Ford Launches Chapter 2 of the Fiesta Movement

By Ford Social Member

If you thought the original Fiesta Movement was cool, wait until you dive into Chapter 2. This time it enlists 40 people to tell the story of the newest Ford car in 16 cities across the country.

The Fiesta Movement was a social media initiative designed to create excitement about the new Ford Fiesta, putting the small car on the minds of thousands of people nationwide in the U.S. in 2009.

Fiesta Movement Chapter 2 consists of 20 teams comprised of two agents each. These agents were selected from over 1,000 applicants. Their mission will be to redefine the way Fiesta is brought to market by interacting with consumers online and offline, while bringing Fiesta to their communities.

“This was a natural progression from the first phase of the Fiesta Movement,” said Connie Fontaine, Ford Brand Content and Alliances manager. “Chapter 2 will still be rooted in social media, but this time the content will also live offline and find its way into new mediums. Fiesta needs to clearly be the star now as the agents share their work within their communities and beyond.”

Agents will complete a series of missions, where they will compete in challenges locally that leverage the best of their communities, allowing them to open the discussion about Fiesta through social media and beyond.

After completing a challenge, agents will produce and place the creative content online at, where followers also can keep up with their favorite agents. The best content will be recognized based on online consumer interaction and consumers’ opinions about the agents’ work, and will be amplified in local media and events as well as through a variety of national mediums.

One of the missions in Chapter 2 is called “Show the World UR Personality,” where agents will design their Fiesta wrap, working with designers to create a wrap that fits their team’s personality. Their personalized Fiesta will be delivered to the agent team, and the best wrap, as voted on by the fans on, will later be available to consumers. Additionally, the winning wrap will be integrated into a future national Fiesta display.

The first Fiesta Movement generated more than 6.2 million YouTube views, more than 750,000 Flickr views and nearly 4 million Twitter impressions. The Fiesta Movement also set a Guinness World Record for the most attendees at a tweetup during the Fiesta Movement Awards Celebration in West Hollywood in December. This unprecedented event brought together 1,149 Fiesta Movement agents and Twitter friends.
edvard 04/14/2010
Not exactly true. Look at any number of Toyota cars and trucks and they'll tell you the percentage of the product made in the US. On average the breakdown is around 50-70% US-made content. DENSO USA is a major supplier for Toyota and they have around 30 manufacturing facilities in the US making parts for their cars. This includes everything from starters, windshield wipers, AC systems, engine components, and so on.

You'll actually find that this is pretty much inline with the number of US-made components you'd find in your typical US brand vehicle.

But just for comparison, here's a list of cars with the percentage of components made in the USA:

Ford Fusion: 30%
Ford F-Series: 85%
Toyota Tundra: 80%
Chevy Malibu: 80%
Toyota Camry: 80%
Honda Accord: 70%
Chrysler PT Cruiser: 35%

Anyway, as you can see the numbers show that Japanese and US automakers are pretty much neck and neck in producing the same number of "American-made" cars. Personally to me it doesn't really matter. If the vehicle is a good quality product, the engineering and production is well-done, then I will be happy.
edvard 04/13/2010
Just because a car is assembled in Mexico ( the word ASSEMBLED being key here) doesn't mean the car is any less American than one assembled in the US. The fact is that all cars from all automakers are stuffed with components made and developed around the world. For example you mentioned your Focus. Then engine in it is derived from an original Mazda engine and was also developed in Europe for the Euro market before being brought over where it is also manufactured in the US for the NA market. cars are put together with many suppliers whom make them all over the world. Assembly is only one part of a long and complex process.
p 04/11/2010
I agree,would never buy this car because it is made in Mexico!!! I own a 2008 Focus because its made in Michigan and assemble by American workers!!!Wake up Ford,Toyota,Honda etc. makes cars similar and better in this class and Americans need and want cars made in the states.Shoot your own foot enough and you too won,t be able to walk.When no one in the states has jobs anymore then no one can buy your cars.So who wins?? So sad.
Thomas 04/09/2010
What about the diesel powered version? I hear this song and dance it will cost $350million to tool up to produce it in North America. Bull ! Tell me there isn't a single manufacturer here with excess production capacity to contract build it. What about Navistar? Doesn't Ford currently have an agreement with them to produce diesel engines?
Also, Toyota ships most the component parts for its vehicles to the US for ASSEMBLY, A.K.A. Made In Japan.
spk 04/08/2010
Your thinking is short sighted. Manufacturing is only one small part of producing a car. Thousands of people are employed by Ford in the US because of cars like this, even though production is in Mexico. In a perfect world, all aspects of producing an American car would take place in America. Unfortunately, to remain competitive, companies like Ford, GM, and Chrysler, manufacture some of their vehicles in countries outside the US. I strongly believe in buying American. If you want to buy American, it is better to buy the Ford with it's final production in Mexico, than to buy the Toyota with it's production in the US.
Forddriver 04/07/2010
Your comments are Un-American. FORD is an American company based on United States of America soil. They build vehicles around the world in many markets. Wake up. Is your "kool-aid" glass empty.
Forddriver 04/07/2010
The choice between F-150 and Ranger depends upon the needs to be met by the consumer. Obviously the Ranger this consumer had fit his needs thus his fathers choice to replace it with another. Not everyone needs, or desires, a large truck.
American Lover 03/31/2010
This car is made in Mexico. The tooling for this car is made in Mexico. Unemployed american workers did not put this car together. This car is a perfect example of how america is going down the tubes. Only buy automobiles that help our economy this does NOT. They make this in Mexico then dump it on our economy and non educated fools buy this. WAKE UP AMERICANS
Laura 03/29/2010
Is this car not similar to the Festiva? I wish that would them back.
JonPeter 03/25/2010
Please sell the Fiesta RS in North America. The Eurepeans shouldn't get all the fun stuff.

I owned a '78 Fiesta Pro Rally car I manged to import from Europe (roll cage and all) and loved that car. I've driven a few European Fords (in particular the Puma which I couldn't import) while traveling in Europe. Currently own a few Fords, including the S/R version of the ZX2. If I can't get the Fiesta RS, I may look at performance versions of the Focus or of the AWD Fusion.
Rose 03/25/2010
I beg to differ - I flipped my Festiva on its roof at 55 miles per hour after hitting a Jersey wall and walked away with a minor arm injury...... It is a solid car.
Nicky Forrester 03/24/2010
I had a 1978 Ford Fiesta. My family put 278,000 miles on the vehicle . My two children learned to drive in the Fiesta. There are many stories that can be told about my Bright Orange Ford Fiesta. I Loved that car.
Thierry 03/23/2010
The Fiesta R2 is a great (and affordable) rally car made up with a "KIT" from M-Sport, Ford's partner for the World Rally Championship. Will this KIT be available from Ford Racing performance parts in the near future? The Fiesta Sporting Trophy is already running in 10 countries in Europe, and I would love to build one to compete in the Nort-American rallys and the WRC event in Mexico.
Gloria 03/20/2010
I have 2 Festivas and am waiting for the fiesta to come out. I would have loved to drive one here in Idaho, We have both temperature changes, hills, valleys, lots of snow, and heat, and all kinds of challenges. Keeping an eye out so that I can test the Fiesta. If you need anyone to drive in Idaho, I'm here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
edvard 03/19/2010
I wanted to mention that I heard about this very Fiesta introduction program on NPR a few days ago (Marketwatch). I think its a really great idea to combine social media with product introductions. It seems to have really worked out well in the case of the Fiesta. I work in the Bay Area ( San Fran), which is an area that tends to have more import brand cars on the road- particularly Japanese and European brands- than domestic brands. Many people I work with are familiar with the Fiesta and the car isn't even here yet. So something tells me this could be a hit- particularly with younger metro drivers.
edvard 03/18/2010
All vehicles on US roads have to undergo fairly strict safety requirements. That's why many cars that are sold in Europe and Asia that come over here often times have to have massive changes made to actually improve their crashworthiness. I've never heard that there has been any limitations put onto the production of SUVs and trucks. The demand for large trucks and SUVs fell with the rise in the cost in gas as well as a general shift in what the public wants. The interest has shifted back to family sedans and small cars... which is exactly what happened in the 80's during the last recession. Large trucks and SUVS should've never been used as grocery-getters in the first place.

Lastly, SUVs and large trucks aren't safer. A lot use rather unforgiving rail frames and have higher centers of gravity. Also- the Prius isn't a "POS". Its been out there for now well over 10 years. Its only been just more recently that the Big 3 have actually started to get it together and produce anything- like the Fusion for example- that could compete against it. Don't blame Toyota for taking the first dive and taking a chance on new technology.
Julia 03/15/2010
Sweet! I had a Festiva. .just loved seeing all those trucks in the ditch as I putted past during the worst of snow and ice storms out here is the rural Wisconsin! After I got my YELLOW Escape that Festiva went on to serve two more people! Would love another one! It has to be yellow....and why can't Ford make another YELLOW Escape?
Justin Case 03/15/2010
Wouldn't be cought in one of those tin cans. Safety standards in the U.S. are sad. That's why they want to limit production of SUV's and pick-ups, as they would crush one of these in a minor accident.
If they just used the "serial hybrid" drives they already have developed, they would put the POS prius to shame, and have real cars once again.
Connor 03/13/2010
I've been hearing rumors lately that a diesel might be offered in 2011. Is it true? People would be springing for something that fuel efficient, and you'd probably end up stealing a lot of vw's thunder. I'd sell my Jetta TDI for one in a heartbeat.
Beka 03/10/2010
THE FESTIVAS ARE AWESOME!!!! It is tooo bad there aren't many left!! I have seen Festivas take so much and still pull through like a champ.... I believe they are the strongest car ever made because of what I have seen!!!! :) It would be nice to see a newer just as awesome version of the Festiva!!!
Mike 03/09/2010
Will the US get the 1.4Li that gets around 50MPG? Gas is going to hit $4/gallon this summer, I sure would love to see a 50MPG Fiesta...
Jacque Carr 03/07/2010
I loved the Festiva. It was the best car I had ever had. If this is anything like mine it will run forever. I had over a 100,000 miles on it when I gave it a tune up. It always ran like a top.
Wil Greene 03/06/2010
I'm seriously considering a Honda Fit to replace my 2007 Focus Wagon. When will you bring a replacement wagon for this model and when will you bring diesels to the U.S.?
deven patel Unjha 03/06/2010
I would like to thanks all of you at the ford motor company,
Matt 03/05/2010
Do you have a Team Jersey Shore? I love the Fiesta and would look pretty darn nice in one LOL.
Kristie Boyd 03/05/2010
I woul dhave loved to participate in this Challenge. The mayor (my boss) would have been pleased as well. Good luck with challenge.
peter chen 03/04/2010
F150 is a better choice over Ranger.
Shedeep 03/03/2010
I would like to thank all of you at the ford motor comp. for the good work you all do.
Horace Blaton Jr 03/01/2010
I would like to thank all of you at the ford motor comp. for the good work you all do. my son was in a accidemt in his old 1995 ford ranger pickup. this is a truck that my son loved he was hit head on. this 15year old truck saved his life the air bag came out like it was suppose to .so I thank all of you that work at the ford comp, i know it will be some time before i can git him a nother to me and my wife for on disability. But i know he will have another ford ranger , so keep up the good work . & again I thank you all from the bottom of my heart for giving me my son back God bless you all ,,,ps long live the ford comp . & do you know where i can find a 1995 ford ranger king cab hahaha .. love you all ,,and again thank you all horace blaton jr a happy customer please send this to all in your comp .
Amber Roussel 03/01/2010
Had a blast in Detroit! Thanks so much to the Ford team for a great time. Driving on the track was outta this world & it's awesome how you guys "get" social media. So looking forward to this experience & can't wait to get the car this week.
-Team Houston
Sunny Thaper 03/01/2010
Cannot wait to get our Fiesta soon and start producing amazing content! Thanks for the opportunity to participate in this, we won't let you down!
-Team Phoenix
Ford Launches Chapter 2 of the Fiesta Movement
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