Ford Leads Sales in Canada for the First Time in 50 Years

By Ford Social Member

For more than 50 years, brand "G" has dominated sales in Canada. In June, Ford Motor Company of Canada, Limited regained the top-selling spot for an automaker in the country.

Ford of Canada sold 27,408 units, representing a 24.6 percent increase over sales the same month last year, marking another notable achievement - the first year-over-year sales increase of 2009. Ford of Canada has also captured more market share for eight consecutive months with seven new vehicles launching this year, including the 2010 Ford Taurus.

"This is a historic day for Ford in Canada," said David Mondragon, president and CEO, Ford of Canada. "Consumers are drawn to the quality, design and value of our vehicles and we're going to keep the momentum growing with great offers this summer."

Some of the highlights in Ford of Canada June sales:
  • Ford vehicle sales posted a 25% increase over last year

  • Oakville-built Ford Edge and Lincoln MKX sales rose 23% and 24%, respectively

  • Ford Fusion sales were up 13%

  • Ford Ranger sales increased 50%

  • Ford Escape sales rose 41%

  • Ford F-150 sales were up 59%

  • Lincoln MKZ sales increased 42%

  • Total F-Series sales were up 39%

  • Total Lincoln sales rose 18%

  • Ford SUV and CUV sales increased 41%

Dave 08/08/2009
Quality will take you to the top! Reading Ford had detrone the general in Canada is proof of better built cars. I'm looking forward to reading about it when they take down the general in the USA. Talking with an older gentleman who never owned a Ford until a couple years ago was amazing. He loves the comfort and the power of his Edge. "Quality is here! " he said, smiling as he drove away.
darin 07/11/2009
Nice to see people finally wake up. on a segment by segment basis, the imports are now sub standard in value and quality to Ford's product. Long term, this is nothing new, only now people are clueing in. Unfortunately, Ford was a victim of bad marketing, and vision from the top, which has now been rectified. Way to slay the japanese quality myth to shreds Ford!
Jessie Chapa 07/10/2009
Is there any numbers on Mexico (which is part of North America), Cental America, and South America? What can I do to help sales in these areas? design a new model that appeals to Latin America.. or... 07/08/2009
I am buying as much Ford stock as I can get my hands on! I sold renewable energy stock, all of my GM and Chrysler and if I can get a loan, I will use it to buy Ford stock. The writting is on the wall. It has been for months. Ford will lead America back to prosperity. I am so pround of our ALL AMERICAN Ford motor company! GO Ford! I got you're back!
Ronald G. Johnson 07/07/2009
Your picture for July 7 shows all-time great "Milloin Dollar Bill", Bill Elliott from Dawsonville, GA. in the forefront. A Ford Franchisee at that. Of course you are alluding to the greyheaded older gentleman behind him...
Ford Leads Sales in Canada for the First Time in 50 Years

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