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In 2009 Ford executives were highly visible in social media. From Twitter Q&As to open discussions on Ford’s Facebook Wall to blogger meet ups to guest blog posts. In 2010 Ford is dedicated to continuing to engage with online influencers, and Ford fans using social media channels.

On January 11, global Ford executives from Alan Mulally on down will kick off Ford’s 2010 online activities at the North American International Auto Show with a full day of social media activity. We'll even conduct a live chat with Jim Farley, Ford Chief Marketing Officer, Brian Solis and Ann Handley of MarketingProfs right here (scroll to the bottom to participate in the chat).

Check out the day’s agenda to get involved in the conversation!

On Monday, January 11 get up-close and personal with Ford executives online!

10:45 a.m.

TALK TO…     Mark Fields (President of the Americas).  Live Twitter chat via @Ford!

11:00 a.m.

TALK TO…     Mark Fields (President of the Americas).  Live Facebook discussion on Ford Motor Company’s Facebook wall!

TALK TO…     Jim Farley (CMO). Live Chat with Brian Solis and Ann Handley of MarketingProfs on

11:45 a.m.

TALK TO…     Martin Smith (Executive Director of Design – Europe).  Live Facebook discussion on Ford Motor Company’s Facebook wall!

1:30 p.m.

TALK TO…     Derrick Kuzak (VP of Global Product Development).  Live Twitter chat via @Ford!


TALK TO…     Chantel Leonard (Marketing Manager, Small Cars - Fiesta).  Live Facebook discussion on Ford Motor Company’s Facebook wall!


TALK TO…     Moray Callum (Executive Director of Design).  Live Twitter chat via @Ford!


TALK TO…     Stephanie Janczak (Manager Advanced Safety and Rulemaking).  Live Facebook discussion on Ford Motor Company’s Facebook wall!


TALK TO…     Ed DeSmet (Body Engineering Global Seatbelt Technical Specialist). BlogTalkRadio show with Katja Presnal of, and Beth Feldman of Role Mommy Network

5:15 p.m.

TALK TO…     Srini Sundararajan (Safety Technical Leader for Ford Research & Advanced Engineering). Live Twitter chat via @Ford!

The week of January 11, remember to watch for:
Live Chat with Jim Farley, Ford Group VP of Marketing
George Piciullo 04/04/2010
In 1976 chrysler produced the labaroon with a 4cy engine and standared shift with over drive ,this car got 47 miles to one gal of regular gass. Why dont you produce these kind of vehicles.
J. McLeod 04/02/2010
Sure wish someone would put to rest all the rumors about the F100. Had Fords for a lot of years and for some dumb reason tried a Dodge. That would be one and done there. Getting to be about that time to start looking again and was thinking midsize. A mid size Ford would be great if its actually coming.
Piers Ady 03/19/2010
I agree. Those of us who need AWD would like to get 30+ mpg on the higway. My 4x4 Ranger gets about 17. I commute about 40 miles a day. Once gas goes back over $3.00 per gallon I will be spending most of my weekly budget on fuel. Mazda Protoge once offered AWD. The Volvo V50 still does. Both the vehicles had the same architecture as the Focus. There are many car makers who offer small AWD or 4x4 vehicles, and seem to be selling them. I'd love to see something from Ford go head to head with the Outback, Matrix or the new Mini Clubman.

I have another fantasy. Reintroduce the Bronco in a size slightly smaller than the original. A size comperable to a CJ2. Complete with removeable half cab or full cab tops. Maybe 4 door or pick-up versions, as well. You would have young men, and the growing population of retirees flocking to your showrooms. A large direct injection 4 cylinder would provide sufficient power and great economy. Rural America would embrace this. Wranglers are still popular, even in urban areas. The original Bronco and Scout still have a dedicated following. I'd be there.

Thanks for listening, Piers
Matt Arntson 03/12/2010
I believe this to be an unwise option from both a cost and depreciation standpoint. Engineering a trouble-free automatic vehicle hood would be too expensive for the vast majority of vehicle consumers. It is a convenient thought but weighed against necessity and cost, this idea, in my opinion, will not be produced.
jose gallegos 03/04/2010
i bin usin ford for 28 year and i love naw is veter mor power man i love
c d crook 03/04/2010
I have viewed many articles in regard to the Ford Focus RS, all have been very very positive. I would love to have one of these parked in my garage, are there any plans to bring this wonderful vehicle to the United States??
Dean 03/01/2010
Will the new F150 be available with a flareside box? Will the XLY regular cab be available with the 5.4 engine? Why no manual transmission with a V-8?
Paul 02/15/2010
Ford is in the best position of any automaker in the US. The Focus (RS) could be a game changer
Shannon 02/13/2010
ford mustang was a dream for me since i was a child ,my first was a 94 mustang gt convert.
yellow,black top.a coal truck crushed my car and since then ive been dreaming of another,but
money is so tight with a family of 5 . i want to see cars made out of stronger metal bodies not
fiberglass,and lot more ponies under the hood ,stomp chevys back gate.
Dennis johnston 02/12/2010
Since1970 I have owened nothing but fords. I currently own a Licoln Cotinentel,. a Ford Fusion and a1967 restored Musting. I also own 500 shears of Ford Stock. The worst Ford was a 1976 COUNTRY SQUIRE WAGON. The other fords have been GREAT.
Jim Duke 01/21/2010
I've been a Ford supporter for decades-owned MANY Mustangs, F-2/350's, Explorers, etc. I was somewhat discouraged in the early 2000's after Jack Nasser came aboard. I can say that with Alan Mulally onboard, I have FULL CONFIDENCE in the future of Ford. I'm an airline pilot for a major airline, and have flown what I consider the finest airplane in the sky for many years, the B777. Mr Mulally will prove to be he savior of Ford just like he was at Boeing. He kows how to motivate and inspire-I only wish I had a CEO at UAL comparable to him. I love the direction the company is moving in-keep up the AWESOME JOB! I will ONLY support the NON-Government owned car company. Now get to work on the IRS for the Mustang!!!!
S.Vigneaux 01/18/2010
Great that the Ford Designers and great engineers came up with the reinvetion of the Tauraus, more specifically the SHO. which i think is great.. Any plans to bring the Mercury version of the
SABLE into the Redesigning and making this close in similarities to the Tauraus? I happen to
think the SABLE was a Classy medium sized Sedan that was popular in the late 80's and early 90's
Tom 01/12/2010
Hi FMC! Why won't be all-wheel drive option in the next generation of Focus? If the customer would insist on all-wheel drive, he will go to buy Subaru or VW, Mitsubishi? How should I understand to this strategy, why there is not this possibility on Focus again? But the cars which win rally (WRC, national N4), they have 4x4 not FWD. Do not see this? Many people want FORD 4WD/AWD, the factory should sell this if they are willing to listen to what people want. Could you please answer?
Gwen Peake - Ford Digital Communications 01/11/2010
Hi Jim - Thanks for your question! The Mustang 5.0 GT with automatic transmisstion WILL have 412 HP. The rear suspension will consist of a 3-link solid (limited slip) axle with coil springs and Panhard rod and 44.0-mm solid stabilizer bar. You can view all the technical specifications of the 5.0 here: For additional info of the Mustang 5.0, visit our Mustang 5.0 mini site:

Gwen Peake
Digital Communications
Ford Motor Company
Jim 01/11/2010
I am a Ford Retiree living in Texas. My question is pertainging to the 2011 Mustang 5.0. Will the A/T version have 412 HP? Will the 3:73 rear axle be avaiable?
New Taurus is awesome. Houston Auto show is nothing compared to NAIAS. Would love to go up and see it but to cold. Burr!!! Ha!!
Dan Jones 01/11/2010
I am very impressed with the new products that ford will be selling in North America in 2010-2011. The Fiesta is a home run hit & the new Focus is stunning. I will be buying a Focus as soon as they are on sale. Bring the Ka to North America there is a market for small efficent cars like that now here. Sell it in only 2 trim levels S with standard air conditioning, optional auto trans, standard abs, side curtain air bags & am/fm cd, mpw Wma radio with aux imput and ipod integration. & an SEL model with cruise, MyFord, upgraded seat trim, aluminum wheels and various other comfort/convience features. & sellit for less than $20,000.00
Scott Monty 01/10/2010
Baron, we'd be happy to make ourselves available. Please use any of the contacts on our media site to get in touch with us (but after this week, please. It's the North American International Auto Show.)
Baron Gordon 01/10/2010
Wow! What an amazing keynote! Great Job at CES this year. I was blown away by the Ford ' My Touch Ford' campaign. I wish I had time to tour the new 2010 version at the tech zone. The New Tarus is beautiful machine! Hats of to you and your team!! Would it be possible to do a demo at Ford?
janey 01/08/2010
when will the y design an suv with an automatic front hood release and close button like the doors and back window? i would love it easier for checking oil, water etc.
Scott Monty 01/08/2010
Jason, thank you so much for your comment. Since this is the *North American* International Auto Show, we won't be making any announcements about our non-North American vehicles. And we typically don't discuss vehicle plans in advance anyway.

Scott Monty
Global Digital Communications
Ford Motor Company
jason nuttall 01/08/2010
is it true that march 2010, will be the last build for the XR8? If so why? And what will happen it the FPV range? Is ford phasing out the V8?
Connect with Ford During 2010 NAIAS

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