Ford Posts Strong Sales, Moving Away from Chrysler and GM

By Ford Social Member

Ford is gaining ground. Several news articles this week have talked about the sales success for the month of August, and here's more of the story.

Three key facts:
  • Ford, Lincoln and Mercury dealers reported a 21 percent increase in retail sales in August; the second consecutive increase in monthly sales

  • Total sales - including fleet customer deliveries - were 176,323, up 17 percent versus last year

  • Ford now has gained retail market share in 10 of the last 11 months

"We have the freshest lineup of new products in the industry," said Ken Czubay, Ford vice president, U.S. Marketing, Sales and Service.  "Ford's leadership in quality, fuel-efficiency, safety and technology all are resonating with consumers, and it is being reflected in our sales results."

Here are a few specific examples:

Ford Focus sales totaled 25,547, an August record and up 56 percent versus a year ago.  The Focus is among the most fuel-efficient compact cars in America with an EPA highway rating of 35 mpg.

Ford Fusion sales totaled 21,010, a sales record for any month and up 132 percent versus a year ago.  Mercury Milan sales were 3,844, up 112 percent.  The Fusion and Milan and their hybrid versions are the most fuel-efficient mid-size sedans in America.

Ford Escape sales totaled 20,933, a sales record for August, and up 49 percent versus a year ago.  Mercury Mariner sales were 3,921 (also a record for August), up 50 percent.  The Escape Hybrid and Mariner Hybrid are the most fuel-efficient utility vehicles in America.

Ford Edge sales totaled 10,845, an August sales record and up 9 percent versus a year ago.

Ford Flex sales totaled 4,151, an August sales record and up 107 percent versus a year ago.  The Flex is among the most fuel-efficient full-size crossover utilities in America.

In addition, Ford's hybrid vehicles - Fusion, Milan, Escape and Mariner - posted combined sales of 4,695, an August sales record and up 251 percent versus a year ago.  At 41 miles per gallon, the Fusion Hybrid is the most fuel-efficient mid-size sedan in America - 8 mpg better than the Toyota Camry Hybrid.

Early signs of economic recovery are suggested by this month's sales results for Ford's pickup trucks and the all-new Transit Connect van.  Sales of the Ford F-Series - America's best-selling truck - were 45,590, up 13 percent.  Sales of the Ford Ranger - the most-fuel-efficient pickup in America - were 7,746, up 57 percent.  Sales for each truck were the highest in more than a year, and it was the first sales increase for F-Series since October 2006.

If you want to learn more about the sales growth at Ford, and discuss future trends, you can join George Pipas, Ford's sales analyst since 1997, for a live chat at 10:30am (EST) on Thursday, September 3, 2009. Click here for more details.
john 10/21/2009
Been driving my 1991 Ranger 5-6 days a week since I bought it brand new. Now 241000 miles later I watch my friends at work trading their Toyota's, Chevys and Dodges in for New every 2-3 years. And they brag about long life in a truck....HA!!!!! I plan to keep it till I retire, It is that good.......Buy FORD!!!!!
Rodney Chime Tabane 09/28/2009
I am grazzy about gorgeus Ford ST,.I am in pain that i bought a car before i test drive ford ST.After my 3 minutes exprerience,one question came to my mind and that is what must i do to ensure to that the product dominates the road.I went home to search for the answers and now i know what to do, so that ST belongs to every young star,adults,executives and every one with innovative mind.
I am self employed and own marketing company based in Mamelodi.My Dream is to see Ford brands comanding a respect on the South African roads and thats possible,just put me to test with or without reccesion i am the man.
Rich 09/25/2009
I'm a Detroit boy who grew up with FMC products. Glad to see FMC didn't take gov't money. My 99' Ranger is about 11 yrs old. Still looks and runs like it did in 98'! I always recommend Fords! Like to see fully redesigned Ford Ranger, maybe a hybrid version. Also glad to new cars instead of just trucks!
damian 09/19/2009
buy stuff thats made rite here in the USA and put people back to work
kal 09/19/2009
I worked for a Ford dealer from '99 until '08 and seen first hand the evolution of Ford. They went from milking cash cows such as explorers and tauruses that made them lots of money but were only avg. vehicles, to what they are today, safest, most tech. advanced, most fuel eff., not to mention reliablity that cannot be surpassed by ANY manufacturer today. ANY. So for those out there thinking of paying 4-5 thousand more for a honda or toyota 'cause you heard they are MORE reliable, well you ought to think twice. I own a '05 mustang gt and it's been perfect, my wife drives a '09 fusion and loves it (sync, check it out), and we have owned about a dozen others, including rangers, explorers, contour, focus, another fusion, and LOVED them all. My parents have a '04 and '05 f-150, sister has a '08 focus and just NO problems after hundreds of thousands of miles! Just can't say enough about a great company, All this and they are not using our tax payers money to "right the ship" when we all aren't out buying lots of cars! Good job Ford, everyone else needs to go buy stock in this company!
darren 09/18/2009
hi my name is darren i would like to know why ford australia dose not introduce some features an technology stuff they have on vehicles that are made in europe&usa to falcon&territory that are made in australia they seam to be falling behind the rest of ford also i would like to ask how i can get brochures sent to australia from the usa on certain ford vehicles on sale in america i know i can`t buy them in australia but i do like them i collect brochures i would be happy to pay postage from america to australia i no u can get brochures from ford dealers in the us thanx.
robert 09/17/2009
i've owned a 2003 focus.i loved that car now i still have a 2004 mom has a 2003 sister has a 2008 point is all we buy is ford.i went to a ford dealership a couple days ago.i sat inside a new taurus.woooooooooooow.they really hit a home run on that one.we looking to buy a couple of new fords here soon.i looked up uaw see which cars are built in america.and i was pleased to see how many fords are built in america.that makes me proud to drive a ford.thanks ford for not taking any money from the a life long ford consumer.
Aged Cheddar 09/17/2009
Recently sold my 1997 F-150 to a young Ford mechanic and it was still in very good shape, both cosmetic and mechanical. Twelve years of reliable driving with zero problems - still had the original battery. That sort of experience really sells Fords, and I replaced it with a 2010 Ford Escape. Love the Escape and am certain that it will provide the same kind of service and reliability Ford has worked so hard to achieve. I always suspected that Ford North America was capable of the excellence their European cousins were building into cars like the Mondeo (and selling like hotcakes) and the proof is now on the lot. Got a look at the 2010 Taurus on the dealer lot this week and found it really impressive. Good work Ford!
Laura 09/17/2009
Did you even read the article. It clearly states that people are buying Ford's products.
javie78 09/16/2009
Good job Ford team......... My wishes where answered with the new line up... For example the Fusion Hybrid. But paint quality and technology. I currently own a 2006 Mazda 6 with 110,000 miles(reason for buy was style and relation to the ford family. I really liked the Fusion but didn't buy it because of the interior trim on the base model. So I used my sister as a genuie pig. She has not had any major problems with her car. Some minor problems with the latches, and some hesistation when the car is staled . Great gas mieagle. She was looking into buy a honda civic or base honda accord. I used my old reciepts for the repairs on my honda i used to own. I pointed out 3 family memebers who had to replace the transmission on them. And my best friend who had her rotors and breaks replaced at 15000 miles bummer..Thats a 2009 honda accord.. I uses to Lease a 2000 - F-150 everyone would put me down on it. saying i should of bought a Chevy..... Price color and and trim level for under 25ooo...... chevy couldn't compare......I love the truck so much I ended up putting 94,000 miles on it the ford leasing department was great at taking car of my loan...... I had an accident right as i was going to trade it in for a fully loaded limited explorer.... didn't get to buy it......And after the accident I decide to wait....Bought the Mazda and Im ready to purchase my next ford soon.........Gearing towards the Taurus Sho..... but the Hybrid might turn out to be more in my budget........ The Sho ....... over 38000.00 not in my budget yet but we will see ..When are Fords going to have a good resale value.....thats my only disappointment for now... thanks ford ....tills this day i miss my american..........
Timothy D. Naegele 09/15/2009
Congratulations to Alan Mulally, Bill Ford, and the rest of the Ford team. They made the right decisions, which are beginning to pay off handsomely. With Ford truly moving away from GM and Chrysler, and with GM's market share being poised to fall dramatically, Ford may be on the verge of becoming "America's Car Company" again.

Kudos! My first five cars were Fords; and as a kid, I owned Ford stock when the company went public. To have purchased Ford stock at the beginning of this year would have resulted in a very tidy profit.

Don't be fooled by all of the talk about "green shoots," the "recovery," and the "bottom" of the so-called "recession" having been reached. There will be years of tough times ahead.

However, Ford is on the right track, and it deserves our support!
rene robles 09/14/2009
i am glad ford isdoing well i have owned 2 ford f-150's for the last 8 years. my current is an 05. love my truck. with that said i really love the new design of the 2010 mustang. i now would like to look into the purchase of one. i give ford a lot of credit for keeping the mustang within reach of all of us hard working americans and not like the chevy camaro or dodge challenger wich seem so out of reach and over priced. the mustang has kept it real. great job ford you have won thiscustomer over.
Jeff 09/14/2009
I bought a brand new ford explorer in 1997, I drove that explorer until 2007, and never had any issues with it. in all of its 170,000 miles. When it came time to buy a new car I went to my local ford dealer and test drove the new explorer, and ended up taking home a 2007 explorer. I have had it for two years now, and have driven it 25,000 miles, and it has been a spectacular car! I am soo impressed with the level of quality in every ford vehicle. I will never buy a foreign car, I am proud to support a great American company, and I think the next vehicle I buy is going to have to be another Ford!
Frank 09/14/2009
Don't let her buy the Accord. They fold in an accident. I was rear ended on a freeway by one. It was totalled. The accord had every fluid leaking you can think of. My 2003 Focus Mach 1 had very little damage, under $1,000.00. The other persons insruance company sent out an adjuster twice to make sure I had as little damage as they were claiming seeing how much damage was done to the Accord. They are JUNK! The insurance is also much higher on the Accord than a Fusion. I now have a 2010 Fusion with $50.00 deducatables across the board and pay $477.00 for a full year for insurance. Stay away from Hondas.
Mike 09/10/2009
I must say that I've never been a "American Car" person. All seemed to have too many problem (witnessed through friend owning them). So I've always had Honda cars. But earlier this year it was time to buy a new car, mine had 310,000 miles on it. And my wife's is hitting the 100,000 mile mark. So I decided to do some research and was impressed with only Ford and all the quality marks and changes they've made to their cars (plus not taking gov. money was huge factor). So we test drove the V6 Escape. Handled good, nice power and decent MPG for a V6 (I average about 24-25 MPG). So we purchased a new Escape. I must say I'm impressed. I love this car and so does my wife. People say "but it's a Ford". A all I can tell them is to take another look, they've changed and for the better. Kudos to you Ford. Keep up the good work and my next car will be another Ford. Now I tell people buy American, and make it a Ford.
hannah 09/10/2009
i think it is good about saving energy and saving the planet.
but instead of making box cars. u should make a better looking
car. that more people will like and buy.
web 09/09/2009
I have 9 vehicles at my home. 7 are GM and one Honda and one Toyota. Those vehicles were purchased either out of loyalty or convenience but recently when I went looking for a new car and truck Ford seemed like the only option for me. I see the focus on quality, value and was very pleased with the Ford vehicles I recently rented while traveling. My parents Taurus is approaching 200,000 miles and has no major problems as well as zero corrosion after being on the road and parked outside in NJ for 14 years. But most of all good cars are the result of strong management and dedicated employees. Not taking government money is the end result of that type of organization. I dont see any better litmus test.
jerry 09/09/2009
I must admit i was a ford basher for a while but when I read the proof that ford outsold the other competitors i changed my mind, and decided to jump on their band wagon. They can say what they want to say about ford but I wont change my mind now.
Jim Bersani 09/08/2009
I have been an avid Ford man since I was very young. My love for Ford Motor Company and the history of Ford has been and always will be fanatical. I know many Ford sales general managers, salespeople and mechanics. I have built more classic Ford's for show and racing than any individual I have ever known. I am now older, and haven't built a car for many years, but when I did restore one, I never took shortcuts. I haven't built a classic Ford for over 20 years, but I still see my cars at shows, and when i talk to the owners, they tell me that their cars don't have any Bondo on them and their bodies were still in the same shape as when I built them. All of my restorations were straightened with body hooks, and if any of them neded to be filled in, I used lead. To complete all of my cars, after either repairing or replacing the floor panels, I would fiberglass the interior part of the floors, and then would spray black primer that would keep rust from ever coming back, and I didn't miss any part of the body or the chassis. I would like to build one more Ford. It would be a 56 Ford retractable, with a 312 with trips, to keep it original. There were only a few with the 312, and I would keep her just for show.
When I was racing Ford's, most other guys were driving Chevy's, but when they came up against my 62 Falcon with a Boss 302 drivetrain, I'm sure that they were thinking that their next car would be a Ford since I ate them alive. I can't say enough about Ford, its founder the late great Henry I and all of his inovations, but saying is one thing, and buying is another. I never owned or ever will own a vehicle that is a Ford, Mercury or Lincoln.
I have to say how proud I am that Ford didn't take any money from the government, and I knew they wouldn't since Ford Motor Company was always a rebel, ever since its founding, when Henry I, took on ALAM, the Dodge Brothers and any other scum bag that tried to tell him how to run his Company.
One more thing, I am a Union man, but the UAW should grow some stones and concede to the Big Three, and give them the same deal that they sucked up to the Japanese companies so they would assemble their rice burners here.
travis futrell 09/07/2009
I love ford!!!!!! They are doing a great job!!!!! I wish everyone in America would realize that Ford is the right choice. We as Americans don't need foreign cars when we have the best here. Right now foreign cars are just a fad that want last long, but Ford will last forever
Ron 09/07/2009
I have personally worked for Ford Motor Company for 35 years in the Quality Control Department. Throughout those years I have seen many Quality changes made to improve the product. Today Ford has a good product mix to meet the economic times we are in ( Fusion Hybrid & Focus ) Kudos to Ford Management for making the right decisions at the right time.
Brenda 09/06/2009
I am buying a Fusion Sport AWD and a Mustang GT. I already have a 2000 Focus. My husband is buying a Mustang GT and my 16 year old son is getting a v6 Mustang.
Chris H. 09/05/2009
Well, I took my mom to the Ford lot today. We currently own an Expedition, and we do not like it. It is a 2001, its been pretty reliable (a few recalls, here and there) but we average 13.3 MPG, and, not that this has anything with the craftsmanship, it has been rear-ended twice, and it was the first car where she caused a wreck (following too closely). That totals 3 wrecks. Please keep in mind, she hadn't been in a wreck in over 10 years before getting rear ended. It should be noted, however, that no wreck cost over $1500 of damage to the Expedition, and the thing held up well every time. Now, given her not-so-good experience with this "Jinxed" vehicle, she vowed never to buy a Ford again. Now, I managed to (somehow) convince her to go to the Ford lot, and she was amazed by the Fusion Hybrid I showed her. It was loaded to the brim --- Nav screen, BLIS, camera, leather seats etc. She loved it. In fact, while she was (and still is) considering an Accord, she has put the Fusion at the top of her list of cars to check out again, because of the fuel economy, reliability ratings, quality, and roominess. I loved it due to it's technology (I'm a sucker for those nav rigs), and the fact that I can fit in the rear-seat (I am 18, but living with my Mom with no car of my own and two siblings). I am 6'1", so that is a huge factor in the next car. Overall, I give the Fusion two thumbs up and call it the top candidate for my Mom's next car!
Jacob Johnson 09/03/2009
David ure absolutely right!!!!! I've got an 08 f450 and its way better than that dodge i had!!!!
Steve 09/03/2009
I am heartened by the progress, in spite of the closing of Ford and Chevy in my nearby town. Hope there is substance to the Fiesta and Euro Focus. I am hoping also for one of them to have a convertible.
david sheridan 09/03/2009
i talk it up all the time. that ford has the best trucks and cars on the road. i also tell people that ford motor company is the most advance car company in the world in the past 3 to 5 years . and i am proud of the fact that we are american owned and most of the vehicles are american made . i hope one day we can say the fords we buy in america are 100% made here . that would be great. and tell carl edwards and the ford drivers in nascar. when they win a race they should say .everybody should be driving a ford !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
derek 09/03/2009
not taking the gov't handout proved to be the best business & marketing strategy, great company, great products
Cole Quinnell 09/03/2009
Thanks for the comment on this article.

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Cole Quinnell
Editorial Director
cleon daley 09/03/2009
i like job that they do an all ford cars and trucks. how can i do online cost for all ford vechiele?
John 09/02/2009
Ford has a 106-year tradition of being the innovator - the company that thinks outside of the box, and they think smart. Ford and only Ford.
Derek Foster 09/02/2009
Thats great! Ford showing the world why you shouldent assume that the 3 american car companies are all the same!!!