Ford Wants to Hear Your Ideas

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Ever wish you could share an idea for a future technology or product feature with Ford? The company wants to hear from you!

Your Ideas is a new section on that lets you post your idea and develop it with comments from others. Visitors can participate in a community-based setting online where they can review and comment on each other's ideas. People can also rate the idea with a thumbs-up or -down. You can track what people think about your suggestions. Ideas that receive the most thumbs-up ratings will be elevated to a most-popular ideas list. Once your idea is refined to the level that you’re satisfied with, you can share it with Ford Motor Company by clicking on

The first step is to create a profile and login by clicking here to go to the Your Ideas section. Once logged in, you’ll have your own dashboard where you can keep track of the ideas you’ve posted, read comments others have written about your ideas and view the ratings on your ideas.

The ideas will be divided by topic to make it easy for us and for others to peruse them. The topic groups will cover the vehicle from bumper to bumper: Fuel economy, performance, comfort, vehicle connectivity, personalization and safety.

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KDG 11/07/2011
Please get rid of the leather sack wrapped around the shifter on Explorers and Edges. We really want to trade in our 2004 Expedition w/187,000 miles for something smaller with all the new bells and whistles, but I refuse to buy anything with that sack on the shifter! It looks aweful and it's gross to clean! I love the electronic shifter on our F150 and the Expeditions . . .why can't you have it on the smaller vehicles too?
cole 04/13/2010
There are some very interesting ideas in these comments.

However, you should click here to post an idea so it can rated and discussed in the Your Ideas section.


Cole Quinnell
Editorial Director
Barry Moore 04/13/2010
Diesels in all the vehicle lines especially the F150. The super duty customer's will line up for them along with everyone else who likes power and fuel economy. In the past the objections to diesels are noisy and smelly. They aren't noisy anymore and they don't smell as bad anymore with the lower sulfur and smaller engines = less emissions. I agree with the 4 door truck ideal to compete with the Frontier and Tacoma. Bring back the Lincoln LT.
Ron B 04/13/2010
Please add an express up/down to the front passenger window control. Also, how about letting that person control the back windows, seems like the wife is always asking me to adjust them for her to keep the wind from blowing in her face
Blaze 04/13/2010
Two suggestions:

Redesign the seat belt on the drivers side so that when you go to put it on, that it doesn't catch and tear your thumb nail off .

Allow your Sync system to wirelessly update/adjust if you're in your garage. (would require your vehicle to become able to accept a wireless signal)
cole 04/13/2010
There are some very interesting ideas in these comments. However, you should click here to post an idea so it can rated and discussed in the Your Ideas section.


Cole Quinnell
Editorial Director
M 04/13/2010
new fiesta or focus needs the eco diesel in the us. You need something to compete with the mazda and vw. You already have the technology so why not produce one for the states. Seems like it would be a no brainer especially for CAFE averages.
T J OTOOLE 04/13/2010
solor panels build in dash board to keep batter charged at all times
could put on rear window deck to have small fan to evacuate heat from hot sun and keep airconditioner loads down on first start up, air intake from wheel wells so in shade and cooler air
if able to to roof in solora panels as cheaper then a heater for the block to keep it warm for cold starts emissions and if effecient to pre heat cadlitic converter when drivers door opens 2 cut emissions
Mark Jacobsen 04/13/2010
Make roofs on all SUV and Crossovers so luggage racks may be retrofitted by the dealer. Good for the dealership, good for the consumer.
Andrew Beck 04/13/2010
Take the Mustang and then shorten the length of that car kind of to the size of like a Chrysler Crossfire. Then put in a super charge 4 cylinder and I think you have a new car.
Willy Zech 04/12/2010
Get rid of the super duty super logos

Reminds me of North face Jackets.
North face put their logos on the fornt the back made them bigger and biggeretc.
Haven't bought on of their jackets in years .
Switched to Colunbia. Logos low contrast not glaring
Currently driving a F150 Lariat
rob 04/12/2010
How about a system that puts oxygen into the car so drivers don 't fall asleep at the wheel. Or a bigger headlight on the back of trucks to illuminate the darkness when backing up at night pointed downwards of course. Laid off ford worker in windsor
Paul Miller 04/12/2010
Please make a midsize pickup to compete with the NIssan Frontier and Toyota 4 real doors. I do not need an F150, but keep buying them to get 4 doors. Bring back the F100 or FINALLY FINALLY FINALLY redesign the Ranger. My first new Ford was a 1993 and it has not changed since then other than minor cosmetics and technology enhancements.
Ford Wants to Hear Your Ideas

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