Ford C-MAX; Coming to America!

By Ford Social Member

For all of you who commented last week on the article, "First Look at the All-new Ford C-MAX," here's the announcement you've been waiting for: The Ford C-Max is coming to North America!

The all-new 7-seat Ford C-MAX debuted today at the 2009 Frankfurt Motor Show, and it will arrive in North America beginning late 2011. The new C-MAX brings kinetic design language to the compact segment, combining bold styling and versatile, spacious 7-seat layout.

The C-MAX is the first of a new generation of global C-segment cars scheduled for introduction by Ford over the next several years. This series of new models will include the all-new, next-generation Ford Focus sedan and five-door hatchback models, scheduled to launch late in calendar year 2010 in the United States.

According to Ford analysts, small cars in the B- and C-segments accounted for less than 15 percent of the U.S. market in 2004. In year-to-date sales through August 2009 however, the small car segment has reached nearly 22 percent of total industry sales, and further gains are expected.

Ford's new C-vehicle family is the result of an unprecedented global development program that will deliver for customers an array of available advanced technologies aimed at enhancing their convenience, comfort, safety and overall driving experience.

"Consumers are seeking uncompromised vehicles offering value for the money, and C-MAX squarely hits those targets," said Derrick Kuzak, group vice president, Ford Global Product Development. "The Focus C-MAX will be great to look at, great to sit in and great to drive, bringing Ford DNA to a new market segment in the form of an aspirational, fuel-efficient people carrier."

Exterior design elevates segment

The new Ford Focus C-MAX demonstrates that compact, 7-seat vehicles can be stylish and desirable while still delivering outstanding space and functionality.

Bold exterior and interior designs have been created using the latest evolution of Ford's kinetic design form language, building on the themes established in recent product introductions like the hugely successful European-developed Fiesta, Kuga and Mondeo ranges.

Kinetic design elements applied to the new C-MAX include the dynamic, rising beltline, full sculpted surfaces, bold wheel lips, strong athletic shoulders supported by a prominent undercut line and the distinctive kick-up of the window graphic at the C-pillar.

Offering seating for up to seven, the C-MAX destined for North America features a high roofline and thin pillars to emphasize the generous room and visibility in the cabin. Twin sliding doors are neatly integrated, with the rail concealed by the undercut line on the shoulder of the vehicle.

Stylish, modern interior

The new C-MAX interior mirrors the dynamic and modern character of the exterior, complete with muscular, expressive shapes and bold graphics.

Key design features include the taut, wing-like form of the upper instrument panel, which reaches out to the sides of the interior. A dramatic sweeping form connects the instrument panel with the center console.

The cockpit provides a commanding, raised driving position with high-mounted shifter and center console inspired by the acclaimed layout in the new Fiesta. Carefully designed storage areas are located throughout the cabin, including generous door pockets, a large glove box and additional compartments and cup holders in the center console.

Ingenious 7-seat layout

To maximize the versatility of the 7-seat layout, Ford engineers developed a new seat-folding mechanism for the three second-row seats. This mechanism allows the center seat to fold quickly and easily under one of the two outboard seats, creating a handy walk-through space between them.

This walk-through space allows passengers to access the third row without having to disturb the two outer seats, which is particularly helpful when those positions are occupied by child safety seats. Owners have the option of using the convenient 2+2+2 seating layout or switching to a full 7-seater when required.

The second- and third-row seats also have been cleverly engineered so they can be folded to create a flat load floor, regardless of how many seats remain in use. All of the folding mechanisms are designed so they operate with just one hand.

Ford EcoBoostTM advanced powertrains

In many markets, the new C-car family will be offered with versions of Ford's new EcoBoostTM engines. EcoBoost combines direct petrol injection, turbocharging and dual variable valve timing to maximize efficiency, resulting in fuel consumption and CO2 emissions reduced by up to 20 percent compared with conventional gasoline engines with a similar power output.

The initial Ford EcoBoost four-cylinder lineup will comprise 1.6-liter and 2.0-liter engines. The engines will be available globally, with versions launching in Europe and North America in 2010, and the first rear-wheel-drive application in the Ford Falcon in Australia in 2011. By 2013, nearly 80 percent of Ford global nameplates will have an available EcoBoost option.

Read the story, "More Ford C-MAX Hybrid Details Revealed!" for newer information about the Ford C-MAX Hybrid and C-MAX Energi plug-in hybrid.
Robert T 05/17/2012
Ford is not listening to there costumers everyone wants the Grand C max not your E-cars which are stupid. Almost every comment on ford social says the same thing 5 passenger Cmax is stupid Give us the 7 passenger.
Daniel 12/10/2011
Have had 4 Ford mini vans. Latest a 2007 Freestar. I am waiting impatiently for the C Max-Dan
\"Verna newcomb 10/27/2011
Where and when can we see and drive this vehicle? I am looking at the new Toyota Prius V but would rather buy a Ford... Verna
Brad Barefoot 10/12/2011
I know since this article was written the Grand C-Max was dropped from the lineup for 2012. But think about this, Chrysler/Fiat has began plans to cease production of the Dodge Caravan ..... that's a mighty big hole to fill. You have the right vehicle just waiting in the wings to replace this segment the Grand C-Max with or without ecoboost.
Harold Bernard 09/26/2011
let us know when we can see and or purchased. why the big secret on the time?
Dan 09/15/2011
I want this when can I get it!
George 08/31/2011
These are good stories Ford, but are you also listening to the request for a Diesel "story" in the US/Canada market? Or is ford an Euro company I wonder? Like my 4 year would say "please, please, please!"
sophie 08/08/2011
Why do the europeans get the best of everything; deisel & manual transmission? this is a great car that exists!! just sell it to us as well!!
Greg Stanforth 06/22/2011
I am a 2011 Fiesta owner and I love it. I also love my 2005 Focus Wagon. Why did you stop making them? My salesman practically begged me to trade it in because of the resale value and demand. On page 16 of "My Ford" you mention a "Focus Wagon" with photo on the sidebar. And I agree with Paul that a diesel like the European Fords have would be great.
John 02/15/2011
C-Max looks like a great option. I would love to see mileage specs, and although I may be dreaming, euro diesel would be nice too.
Paul Moghtader 01/12/2011
I would walk to the closest ford dealer if you bring over one with a diesel version with a manual
hiya 01/10/2011
i would buy this in an instant with the 2.0 eco boost & manual transmission option..
Vinay 01/07/2011
I have seen 2012 Focus advertisement on Ford website, not the 2012 C Max yet. When will this arrive in the US market. Based on the initial specs I would prefer C Max over 2012 Mazda 5. I need to buy small 7 seater late 2012.
Ann 01/06/2011
I want a car that can seat more than two children, but am put off by how huge other minivans are. I can\\'t wait to look at this car. If it came in AWD, I\\'d be at the dealer the first day they come out with a check in hand.
Becki 01/05/2011
I agree, there should be a manual for the 7 passenger. And it wouldn't hurt for a diesel either.
Tim Hartman 12/31/2010
Sure, this looks great. Ford needs to remember, though, that there are tens if not hundreds of thousands of Windstar owners driving cheap rentals waiting for the day we can fit our families in one car again. May be a good time to offer a VERY good deal on C-MAX to beleaguered Windstar recallees.
HNMarshall 12/28/2010
I have never been a huge fan of Ford cars, but saw the c-max on the news and absolutely fell in love with it. Can't wait to see it in person and see what the rice is going to be!
chunsy 12/28/2010
I hope this comes out soon. I was looking at crossovers but would love to buy a micro-van instead. I live in the city and the current minivans are so large that its hard to drive and park in the city.
Girolamo 12/25/2010
omg i saw the c-max on the news the other day and i fell in love with it, and im 22, it has that young and cool look to it, i would drive it anyday, cant wait till its here in america, thats my next car and im saveing for it
Ousdoorsy mom 12/24/2010
Starting to car shop to replace my Honda Element and wanting an upgrade but not something as large as a regular minivan. Came across C-Max information when searching for a small minivan - this is exactly want I want and need - but can I want until late 2011? Push up the launch - I want this vehicle NOW!
Kord Jacobs 12/18/2010
I was excited to see this, as when I visited the LA auto show, I didn't see anything in this class--I was so disappointed to see that they'd changed the configuration of the rear tail lights from the original style (similar to Volvo?) --but I'd probably still consider one when it's sold in the US
Jason 12/15/2010
The C-Max looks like the right car at the right time for the US. My family is very interested in the C-Max and can't wait until it's available in the states next year! I have a Fusion and it is really a great car. Fords have come a long way in the last few years and continue to impress me. Please bring the C-Max as soon as you can Ford!
Howard 12/12/2010
please, Please, bring the c max grand with the diesel, I have a f350, VW Passat,&bettle. Would lik to get a cmax now
Bernrad 11/07/2010
If it seats 6 has a real standard transmission with a clutch pedal and diesel then will put it at the top of my shopping list. Right now the Mazda5 has the stick but only gas engine and way too small luggage space. Really though, a proper standard transmission will be great.
Peter Erb 11/04/2010
BRING THE EUROPEAN DIESEL TO THE US!!! I want it and I cannot be alone.
robert 10/18/2010
Because Ford finds it more important to give it to Europe first (Spain,France,Even Russia)and not the US. Had to buy a MAZDA5 thank god it has Ford quality and it's built on the same plaform but i really wanted to buy the Ford. Now I tell People that I bought Americanish
PS I like Ford's and Mazda hopefully Mazda and Ford will never split. Sorry to See VOLVO go.
walter 10/15/2010
I agree with all you said. It's time for the consumer to take a stand.
walter 10/15/2010
Why is the C-MAX not listed in the "future vehicles" section of the web site?
Kurt 10/10/2010
Just to add another voice, please please please make the manual in the 7 seat version! I know a good number of people for which the manual transmission is a deal breaker, without a manual I will be forced to buy the Mazda 5 (as it is offered in the USA with a manual).
acd 10/09/2010
Wow!!! I'm crying now cause I just bought a car...should have waited. This car looks great: "HAVE YOU DRIVEN A FORD LATELY"
Troy 10/07/2010
Please let us have the 6-speed manual on the 7 passenger in the US. There are still some of us that actually llike to shift and use a third pedal. Yes even in traffic. And before you think Power shif D-C, NO -it is not a replacement. The fact I have kids should not prevent me the joy of driving them places.
Robert 09/27/2010
Sure like to now whats the hold up the rondo is gone and Mazda has a redesign fro 2011 for it corporate twin. the time is now but for some reason Spain gets it first. thats right ford a US car company has once again give Europe the better cars first again and again and again. Im the first person on this blog and im sick of and no one has ever replied to me. if the general population knew of what you offered in the UK it would make them turn a noise to you
Jeff 09/24/2010
Could we get an update on the Grand C-max... Will it be at the North American Auto Shows in early 2011? Specifically Chicago?
David 07/05/2010
I agree 100%, give me a turbo diesel I can run on biodiesel like in Europe. Show some leadership Ford! Henry had it right when he made his cars run on ethanol. We must declare energy independence from OPEC and fossil fuels. A plug in hybrid even better... powered by a small turbo diesel that can run on B100 with a tank/line heater. Have some vision Ford USA. With Toyota's fall you have a one in a lifetime opportunity. You must innovate at light speed and become the standard instead of play catch up.
daniel 06/22/2010
I think the main reason Europe specs are different, because the USA market won't spend close to $30K on a Focus/C-Max loaded up with all the European options, so we'll always get the dumbed-down versions in the USA of small cars (including the Fiesta). The USA consumer will always go for the bigger car with less options instead of a more expensive smaller car with more options.

The reason? One is because in Europe the gas is really expensive and insurance is based on engine size, so there's more incentive to buy a smaller car. Plus European roads are designed for more small cars.

So there's a market for small cars with lots of premium options. In the USA, people willing to spend more want a larger car. can get a decent full size minivan for $29K, so who would buy a Grand C-Max for $29K, which is what it would cost with all the options in the European spec version. The typical USA consumer won't spend that much.

Of course those reading this blog aren't the "average" consumer.
Tiffany 04/14/2010
I love the car- as the parent of only 1 child, I don't want or need one of those gigantic minivans (which aren't mini at all). We have 2 sedans right now, but we've been looking at the Mazda. This, however, is what I really want. What I don't understand is why I have wait a whole extra year to buy this here vs Europe. "Late 2011" really means 2012- why do I have to wait 2 years for a car that will be in Europe this year? And "North American specifications" is way too general a reason. I thought the idea of One Ford was to have global release- it's not global if I have to wait 2 extra years for a car...
Ed 04/06/2010
I'm with you. World design is great. Ford's American boxes on wheels were always a head scratcher when the Europeans were driving vehicles that were sleek and interesting. So, by all means, give us Euro kinetic, higher fuel standards and better fit and finish.
Which means, no 3rd world manufacturing. I've been there before. Have no desire to return. Plus, thanks but no thanks to sending an American job across the border. That's a deal breaker for this family.
Vicki 02/15/2010
Discontinuing the Focus Wagon was one of the worst mistakes you have made. I have a Ford Escort Wagon - 1995 with 180,000 miles on it, it is the best car I have ever owned. I couldn't even do the cash for clunkers, it gets to good of gas mileage. This is a 1995 car - and this is 2010. Where did you put the technology for gas efficency all of these years. Escort sold wonderfully for you, Focus does and the Focus wagon would have and did. That was to be my next car. I can't even find a USED Focus Wagon, they are off the lot as soon as they are brought in, Think more carefully when you decide to discontinue a model it costs you money if the wrong one is gotten rid customers WILL go elsewhere. My car is on its last leg, doesn't look to be able to make it through even 2010 so for mileage I need to go elsewhere. Also what is the deal that the Europeans get your new Fords before the USA by 1 - 2 years
Mark Schirmer 02/01/2010
Good question about the manual -- I do not know the supplier at this point, but I suspect it will be similar to the European supplier. In North America, you know, the take rate on manuals is so low it is a tough proposition. We are putting significant investment into automatic gearboxes, going to six-speed, dual clutch, dry systems. They can actually get better mileage than the manuals. (Although for some of us, admittedly, not as fun). But we do offer PowerShift, so you can choose your gear. Only two pedals, though! Sorry.

Mark Schirmer
Ford Communications
Mark Schirmer 02/01/2010
We have not confirmed fuel economy for the C-MAX yet, as the development team has not completed their work yet. The vehicle will launch in 2011 -- so we are well more than a year away. Once the development finishes their North America development, we will share. But I can say the number will be good -- fuel economy will be a reason to buy this vehicle, one reason at least.

Mark Schirmer
Ford Communications
Stephen Dula 01/31/2010
I seen pics of the interior of the European one and it has the manual gearshifter like in the Mondeo/Contour with the clip you have to pull UP to put it in Reverse. This is a cool design and it looks very european it was also used in the Focus 2008 and back. Will the American C-Max have that shift knob like the european one, or will ford put a plain, boring ,peice of rubbered plastic as the shift knob? Or will Ford even make this in a manual for USA? I think it will make it look more apealing and PEOPLE IN THE US STILL LIKE MANUALS!
LS 01/14/2010
It seems to me that the "NEW" C-Max is just a Mazda 5. For years I have been asking Ford at the auto shows why they dont use the more fuel efficient engines available in Europe on the same models available in the US. No reply. Ford needs to step up and provide the REALLY fuel efficient diesel engines it uses in Europe..otherwise Ford will fade.
Mark Hahn 11/10/2009
So my cousins lived in europe and they had a friend who drove a C-max and ever since I heard about it i wanted one because it sounds super fun, sporty and also a people mover!!!!!!! what else do you need!??!?!?
Paul 10/23/2009
The CMax looks great, but Ford needs to market the new Taurus more! I drove one, and it is awesome!
tom carney 10/23/2009
Now that it looks like a car people want, we should surprise everyone with a prise we can afford!
Don Werner 10/23/2009
I find it kind of comical that you show a picture of the C-Max vehicle, then you go into a lot of detail describing the exterior styling aspects. We can see what it looks like, you don't have to tell us what we're looking at. The comments about some of the functional aspects of the interior hardware is much more appropriate.
B. Patel 10/19/2009
Does any one knows about fuel economy for C-Max which will be sold in USA? How many miles/ gallon or km/ liter?
Todd 10/12/2009
Where will the C-Max be built in North America?
Continental Mark III 10/11/2009
Great point, Mark. I would much rather Ford keep the model line simple and economical so it does not become unwieldy to sustain. However, the enthusiast in me would love to see a Ford Focus RS type niche vehicle in the line up from time to time. Maybe the market can sustain that type of vehicle at a higher margin than the mainstream ones. Here's hoping ;-)
Jerry Evans 09/30/2009
I have own fords just about all my life (ok 1 time i brought a chevrolet)boy what a mistake,I have a ford truck (200 model)F150 and my wife has a tarus a 1994,we enjoy both of them and one day (when one of them wear out)we will buy another ford! I sure would like to try out one of these new c-max.did I ever mention i belong to the ford advisery board in the early 60's
Nathan 09/30/2009
I drivea 200 9 Ford Focus in Australia with European style, 2.0 litre turbo diesel and Powershift 6 speed auto and the car is brilliant and delightful. I get 5.8 litres/100 km of fuel economy and the car is zippy around town and with plenty of torque - 320Nm to overtake and cruise along freeways an dcountry roads. It is not a smelly diesel, complies to Euro 4 emissions. So aren't you guys jealous, the rest of the world already has what you can only dream of!
Tom Brennan 09/29/2009
I await the new small Fords but let me tell you something, if you build them in Mexico rather than a high wage country like the US, or Canada I'm not buying.

Since 1994 I've bought new 2 F-150s, 2 Crown Vics, 2 Focii and the Edge I drive now and I liked all of them. If anyone is your market I am. But I will not buy a Ford made in Mexico.
ED 09/28/2009
Job Well Done "FORD"!! You definitely have a winner with the C-Max!
FLOYD R. BATEMAN 09/26/2009
Andrea Hana 09/25/2009
Andrea Hana 09/25/2009
You talk about getting smaller European style cars to the US, like the Fiesta, etc. What kind of engine are they going to have? When you brought the Transit, you put a 2 litre gasoline engine in them and not the more fuel efficient 1.8 TDDI like they have in Europe. Are we going to get the same bull? That's the reason that you were retooling your factories? We need more fuel efficient cars, not gas-sucking wanna-be's! How about more hybrids? Electric cars? Diesel engine models? Those are great for alternative renewable fuels and go more miles to the gallon. They are making diesel from recycled plastics now. Give us more efficiency.
Mark Schirmer 09/25/2009
I work at Ford and I can tell you we've not confirmed any plans for the two-row, five-seat C-MAX. As we plan on launching a sedan and a five-door model of the next-gen Focus, a Focus three-row model complements those two very well. I guess you have to ask -- how many Focus models do you want?

Mark Schirmer
Ford Motor Company
Joe 09/25/2009
Why isn't the 5 seater C-Max coming to the US?
Joe 09/25/2009
Welcome back to this planet CHRISTINE. During your absence, you missed the fact that Ford has improved quality to be as good as Toyota and Honda and better than Subaru. I suggest you do some research before spewing more outdated information.
Mark Schirmer 09/25/2009
Ronald -- Plenty of reason why the N.A. team does not use all of the existing European Ford models. And sure the reasons are easy to second guess, but that is all history now. And yes, the smaller cars get better mileage, but the U.S.-developed vehicles do well on their own, leaders in many ways. Whatever the case: You are dead right and we are moving forward with launching more global (ie, European-created) products around the world. Look for the Ford Fiesta to launch in N.A. in the first half of 2010 and we launch the new global Focus in the end of 2010. And then comes the Focus C-MAX in 2011. And more after that.

Thanks for the interest.

Mark Schirmer
Ford Motor Company
Ronald P.Smits 09/24/2009
Please explain to me why Ford in America, at this moment, does not use all of the existing European Ford models which are more fuel economical than their American counterparts. Why bother making different cars with enormous engines for North America. Please introduce the little Ford cars together with the small engines in America (Ka, Fiesta and Focus, etc.) as it will be more economical for Ford to produce more of the same models everywhere. Why bother having a Fusion in America because you already ha a Focus sedan in Europe.

Awaiting your reaction,

Kind regards,

Ford enthousiast, Ronald Smits
We drive a Ford Orion and a Ford Galaxy
bob 09/24/2009
Americans don't want smelly diesel engines that use a fuel that usually costs more than gas. Unfortunately, I've driven diesel engine cars (mercedes, citroen, renault) in France on vacation, and I know how terrific they are. My next car will have a turbo diesel engine. If Ford would offer a car with European styling and a turbo diesel engine, I'd seriously consider that, but I doubt that will ever happen. If Ford had had its Ford Fiesta turbo diesel car on the market a year ago, it would have cleaned up, and Prius would not have the status it currently has. (Ford: pull your head out of the sand... gas prices will go up again.)
Wm Maine 09/23/2009
Mr. Edwards: I should have read your post first. This American wholeheartedly agrees. It's time we stop the craze in gasoline refinement and get in step with the rest of the world and tool up for manufacturing diesel engines.
Wm Maine 09/23/2009
What has Ford got against putting diesel engines in their compact, mid-sized and SUV vehicles? All of Europe can't be wrong in their choice of running their consumer grade vehicles on ULSD.
Bill Davidson 09/23/2009
Finally, a design with features that should take Ford into the future with products that will
command the attention of those interested in a modern vehicle, with modern features.
CHRISTINE 09/22/2009
I am not so sure this is going to be a good idea.
How will this car compare with the subaru outback? or the Toyota Venza? I know ford has been known to not be... as dependable as those makes. We don't really have the Cash For Clunkers Program anymore... I think this line will not be productive.
Rodg 09/20/2009
Sure wish it came with a nice little diesel in the sates. I'm sure it does in Europe.
Fabian Smolne 09/20/2009
hallo, der ford grand c-max wird auf der IAA in frankfurt am main ausgestellt und ich kann nur sagen: HAMMMMMER
ich war selbst da und habe ihn mir angeschaut!!
keith edwards 09/18/2009
It's about time. What takes you Americans so long to do the obvious.
While you are at it, get the EPA to allow European 65 mpg diesels to go into the
European cars.
Paul Crotty 09/18/2009
What about bringing the diesel to the US like Audi & VW are doing?
DaveA 09/17/2009
I was a mini-van person back in the 80's & early 90's (Eddie Bower - Aerostars) but as my family grew and departed I moved on as most do. I returned from So-Cal to Michigan this summer for a family visit and while there my Hertz rental was a surprise, a Mazda 5. I have to tell you that I really enjoyed being exposed to this vehicle, even my wife and friends found it to be VERY "user friendly". Even though I'm soon to be 61 yrs. I will strongly consider making the new C-Max my daily driver based on this experience. By the way my wife, who currently is driving a 2005 Navigator, will be moving onto a new MKT soon...Life is good with FORD and I couldn't be happier with their current and impending success. Now all we need is to get the dealership's customer service levels equal to the product...Thank You to the Folks from Dearborn!
CarlW 09/16/2009
Thanks for the follow Mark, just have to keep ypu Ford people on your toes. The "One Ford" philosphy is a great goal, but will not truly be "One Ford" until the press releases don't have to be reigon specific. I understand some style differences have to happen because of the Safety requirements etc, but when it comes to expected features I believe there is common ground around the world with auto consumers. BTW, congrats to Martin Smith and his team for another great new Ford car "kenetic 2". Now bring on the MKIII Focus!!
Mark 09/16/2009
If resent trends are anything to go by, those features will be offered in the States as well. Park Assist is offered in the 2010 Mercury Mariner as an option on the Limited trim. BLISS is already offered on up level 2010 Fusions and Milans. Ford will make these features available because the broader the base of models they are installed on, the cheaper they are overall.

Incidentally, the PowerShift six-speed dual-clutch will become ubiquitous. Because this transmission has no torque converter, it is lighter than a conventional automatic, has competitive cost, and potentially better efficiency.
Mark Schirmer 09/16/2009
CarlW -- we have not determined full spec of US model yet, but certainly those technologies will be available for us to take. The vehicle that ends up in N.A. will be very consistent with the Euro model -- truly "One Ford". Can't wait to get it on the road.

Mark Schirmer
Ford Motor Company
CarlW 09/16/2009
the Ford media release information differences between the Europe Grand C-Max and North America Grand C-Max makes one think the North American version will not be as feature laden as the rest of worlds. EG: in the N.A. release no mention of semi-automatic parallel parking, blind spot detection and power operation for the rear tailgate , central control area builds on the much acclaimed layout in the new Fiesta, with lower series models using the same ergonomic control design, while high series vehicles use next generation Sony head units with a gloss black finish,
PowerShift six-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission,, seat belt warning lights for rear seat passengers, power activated child locks.
What's up with that. Is it because the North American C-Max will be much changed for North American market? Or just not as "Premium" as the European C-Max.
Ruben 09/16/2009
I am owner the one C-Max in Europe, is fantastic and good quality, the new FORD C-MAX is more better, is my next car.
Michael MacSems 09/15/2009
This is good news indeed. This seems like it would be perfect for my family. Prior to the C-MAX the closest thing would have been the Mazda 5. I also guess this means that the Focus wagon won't be coming back any time soon -- which is too bad.
Brian 09/15/2009
Looks pretty good, I think it will sell well. I hope it won't get neglected like the old Taurus did.
And please no stow and go like Chrysler, the van was so uncomfortable I bought a Honda.
John 09/15/2009
Another winner for Ford. The folding center seat is ingenious and will prove to be a strong selling point. Is it any wonder people LOVEfords?
robert torreyson 09/15/2009
please can i test a Cmax now I aways wanted one and right now all we got is a kia rondo and a mazda 5. if I half to Im getting the mazda 5 because the is some ford in it but i rather have the fords .
Ford C-MAX; Coming to America!
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