The Ford Story - Alan Mulally

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Alan Mulally, Ford Motor Company President and CEO, speaks to the future of Ford and the progress Ford has made on building the products that consumers demand.
Lincoln Vaz 12/23/2010
I agree with you completely Chi. The Ranger is the only compact pickup in the market. I hope that the Ranger gets the full redesign it deserves
Chi C. Wong 06/19/2009
I would like a small pickup truck in the size of a Ranger and no bigger - gas prices will rise and I need MPG. I want 6 speed fully manual transmission. I want a 4 cylinder turbo diesel engine. Can you offer a brand new Ranger with a crew cab option? I want it to be designed and manufactured in the USA - not Canada, not Mexico but USA. Nobody else dare to offer a true small pickup now. This is going to be a huge market gap - will Ford Motor Company fill this vital market gap? I am a 6 time Ford Motor Company new vehicle buyer.
The Ford Story - Alan Mulally

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