Ford Expands Lincoln Lineup; Mercury Production Ends in Fourth Quarter of 2010

By Ford Social Member

Ford Motor Company made two significant announcements today. Ford is expanding its Lincoln lineup with seven all-new or significantly refreshed vehicles in the next four years – including its first-ever C-segment vehicle. Ford will end production of Mercury vehicles in the fourth quarter of 2010.

The Lincoln plan accelerates with more investment and attention on standout product design, class-leading technology and powertrains delivering top performance and fuel efficiency. Lincoln product development, marketing, sales and service resources are expanding as the brand aims to compete with Cadillac and Lexus in the marketplace.

Please click here to view the Lincoln fact sheet, and the Lincoln Collection can be viewed by clicking here.

In the fourth quarter of 2010, Ford will end production of Mercury vehicles to fully devote its financial, product development, production and marketing, sales and service resources toward further growing its core Ford brand while enhancing Lincoln. Existing Mercury owners will receive continued access to parts and service support at Ford and Lincoln dealers. Current Mercury warranties and Extended Service Plans will be honored. There will also be special offers available on new Mercury vehicles through the summer. Affected dealers to receive specialized support during the transition as the company continues its transformation to a more profitable dealer network.

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Lincoln Mercury Q&A

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Paul D 04/02/2013
I *still* believe that FoMoCo is only temporarily insane...
...2020: the RETURN of MERCURY!!!
Mike Myers 02/08/2012
Mr. Fields,

Please bear with my rather long two cents worth.

Times are changing again. The times are reminiscent of the chaos of the 1970s in the car business. OK, we get it. Today we recognize that hybrids and/or fuel mileage are the mantra of the day. But there will always be a demand for personal luxury cars and the personal luxury cars that lead in market share of the genre will be those that appeal to a relatively small, loyal group.

The Lincoln brand has a long, illustrious history in the luxury car genre. Lincoln’s were dazzling with splashy colors and enough chrome to impress anybody, but also elegant and refined.

In the mid-Fifties there was a protracted transition that resulted in Lincoln inheriting the Mark Series from Continental. Subsequently, the Mark Series became bigger, heavier, more luxurious and expensive. The Mark Series sometimes lost money, but provided Ford Motor Company with more new technology and prestige in the marketplace. There were other Lincolns that led the charge in new technology, but the Mark Series was considered to be the flagship of Ford Motor Company.

The Lincoln brand also has a pretty fair reputation in the performance sport coupe arena. I refer to the Lincoln Mark VIII in more recent times, which was one of the first production cars to get the new 4.6L four valve motor. In the late 1940s the Lincoln Zepher benefited from the V12 K-Series motors, putting them in a class by themselves. In the early 1950s the Lincoln was the first model to receive Ford’s new 317 CID OHV V8. Early ‘50s Lincoln’s performed very well in the Mexican La Carrera Panamericana road race, sweeping victory in the Stock Class from 1952 to 1954. It’s a shame that NASCAR disallowed the Lincoln Mark 9, but even then they were more interested in parity among the competitors than car sales and market share.

But I digress, so let me get to my point. It has been suggested by Motor Trend magazine (April, 2011, page 20) that Lincoln needs a RWD platform and that Ford acknowledges the same. Other media sources suggest Ford wants to jazz up Lincoln now that the Mercury is gone. I suggest Ford build a RWD Sport Coupe with a powerful motor to attract more buyers into the showroom. How about resurrecting the Lincoln Mark 9 or some more modern derivative and give it a unique motor, say a Modular V10? Ford built such an engine a few years ago (as reported by the popular Mustang enthusiast magazines). A 351CID version was tested in a ’99 Mustang with glowing reports of massive torque. It was a 390CID version that subsequently became the power plant for the Shelby Concept two-seat sports car. And I even read of a 427CID version shoehorned into a Ford 500 for the show car circuit. Let’s see a Caddy CTS-V keep up with a V10 powered sports coupe. NASCAR won’t touch this one either, but V10 powered Vipers are competing on road courses. I’d love to see Jack Roush compete with this combo like he did with the Cougar in IMSA.

For what it’s worth.

Mike Myers
Brian C 07/14/2010
I'd like to know if the thought ever crossed their minds to invest the effort and capital into Mercury to build the brand up the way they did with Ford.

They invest a lot of capital and effort into Ford and very little into Mercury, then call it a failure because it does not do as well? Really? How much are these people paid because this is a rather simple view. They would've done better to make Mercury the RWD/AWD and performance division. With sport-luxury models across the line. Even with cookie cutter designs at first while they get the Ford brand off on it's own, then taking the time to redesign the product at Mercury. Lincoln could stand to benefit because it is a fact that Luxury car owners prefer RWD and AWD, meaning those platforms would be used in 2 brands, not just one.

Sometimes brands have transition periods, where they are put on hold to survive until better times. You don't throw away 70 years of history because a brand is in a transition time.

This was a bad decision and Ford's overall sales and impact will decline due to it. Mercury could have received the same attention and become a large volume brand.
Tony 06/26/2010
After attending the 2010 Chicago auto show and seeing the Mercury display I ( and anyone else that saw the display) knew Mercury was going down. I hate see to see it go, but I understand why, if you look at it objectiveley IT does make sense and is the right move. I would have liked Ford to bring over European or Australian Fords and badge them Mercury's, but now that Ford has really focused in on Ford, you don't need to do this, we may even have a shot at the Focus RS. I have a 1973 Mercury Capri.

I believe more Fusions are sold in a month than Milan's in a year. It does make sense, focus in on Lincoln interiors touch and look, although nice is not in the same league as other luxury cars in the same price range.

To the person that said GM kept Buick, yeah but they shed Oldsmobile, Pontiac, Saturn, Hummer, and Saab. It does cost money to have a third brand, and that money can be better spent on two brands instead of three. I was disappointed at first to hear the demise of Mercury, but it will make Ford and Lincoln better for it.

BMW is coming out with an entry level fwd, the money Ford is saving by dumping Mercury will help (hopefully) fund a production version of the Lincoln C concept, and please oh please the Ford Start. As painful as it is, it does make sense to shed Mercury.
Chad 06/20/2010
I hate that they gave Mercury the ax. I have a 2006 Mercury Mountaineer, and I love it. I drove everything when i was purchasing the car... .Trailblazers, Envoy, pathfinders, 4runners, Jeeps, Honda Pilot, and the Ford Explorer! It came down between the ford/mercury and the Nissan Pathfinder. I hated the Ford front end but loved the Mercury style. I also found a Mercury Premier with no options except the tri coat paint. The "no options" Merc got me three row leather power seats with heat. 6 Disc audiophile sound system, V8 and 6 speed auto. It was also AWD which is a must for me. Compared to the Explorer, the Mercury ended up costing less than the Ford. You couldn't get that color on a ford unless it was a Limited line, and most limited lines were pushing over 40K. Mine was sticker-ed 36K. I wasn't going to pay for a Lincoln, and i just didn't like the Ford, so Mercury was a great fit. Sad that Ford doesn't have something to compete with Buick now. I'll probably be in the market soon for a truck. I like the F150s but everything is getting so expensive, I may just hand on to the Mercury. After all, it's almost paid off.
Michael 06/20/2010
A sad time when you think your mercury customers will buy a ford. i know many say its just a ford but all the mercurys i have owned since my 1963 comet have been better built and more comfortable . so the thinking at ford is i want to downgrade to a ford after i have been screwed over on the resale value of my mountaineer. If you actually had more mercury dealers you might have actually have been able to sell more vehicles
Keith 06/15/2010
I hope Ford is making the right decision; I really do. One of the advantages of purchasing a Mercury Marquis GS a few years back was it had most of the options as the Crown Victoria LS (and it looked better, too.) I saved a lot of money on that purchase over the Crown Vic and never regretted it. I hope the "market share" strategy works with the new Ford models. I didn't opt for the Town Car because the Marquis was basically the same chassis and engine without $15,000.00 more for extra "luxury" items. It was a great car for a practical price. We replaced the Marquis with a Sable, which looks light years better than its Taurus counterpart. Now, Ford, you'll have to re-earn my business after dispensing with Mercury. There are many foreign car manufacturers who would love to have your Mercury customers. You'd better be sure... You're really placing Lincoln out on a limb as a stand alone luxury line. We'll know for sure, once the 2011 models and options become available.
Larry E. Hobbs 06/15/2010
I like the way Mercury Grand Marquis handle in bad weather special during snow and ice storms. I live in the southern state and have to travel in cold weather and the comfort of the Grand Marquis and known it have rear wheel drive gaves us fated to drive in bad weather. Their was times we see a lot of cars off the road due to ice storms and the Grand Marquis got us to a safety place. My wife was looking forward to purchase her third Grand Marquis next few years. This Hurt.
Dave 06/14/2010
I don't see a difference here between Fords and Mercury -- EXCEPT for styling. The Mercury Milan, while basically the same car as the Fusion, is visually much richer. We bought a Milan and a Mariner as opposed to their Ford counterparts for this reason. If Ford styling could be raised to the level of the Mercury, then this might work. So far, I don't see it. Since we can't afford a Lincoln, we may be forced to look at other choices.
edvard 06/14/2010
The fact that the majority of those bemoaning the fate of Mercury on this forum are in their 60's and 70's shows that the brand was damaged and not marketing well to younger buyers.
Justin 06/11/2010
Well, first there is exterior styling. Next there is the overall fit and finish of the Mercury. When I was car shopping, the overall fit and finish on the Milan was certainly superior. You can say that they are the same vehicle all you want, but you can say the same thing about the Lincoln MKZ. Why don’t you price that and you'll notice that the only difference is a 1/2 liter bigger engine and cooling seats. I don’t think both features are worth an extra $10,000 though. Also, Ford can offer the best products for the customer but how does Ford treat its loyal Mercury customers? By killing of the product line! Now why would I buy a Lincoln from the same company that just destroyed the value of my Milan?
Harry 06/11/2010
Sorry to learn that I just bought my last Lincoln Town Car. I will buy three more and garage them. I will never drive what they laughingly call a luxury call these days. Does Forf realize that they are losing billions of dollars in advertising. Every time you watch a movie or TV show you see someone with wealth or class tooling around in a Town Car or Town Car Limo. That kind of advertising can't be purchased. Whar are all the limo companies going to do for cars-use one of the little (luxury cars) ha ha that they are left to choose from? What a joke! Just one more nail in the coffin of the U. S. as the once great country that it was. Now it is just Europe Lite and Ford can say they helped do their part. A very sad day.
jason 06/10/2010
So what is it that your Mercury has that they don't offer in a Fusion. I have Built and Priced the Fusion and it has every thing that the Milan has. If you want more that that go to Lincon. I think this is a great step for Ford in streamlining their production and giving the best products to the customer for the best price.
Ruben 06/10/2010
The negative aspect is to know that Mercury stopped. Mercury is a mark with a great image of mark, Mercury this in the segment premiun, but it has an image fresh and strong, similar to which in Europe or other countries of the world the marks, Audi, Lexus, Infiniti, VOLVO and even BMW have. These marks have a fresh image with certain exclusive feature, also has a strong, sport and self-assured touch but that the marks, Mercedes benz, Cadillac or Lincoln. Trying that Lincoln covers that segment with mark, I could harm the image of mark of Lincoln, because something similar to Mercedes-Benz can happen him tried to enter the so large segment of cars Focus, to be able to compete with its BMW rival. Bmw unlike Mercedes-Benz does not have a desenfada and sport image but that Mercedes-Benz, because Mercedes has a good associated image to great cars, and cannot lose that image, conseguira to be either around Bmw and it only can aggravate to his image and sales, similar to the happened thing to Jaguar that to lost its DNA. Mercury must have to be a global car technologically advanced in communications and entertainment, security, technologies hybrids, associated to very modern cars fitted in a segment premiun, halfway between Lincoln and Ford vehicles. With compact or utilitarian cars of segment, without losing its touch premiun. But with an own DNA without being simple clones of FORD models, also it must be focused to the global market, and even diesel, to be able to reach the rest of the world, Lexus a mark at first created for the market of the USA, in Europe is a great successful, is a fresh mark that can interest to I publish but young which it looks for a car with but identity and exclusive feature that a similar FORD, VW, RENAULT, TOYOTA and other marks. I set out my opinion to them, and fodder is an error to stop Mercury, only must do great exfurzo in giving a great image him, that to be ford with another name, but saving costs being useful global synergies the MOTOR group FORD COMPANY, so that this mark can be in the rest of the world, or making Mercury models in you do not make FORD of any country, in Europe an American, modern mark but that it fits in the old continent, it can be a great similar successful to which it has the Ipod de Apple.
Marcelo Campos 06/09/2010
This is a very sad news. Mercury has been in my family for around 20 years, why? Easy, the cars have a better quality in general. The example of what I am saying is The Fusion and The Milan, both are very nice cars, but the differences that you have in the Milan are a lot. The ride, the seats are smother in the Milan, the quality feeling is better in the Milan. I am very disappointed with Ford, to bring us this decision. Now they will bring us a new line of Lincoln cars, but the price is something that stops a lot of people to buy them, still I really like them. Ford of America, has a long way to run in order to capture new buyers, There is our Focus, old and ugly. It is incredible that in our south border, Ford sell the European Focus; they have at least 4 trims of it, Sedan 4 doors, Hatchback 5 doors (BOTH WITH THE 4 CYLINDER 2LITER 145 BHP ENGINE, AND POWER SHIFT, THAT IS LIKE THE SELECT SHIFT AND ALSO 5 SPEED MANUAL THEY ARE SPANISH) ST (TURBO 5 CYLINDER TURBO CHARGED ENGINE 225 BHP) and the RS ( 5 CYLINDER TURBO CHARGED ENGINE 300 BHP BOTH FROM GERMANY), and here we have the old 2 liter engine, and in some states the up grade engine of it. Please, if you are going to make a decision count us in. I repeat, it is a shame that Mercury ceases production. Although you are not going to lose buyers, at least in my family.
gordon 06/09/2010
The lincoln mks has very poor visability as compared to the lincoln town car espically for
older drivers. Thats why old people buy a full side car like the lincoln town car and also
because it rear wheel drive which does not have a torque steering problem. I will just
keep buying old lincoln town cars from now on, at least you can see in all directions
when driving.
Lincoln 06/08/2010
I have to agree with many of the posts here but the issue is there isn't a significant difference between the three brands. Ford should have moved Mercury and Lincoln upscale as GM is doing with Cadillac and Buick. In terms of styling they appeal to different people. With Ford adding "premium" features to Ford branded products it cut into Mercury's market. I believe the Mercury Messenger concept would have been a great new Cougar even though it was based on the Mustang. It had drastically different styling. Ford has done this with Volvo but never differentiated much with the Mercury/Lincoln counterparts.
George from Michigan 06/08/2010
Sorry to see Mercury go away. I'm not a Ford car peson, nor can I afford the extra money for
a Lincoln. My only choice left is a Buick. FOMOCO is the loser.
mika aarnio 06/08/2010
That`s SAD, iF YOU REALLY KILL Mercury!
I ownwd 2 Sables, those wery great cars !
Now I own 2 FoMoCO´s
1964 Galaxie 500 XL convertible and
1958 Edsel Pacer Convertible.

Maybe now you can reintroduce Edsel ????
1958 Edsel was cooleset 50`S Ford !!!!
Michael 06/08/2010
I think I am going to be among the 5% of the market you lose because of this stupid move. I presently have a Grand Marquis which I absolutely love. Before that I had a Crown Vic. My very first car was a 1964 Mercury Comet, and the car our family had when I was a kid was a 1951 Merc. I had hoped to buy another Grand Marquis in the future. When you announced the discontinuance of that model, I figured I would probably down-size to a Milan sometime in the next few years. Now, all those options are gone. I will not consider any of the current Ford models because they are all as ugly as sin, especially the Fusion (the Milan twin). So, when the time comes, I guess I'll be buying a Dodge Charger or a Chrysler 300. I've owned two Dodges in the past and they are as good as any other car. I certainly don't have the typical American inferiority complex when it comes to Japanese cars. I will never buy one of those. Never thought I'd buy a GM product, but if Ford continues to thumb its nose as its loyal customers, well, ya never know.
don roberts 06/07/2010
Several months ago, I wrote to Ford as I just bought a 2010 Grand Marquis. I like the car but am disappointed that it lacked many of the features of a 2003 Crown Vic I drove on business for over 115,000 miles. No dual exhausts, upgraded suspension, overhead console, compass, seat storage, full electronic instrumentation, boosted horsepower, etc. I suggested adding these features to a new Mercury. I appreciate that Ford is committed to the Mercury customers but this sentiment falls flat when I never received a reply from Ford corporate. I hope Ford will provide a Lincoln model with RWD, upgraded transmission and features that you would expect in a luxury automobile. Some people are looking for a luxury ride at a reasonable price. I get good mileage on regular gasoline, too. Let's face it: the present Town Car is not competitive in today's market.
Dustin Munro 06/07/2010
Mercury-A Customizing Division
Ford could also do something else with the Mercury division-make it into a CUSTOMIZING DIVISION that could be run in a similar manner to Panoz.Panoz is a private company that makes their own cars while using some Ford parts like a v8 Mustang engine and transmission while making their own platform and car body.Mercury could be run by teams that like souping up cars and trucks,restoring old vehicles etc.while still owned by Ford.What could be the difference between Mercury and Ford/Lincoln is that Ford wouldn't build the Mercury vehicles,but would supply the platforms,engines and transmissions while the teams would design and build the vehicles.Some would be retro style while using up to date technology (like Chrysler's discontinued Plymouth Prowler)while others could be futuristic like helping Ford design a new all size universal rear drive platform etc.
Bill 06/06/2010
Yes, it is too bad they dropped Mercury as they never tried to distiguish it. I would've liked to buy a Mercury but the style never made sense - I like the Ford Fusion more than the Milan. I also agree that it is a non-emotional, business decision that had to be made - But will Lincold truly be different from Ford as Cadillac is from Chevrolet? Better think about our comments, Ford, they make sense!
Brandon Hunter 06/06/2010
I have seen many mercury's on the road. I was going to by my son a mercury because those are his favorite especially the mountaineers but now im buying a mazda tribute because i think ford is very shady. the mountaineer is still probably going to be the last mercury i buy unless they bring back mercury because i would never buy a car from the ford brand
Justin 06/06/2010
Well Ford can add a "Luxury Package" to the 2011 Fusion all they want but a little chrome and different leather seats will not come close to a Milan
John 06/05/2010
This is Indeed a very sad day. Allan Jackson won't be the only one crying or literally singing the Mercury Blues at the loss of Mercury. There was something of Royalty with the Mercury Grand Marquis and the Great Station Wagons that Mercury I had the pleasure of riding in. I say this Mark Fields No your dead Wrong! By throwing Mercury overboard you don't get any more product out the door. 3 divisions is fine Toyota keeps adding Divisions. Lexus(Lincoln) and Scion alias (Mercury)
You see Toyota scaling back a division or two in this downturn!!! No! Then why is Ford!?. ... even with the big hit they have taken this year with the Prius Recall of Unintended acceleration. Toyota is still getting them out the door! The Only reason I figure your cutting Mercury up is for a bigger Yearly Salary! That is an absolute Crime! First you tell us your coming out with a Mercury based on the New 2012 Focus. That would have been a great thing. Their are People that will Buy that I would. Sometimes small different changes is all that is needed. I think Ford will Lose Customer with that move and the alienation that goes with it!. I am very Disappointed in the peop[e responsible for this action its still totally unnecessary! You lose 100,000 cars a year.

I want Ford to know I like everything Mr. Mulally has done for Ford But Allan for Good ness Sakes Do not Throw Mercury out please. and Ford did not take Bailout money like GM. did

I have to say this like Laz above said so many people would have bought a Retro Contemporary Cougar its not even funny, not to mention a Maurauder, a New Tracer on the New Focus.

But to be Honest, The One thing the One thing I never understood. If it were differentation that was a concern why did'nt Ford ever AQUIRE MERCURY MARINE Engines. Its Ironic that Edsel Ford started Ford's Mercury Brand when Mercury Marine - Outboard and INboard Motors was born.
See this is the problem. Ford does not Challenge itself Enough. Do you see Honda back out of Challenges no. Their into Robots, Marine Engines, Waverunners, Jet Airplanes and you know their not content. What I fear for Ford is this sure you have come out with a Great New Line up for the next Few Years then you'll sit and stagnate as you did in the mid nineties do you think Hyundai(Very Hot) right now, Toyota, and Honda will stand their and give Ford and off year. Um NO, So why are you backing away from them??? Please Keep Mercury or have a plan down the road to bring that Division back! I want a Mercury Cougar!
Sam 06/05/2010
Now don't speak too soon. You have yet to see what products Ford will introduce in their next generation of vehicles.
Tim 06/05/2010
Sad day for mercury!
Angelo Lombardi 06/05/2010
I would like to know if you plan to have a Lincoln in the price range of a Grand Marquis and similar size? My wife and I love the Grand Marquis and will be very disappointed not to have one in thye future.
Justin 06/05/2010
Ford will have a difficult time becoming the number one auto maker when 5% of their market share goes somewhere else. Mr. Fields seems very confident that Mucury customers will purchase Fords in place on Mercury, but I dont think so. If I wanted a Ford, I would have purchased a Ford, but I got Mercury and not a Ford. Besides when you just brush the Mercury market segemnt aside dont you think that we would just be a little resentful of Ford for killing off our company? To the point that Mercury is just a re-badged Ford, you can say the exact same thing about Lincoln! Having several cars that are different offers a variety of different products to everyone. Ford is not luxuious and I dont see how Mercury owners will run back to Ford unless they are compensated for the decreased value of their vehicles.
Bob 06/04/2010
I emailed Ford several years ago with a plan that could have saved Mercury, added exciting products and profit for Ford. After vacationing in Europe and driving several Fords there, I suggested that for bring the European versins to the U.S. UNCHANGED and brand them here as Mercury. This would have allowed Ford to charge the higher prices that the European versions demand and set Mercury as the "drivers" brand.
Mrs P Chastant 06/04/2010
I have had a few mercurys in my life....the latest, 2006 Milan is BY FAR the best car ( including an electrical nightmare yet fun to drive Passat) I have ever owned! NEVER in my adult life have I paid off a car and was NOT itching to trade it in! I chose it OVER the Fusion because aside from the Mustang Ford sedans look cheap to me. I have always said...Mercury is Ford with bling and the Milan is a great example. Well glad I love it still because I won't be getting a Taurus I don't think and if Lincoln's are priced like Lexus that won't be happening either....we are a Ford family ( go a 12 yr 350 pickup that just won't die ) but I will wait and see what comes out.. I like my lovely midsize sedans, hope Lincoln at least has a " low end" version!
Gary7 06/04/2010
This is unfortunate. I've been a Mercury owner for 27 years and a Ford owner for 39. I think you've killed off the brand with either missing or odd products in the last few years. I have a 94 Cougar and a 2000 2-dr Explorer currently. My Mercury replacement would have been a Ford model anyway becuse of lack of choice in the Mercury line. And, my Explorer replacment is going to be a Jeep - I like 2-doors, rear drive...and I am not "coufused" by he current Explorer's 4x4 system.
Ben 06/03/2010
I heard that in the first quarter of 2010, Ford outsold every car company in America including GM and Toyota...
Max Hayden 06/03/2010
Mercury was left to languish. Stellar nameplates like Cougar, Marauder, Capri, original Sable and 1972 Montego did not draw on their strong heritage with recent iterations and died in the marketplace. Mercury was a force in the early sixties to late eighties. Although based upon Ford cars they had their own identity and place in the market. Where the Japanese companies have stylish coupes Ford has only the Mustang - why can't a new Cougar exist and for that matter a four place Thunderbird. I commend Ford, William Clay and Mulally for all that they've done. Get some niche market cars in the market. Do not do to Lincoln what Nassar tried to do with Jaguar - building luxury cars on Mondeo frames. The Lincoln LS lacked great panache but remains a solid, extremely driveable and elegant car. I know, I drive one. Lincoln can gain back its exclusivity - give it its own platforms or at least styling that shares no parts with other Ford cars. And bring back a Mercury from time to time through your Lincoln-Ford dealership network. Styling still sells. You've gotten the dependability thing down now make some cars we'd die for. What happened to all the stylish designs of Peter Thorbury (sp?) - the Mark IX?
B 06/03/2010
I forgot to add in my last post that it is not right to have the explorer 2011 be a FWD suv keep it RWD and also bring back the crown victora and keep the Town car RWD and also keep Mustang RWD don't change it. Bring back the bronco and make it RWD and 4WD. i also like to add if they can make the V6 mustang 2011 with 305 HP and RWD that gets 30 MPG why not make the EXPLORER STAY RWD AND get 30 mpg with V6 makein 300 hp? wake up ford im a big ford fan don't let me down all i buy is ford's don't let me down.
Bart 06/03/2010
This is a sad day for Mercury ford could have made the cougar and more cars. so being that Lincoln should make the mark 7 2 door like it did in the late 1980s and early 1990s. and also for the people who say LINCOLN is just rebaged ford's and say oh im gona get a lexus or caddilac gues what there REBAGED toyota's and chevys caddilac escalade = tahoe toyota camry = some lame lexus wich is ugly. ect... are you blind not to see that? i buy a lincoln before a caddilac or lexus any day. I think ford should make lincoln make the mark 7 and ford should bring back the Bronco and T-bird and make the T-bird be able to have a back seat. like the 1960s and up.
Anthony McCradic 06/03/2010
Ford for the past 15 to 20 years you have not invested anytime or effort into the Mercury brand name. I have listen to the video clip at the executive trying to justify getting rid a name brand which the company hasn't put any effort into developing vehicles which Mercury unique.

I would like to ask you for one more year and an opportunity to turn around Mercury utilizing your current platform and some simple and unique ideas. We truly need Ford vehicle prices one to come down. I am sure several of the readers would agree that a Fiesta that started at 7K and a Focus which started at 10K would be alot easier on individuals and corporate fleets.

You seem to have a unique team of individuals who can develop and design: so why not push there imagination and ability to restore Mercury????

To give you a small sample of what I am thinking of: 6 vehicles all except 1 using existing platforms and engines. My oldest brother had a 1976 Mercury Cougar XR7 with the crush velour seats and soft Chamois landau roof with the oval opera window. This was a gorgeous quiet smooth riding vehicle with a signature Mercury look.

You guys do not have anything to loose by at least trying?? I see already you are taking the 4 cylinder hybrid and putting into the Lincoln MKZ. Why not surpass Lexus instead of following them???

I will send the same comment to your Ideas group.
James 06/03/2010
Despite ord makign some excellent decisions in turning operations around, this isn't one of them. Just like the Thunderbird, instead of improving the product, they are just walking away from that market segment and share. The ignorance in this is so obvious it is painful. They only offered a very limited number of vehicles in the Mercury lineup and then claim that sales were too low to justify. Ford has unfortunately walked away from way too many vehicles that should have been viable instead of correcting their problems. Remember the Cougar, which is now hot with the youth market, the Contour and Mystique, the Fairlane, the Probe, the Ford GT, all with no replacements. then they scratch their heads and wonder why market share is down. Don't forget the abandoned F-100 project, and the soon to be finished Crown Victoria and Grand Marquis, all without replacements. Ford has done some great things with their lineup, but shrinking away from otehr problems won't help grow the business. Mercury was doomed from the moment they began abandoning the lineup. Goodby to another Icon in history for no reason.
Dustin Munro 06/03/2010
Take the blue oval with the FORD name,take that name out and replace it with HONDA .That is what Ford is on the verge of becoming:instead of the Ford blue oval, it will soon be Honda blue oval.Most of all,Allan Mulally has done a great job turning Ford around from money losing to money making.However,he is making two major mistakes.
1.The plan to eliminate the full size rear drive cars!Crown Victoria/Grand Marquis/Town Car in North America and considering eliminating the Falcon in Australia-or putting a FALCON badge on a Taurus.Ford should continue making the full size rear drive cars in Australia and in North America along with possibly ressurecting the Scorpio in Europe.Here is how Ford should do that:
First step is to retrofit the Crown Victoria/ Grand Marquis /Town Car with the Duratech v6 as base engine-would improve weight distribution for good winter traction,probably give a fuel economy similar to the Taurus,and give great power.Use the coyote engine as optional and for the Police version.
Second step is to close the St Thomas factory where those cars are made-not to discontinue but to retool for an improved Crown Victoria/Town Car.Make the 2012 Crown Victoria as a left hand drive version of the Australian built Falcon and the Town Car as a luxury version.Possibly make a European version as a ressurected Scorpio.I also recommend making a shrunken coupe version as a resurrected Thunderbird/Continental.Those vehicles were originally Unibody like the Falcon.For 2014,update those vehicles the same way Ford Plans to do with the 2014 Mustang.Make them all with front wheels in front of engine to have at least 50% weight in back for good traction in slippery conditions and have optional 4wd.
2.The plan to eliminate the Mercury brand!.Ford should keep it's Mercury brand and use it for Specialty vehicles,Retro style cars,and anniversary edition vehicles.Some examples could be to make a retro style car resembling a 1950 Mercury Coup and Mercury Sedan either as continuous production as a replacement of the Grand Marquis or whenever demand goes down,discontinue and replace with some other resemblance like a 1930's Ford Coupe etc.That would make Ford and Mercury distinct frome each other.Possibly make one or more front drive Mercury cars too resembling possibly a 1930"s Citroen or a 1950's Mini etc.
3.Another mistake Ford is making is putting a rear drive badge-EXPLORER on a front drive vehicle.They should put a Front drive badge on it the same way the put a front drive badge on the front drive Mustang-The Ford Probe.A good front drive badge for the Front drive Explorer would be the Ford Oppertunity! Named after the highly successful solar powered Mars Rover oppertunity which has outlasted the nuclear powered Viking 1 and to date has driven over 12 miles on Mars.

Honda has no full size rear drive cars,to my understanding no rear drive vehicles at all and their Acura division is Honda twins.Do we want Ford to be another Honda?Many companies now realize that it was a mistake to get rid of their rear drive cars.Allan Mulally should learn from other companies mistakes.
Tom Pendleton 06/03/2010
I have read, with some sadness, about the demise of the Mercury brand. The first car that made me a "Fordman" was my dad's '53 Merc. Over the years my wife and I have had various Cougars, Marquis and my wifes latest purchase of a 2010 Mariner Premier which we picked over the Escape because we thought it had a more refined exterior trim and the availability of the Alcantara seat inserts. We think the Mariner is a comfortable littlle ute and my wife really likes the rear view camera with the rear sensors along with the good power and decent fuel economy. Others must agree as I notice the Mariner continues to increase sales at what must be a realtively small incremental cost to Ford.
My Ford saga would not be complete without the mention of my purchase of another Ford orphan, the Merkur. We had a '86 XR4Ti and an '89 Scorpio which were not the most well built vehicles but were the most comfortable and had the best seats with the most efficient use of space of any car we ever had. These were close in size to todays "C "segment vehicles and it be interesting to see what Lincoln's approach will be when they enter this segment.
Management made the decision to starve and drop the Mercury product line. I sure hope you know what your doing and give us better future choices than the current "me to" Lincoln MKS/Taurus which in my opinion are 500lbs overwieght with lousy visabilty. The 500/Montego were far better "overall "packages" than any of Ford's current offerings.
I feel better now.
Jaydon 06/03/2010
All of you have a great piont. We currently own a 2009 Mercury Mariner, and it is a wonderful car in my opinion. Ford deffinately could have made mercury a so much greater car because if you want something a nicer than a ford, but not as expensive as a lincooln, mercury is your car!
jay a. hawkins 06/03/2010
To bad, a sad day for Mercury, it died a death because of bean counters. If you only offer two cars, and two SUV's, the result is low sales. "You can't sell from an empty wagon" And that's what ford did, It shot itself in the foot by not having more product to sell. Ford is now more like GM, thanks to the Bean counters! : (
Marty 06/02/2010
Note Mark Fields keeps a straight face and talks for 6 minutes and doesn't mention Mercury outsold Lincoln by 10k vehicles for 2009. Milan sales increased dramatically. Navigator sales are so poor compared to Cadillac Escalade it should be discontinued before the Mercury lineup.
See for the sales figures. Ford sales should be better as there are more vehicles in the line up all of which are completely new or have been dramatically revised. Sales for the 2008/2009 Sable was so poor because it received no marketing that I ever saw. When the Montego was introduced for 2005 there was some TV and print marketing so as poorly as it sold it was better than the Sable. Nobody knew it existed unless they bumped into one while wondering on a Mercury sales lot. It's is such a shame as it was a fantastic ride. I drove a rental hundreds of miles. February 2010 it was announced a Mercury companion to the 2012 Focus would be built and maybe named the Tracer. Was that a cruel joke? Is this just a bad dream? This whole thing is completely unnecessary if given some marketing and new vehicles.
Bill Ford should be ashamed as his grandfather, Edsel Ford was "father" of the Mercury introduced in 1938 as a 1939 model. This is a sad day for the company and completely unnecessary.
Laz 06/02/2010
This annoucement makes want to go trade in my Milan for a camaro, i stood by ford for not taking goverment loans but if it would have meant Mercury survives by all means take my tax money and make a cougar.
What ford has done to the Mercury brand is a travesty. What happen to company heritage? to Loyalty? i have been loyal to Mercury for 15 years owning 3 cougars, a Mariner and a Milan. what happens to me? roll over into a Ford Fusion, well no thanks there is nothing unique about a Fusion, it will never have the style and elegance a Milan has. Ford is never going to take Mercury's place and what you are doing to Lincoln is just turning into the new Mercury.

I know i am just one person and me buying a chevy is not really going to make a difference but you basically told gave all your Mercury loyalist the big middle finger today.
edvard 06/02/2010
The announcement makes me a little sad ( I own a 55' Mercury Monterey) but I think this was a good decision. Mercury has been neglected for decades and to an extent Lincoln as well. Mercury was simply re-badged to death and nobody was fooled that what Mercury offered were very thinly veiled Fords with different trim.

That said... You all have GOT to do something different with Lincoln. I realize your statements indicate a sort of revival of the brand but make no mistake- taking Ford Fusions and slapping Lincoln badges on them will never get you the sort of respect needed from the types of people who buy Lexus, Cadillac, or even BMW vehicles. You need to concentrate on producing entirely dedicated platforms and models exclusive to Lincoln. Lincoln made a pretty sophisticated car back in the 50's and 60's. But that level of attention the brand has been lacking forever.

I would love to see a totally reinvigorated Lincoln lineup. Personally I'd trash every single current Lincoln model as soon as a dedicated lineup is produced. I say this because I don't think Cadillac is really hitting the mark yet. I live out in Silicon Valley and trust me- new Cadillac do not sell very well at all compared to Audi, Lexus, BMW, and Mercedes. So while you mentioned you want to compete with Cadillac, I think the bar needs to be raised a lot higher then that.

I look forward to see what you guys come up with. You did a great job with your new small car lineup. Put that effort to work for Lincoln and do us all proud.
Al 06/02/2010
Mercury lost its edge way back in the late 70's. I think it makes perfect sense from a "keep Ford in perfect shape" to pitch the Merc brand. It will be nice to see combo Ford/Lincoln dealers around town.
Jason 06/02/2010
I know what to look for. I am a car guy from way back.

I just went to the online configurators for Ford Taurus and Lincoln MKS. The MKS prices out at about $9k more with similar options. The only difference that I can see aside from alternate sheetmetal, grill, and lights are auto-dimming mirror, perhaps nicer seats, maybe a few other odds and ends; but not $9k worth. The engines are the same, except the Taurus is tuned for more power; the platforms are the same; most of the interior features are identical; it's mostly the same car.

If the different sheetmetal, head lamps and tail lamps are worth $9k, well go for it. The MKS does look better in my opinion, but Lincoln needs something unique, a unique platform at least for their flagship. If I was buying now, I'd save $9k and get the SHO.
Steven 06/02/2010
I agree Lincoln and Mercury are off shoots of Ford. Ford owns them. Their vehicles just cost more the Lincoln MKX looks like a Ford Edge and the Mercury Mountaineer and Mariner look the the Explorer and Escape from Ford. But I'd like to know Ford and Lincoln's plans on their new line. Is Lincoln just going to take over the Mercury vehicles and just change their name?
Matt Bowker 06/02/2010
As with any decision of this magnitude I'm sure that Ford will take some heat over this. But really, the entire Mercury lineup is just a Ford with prettier trim. It's a brand that's been in search of a market for a long time, and I applaud Ford for recognizing this and making the right decision to move the company forward.

While the other two American car makers have managed to keep around more of their brands, Ford is the only one of the three that didn't take any government money to stay afloat. In 2009 all their hard work paid off and they returned to profitability. Ending Mercury production will allow them to continue that trend and I predict they will become the #1 brand in America within just a few years with the global title to follow.
Scott 06/02/2010
Its sad that you neglected the brand for so long, and now you are killing it. Nothing wrong with the brand, GM kept Buick and you could have kept Mercury. Just poor management of the company overall.
Francie 06/02/2010
Dang! I hate to see the Mercury Brand go away. I am a big fan of the Marauder. We're a three Ford family: two Mustangs and an F250.
Chris 06/02/2010
Mercury has been a falling brand for some time now. As for Lincoln being a rebadged Ford you are wrong. Lincoln has different body lines, better interior, different motor specification, different exhaust notes, and sometimes more power.

If you don't want a lincoln it's because you don't know what to look for. The MKS is american luxury. It isn't supposed to be fast or anything like the SHO. It is just a nice car.
Justin 06/02/2010
Mercury sales suffered because you never invested in Mercury! I have a Mercury Milan which is a fantastic car. I bought it because the Fusion isn’t luxurious and I don’t like the styling of Lincoln's. I am deeply disappointed in this decision and my Milan will probably be my last FoMoCo vehicle.
Jason 06/02/2010
I like the idea of re-focusing on Lincoln. I want to like Lincoln right now, but frankly they're all rebadged Fords that cost more money (why by the MKS when I can get a Taurus SHO for $10k less which is basically the same car). You need unique premium features, platforms, and engines. At leasts some. Especially if you are going to compete with Lexus and Cadillac as stated.

I am a long-term, die-hard Ford F150 guy. But my wife drives a Lexus. Make us want a Lincoln, please.
Anthony Guidetti 06/02/2010
You can't tell me that you couldn't add more Mercury cars to appeal to more people like you did with Ford and Lincoln. I feel as if you didn't even try to make Mercury a better brand.
Ford Expands Lincoln Lineup; Mercury Production Ends in Fourth Quarter of 2010

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