The Ford Story - Bill Ford

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Bill Ford, Executive Chairman of Ford Motor Company and great-grandson of founder Henry Ford, talks about his vision for the company: to have leading solutions to help people have better lives.
Doug Hageman 08/03/2009
Bill Ford is a rock star.
Through his foresight and determination the company bearing his name is metamorphosing into the finest mass producer of vehicles on the planet.

Thank heavens he took his role seriously for we'll never know for sure how many suppliers would have failed were it not for Ford.

How many total jobs has Bill Ford saved?
No one can calculate; but what a wonderful legacy.

I was never a "Ford Man" until I wound up putting a little under a quarter million miles on a used Taurus platform (Windstar) vehicle with very little trouble.

*Then* I began noticing Ford, reading various revues and chatting with a few friends that deal in used cars all of whom expressed their pleasure in dealing with even high mileage used Ford products as those vehicles didn't tend to cost them a lot to make ready for re-sale *and* the end user's seemed happy and willing to do repeat business with them.

Now after 30+ years of driving mostly European cars, and I had them all at one time or another finding some better than others and the price paid seemed to have little to do with the overall long-term quality; I find myself driving a Mercury and noticing the fit & finish is as good or better than any Euro-Car I ever encountered (save *maybe* for Alfa Romeo where fit and finish is legend, but even then not better than recent Ford product).

Certainly the incidence of, and cost of regular maintenance is SUBSTANTIALLY lower than any vehicle I can recall since my VW Beetle in the late 1960's; and the total execution of the Mercury product is second to none regardless of price.

I'm awestruck.

Best Regards Ford!
(Motor Co. & Bill)

-Doug Hageman
Marion, Connecticut
Ken G. Mugwe 06/23/2009
Congratulations Ford company,for your continued innovations on your many ford cars and other brands.I personally admire your brands but never have i been in a position to by myself one. What plans does the company have to market your latest Fords models in Africa especially eastern Africa.Am from Nairobi(KENYA).Can you give me(1) Ford Interceptor for promotional purposes as i drive around in the capital city of Nairobi and the surrounding towns?.Thanks, yours ford fan.Ken.
Ronald L. Lyons 06/18/2009
Congratulations to the Ford family. In day and age when so many family businesses are falling apart because of shortsighted quick turnaround thinking, from what I'm hearing Bill Ford say, Ford is the automotive name for the future.

An eighty mile per gallon auto that seats five comfortably is not only a fantastic concept but could be a reality. The need is apparent. Good luck to Ford on this one.

Sometimes it’s more than a matter of luck. From Henry Ford's determination to produce cars that people could afford to the current challenges of global competition, environmental factors and the potential for technology to keep us on the road, Ford has an opportunity to successfully continue its great legacy.
The Ford Story - Bill Ford

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