.m. EST

Becky Harks, the blogger behind Mommy Wants Vodka, hosts a 30 minute chat with Cristina Rodriguez, the Vehicle Dynamics Development Engineer for Ford Motor Company. Listen as Becky and Cristina discuss car maintenance myths and a few tricks on how to negotiate with car mechanics.

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Family Safety in Your Car. Are You Doing it Right?

August 30, 2010, at 11:00 a.m. EST

Brandy Schaffels, the blogger behind Truecar, hosts a 30 minute chat with Stephanie Janczak, the Executive Engineer Manager for Ford Motor Company. Listen as Becky and Cristina discuss cool car safety features such as inflatable seatbelts and blind spot information system with cross traffic alerts.

Listen to internet radio with WhatWomenWant on Blog Talk Radio

KITT, is that You? Technology and the Future of Your Car.

September 6, 2010, at 11:00 a.m. EST

Sheryll Alexander, the journalist behind Driving Smart, hosts a 30 minute chat with Brigitte Richardson, the Global Voice Control Technology and Speech Systems Lead Engineer for Ford Motor Company. Listen as Sheryll and Brigitte discuss new technology features such as MyFord Touch™ and SYNC® with its new nuanced voice recognition

Veronica 08/30/2010
I agree w/ Jason, I think most of the vehicles today are designed for women.
I am not big on "upgrades" that are designed to appeal to women. I guess that is why I drive a Mustang. Then again, if I were a mother or somewhat older, then I may be more inclined to purchase something a big "softer" and "woman-friendly"...for now, I want the pure power over luxury.
Jason 08/23/2010
It seems to me that most of the cars today are already designed for women, or else guys just don't care what they drive anymore. Nearly everything is a soft, front-drive, automatic focusing on style over performance. Even the SUVs are going all soft. There are a few hold-outs like the Mustang and pick-ups. But, I'd like to see an honest to goodness sport sedan that actually appeals to men and that can compete with BMW from Lincoln.
Don't get me wrong, there should be cars appealing to women, and 90% of them already are. Can we get some more appealing to me too?
Lisa Z 08/23/2010
I like the console idea but I would really like it to be trimmed down some. Those of us with hips have trouble buckling seat belts with the current console set up.....plus there is no place to put the purse.