Carl Edwards Names the Winner of the Share Your Ford Idea Contest

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When Carl Edwards earns trophies in race after race, it's always him behind the wheel. But he'll be the first to tell you that those victories require a lot of teamwork by his pit crew, his engineers and many others.

We at Ford also believe in the power of teamwork – which is why we asked Carl to approach Ford Racing fans with an important request: Tell us how to make Ford cars and trucks even better. Who better to give us great ideas than you, the passionate experts in the larger Ford community?

You didn't let us down. "We asked for your ideas," Carl says, "and man, we received a lot of them."

In the video above, Carl reveals the winning idea, which was sent in by Gary G. In his submission, Gary proposed an ingenious way to combine the looks and body of a vintage Ford classic with the high-powered guts of a current Ford model. Watch Carl's video to hear more about Gary's great idea. "I'd love to drive that car," says Carl.

"As a loyal Ford fan, you've been a really important part of Ford's past," Carl tells Gary in the video, "... and you've given our engineering team an inspiration, something to work on. And that makes you an active part of Ford's future, too."

Take a victory lap, Gary.

It's not too late to submit your own Ford Idea:

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Herb Stuart 10/15/2010
I built my '68 Cougar with an all-aluminum '99 Cobra DOHC engine and complete electronic engine control. (See April 2010 Hot Rod Magazine, page 20) A friend and I have another '68 Cougar that would LOVE a new Coyote!
Tony Chastain 10/07/2010
Try something different, How about a 66'-67' Fairlane body? Stack the headlights like the Fairlanes did. You might be amazed how cool and simple it would be able to do. Use the Mustang platform. Imagine a car that would hold 4 people and your back in the 60's again, but with the new technologey
Sweet ,HUH?
Beanbag48162 10/02/2010
Gary G. Hot Rod did an article on that very same idea about 2 years ago. There was a 66-67 FB put on an 05 chassis I think. I know it was Yellow. I have a 71' Mach 1 trying too kept old school
Carl Edwards Names the Winner of the Share Your Ford Idea Contest

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