Mark Fields Tells FOX News That Good Is Not Good Enough for Our Customers

By Ford Social Member

This week, more than 100 automotive journalists from all over the U.S. and Canada came to the Ford Proving Grounds in Dearborn, Michigan, to experience the full line of 2010 model Ford, Lincoln and Mercury vehicles.

During the event, Jeff Flock of FOX Business News asked Mark Fields, executive vice president, Ford Motor Company, and president, the Americas, what sets Ford apart from its competitors.

Mark talked about our strengths, and that our success comes down to great products. He also talked about our mindset which is that good is not good enough for customers.

Dominik 08/30/2009
God Bless Ford for not taking the money from the government! This is THE REASON why I no longer drive Honda's but will buy the new 2010 Taurus!
Andrew 07/26/2009
Ford has done a admirable job at finally listening to the what the customer wants, and making a strong effort to produce quality products that go the distance. As someone that has purchased Japanese cars for over 20 years, this is really nice to bear witness to. My next automotive purchase (which will be soon) will definitely be a Ford vehicle. You guys have made me so proud! Keep up the extraordinary good work you're doing. (Don't forget that a large segment of America continues to want quality, fun to drive sub-compact/compact cars, too!)
Donald Sylvester 07/23/2009
I am sick and tired of green. Don't ask me to do anything green.
Mark Fields Tells FOX News That Good Is Not Good Enough for Our Customers
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