Would You Take a Ride with Carl Edwards in the New Taurus?

By Cole Q.

Nine Ford engineers recently got the ride of a lifetime. What they thought was going to be a normal Ford commercial video shoot took a hard left turn when NASCAR® race-car driver Carl Edwards showed up to take care of the driving. They knew nothing about what was really in store for them until, one-by-one, they were led out to the car with Carl sitting behind the wheel.

The shock of being on a video shoot with Carl was soon replaced with exhilaration as the engineers experienced the Taurus that they had all contributed to being pushed to limit by one of the world’s most capable drivers at Infineon Raceway in Sonoma, CA.

Here’s what the Ford engineers had to say after the ride:

“I wish I could verbalize how much fun that was, but nothing I can say will do it justice. It was truly an amazing experience! By far the best day I have had at work! So far. Carl Edwards is incredible! I still do not know how he was able to do what he did and make it seem so effortless, and talk to me. Meanwhile, I was hanging on for dear life and looking for the next thing to grab onto.” – Omar L. Conteh, Ford Fuel Economy Engineer

“When I first arrived at the track and was getting ready to get in the car, I was still thinking I was the star of the show and that they had a hired a professional driver to assist me. After being introduced to Carl Edwards, I finally processed that he was the star of the ad and I adjusted my part to focus more on his driving and less on just presenting the technical content of EcoBoost®.”  – Mazen Hammoud, Ford Powertrain Calibration Engineer

“I learned that I can get whipped around a track for 45 minutes in the passenger seat and not get sick.  Had it been 46 minutes, I'm not so sure.”  – Pete Reyes, Former Taurus Chief Engineer

“I was surprised when I was handed a helmet before stepping into the vehicle, and I thought to myself, why do I need this, the car won’t even be moving right? Then I saw that Carl was driving the vehicle and it all made sense.” – Jennifer Brace, Ford User Interface Engineer

“I can honestly say I was blown away by the performance and handling capabilities of the Taurus! I had no idea the Taurus (sedan!) could do what Carl Edwards made it do.” – Omar L. Conteh

We'll add more content here and on the Ford Taurus YouTube channel in the coming weeks.

For more information, please visit the Taurus Experience on ford.com.
Ron G 06/21/2012
I would take a ride with Carl. I had the great chance to meet him at Barrett Jackson in Scottsdale 2010. He just walked up to me and said hello. Man! I was so geeked! He was really cool.
Billy S 06/20/2012
NO its not a V8 aint RWD if it was I would.
David C 06/06/2012
CARL is my NASCAR driver, great person and spokesperson and who would not want to run your blood pressue to full pleasure. Belt up and hold on!
Meghan R 05/29/2012
Call me I love Nascar and any driver that drives one. See you at All Ford Nationals and Dover this weekend!
George C 05/23/2012
Me! Me! Take me, please! LOL! What a hoot!
DES 05/23/2012
Ride with carl are you crazy? I want to drive and he rides with me. Fab Fords Forever I currently have a 07 MKX, 93 Bronco, 02 Ford powered Class A MH, 67 XR7 Cougar with 5.0 EFI, 69 XR7 Cougar 428CJR, 66 Sprint 200 Mustang and a Ford powered boat and daughter has a 06 Mustang V6 coupe
Mark T 05/14/2012
Heck yeah! Carl and I could run to the store and be back before the commercials were over, while watching a Nationwide race!
Mortimer D 05/14/2012
Hell yes, I would... on ONE condition - that Carl Edwards would go for a ride with ME in my 2011 SHO.
are you kidding i would love it, i can sure get to the food store and back real fast.Wonder how she does on the 1/4mile?Now that would really be fun run her against a chevy my mortal enemy
Yvon D 05/10/2012
Ok I'll ride shotgun with Carl!!! Give me call!!!!!
Absolutely, I'd get in the car with Carl. He's my favorite Nascar driver & the way he wrings that Taurus out through the turns looks like it'd be a real hoot. Need to see you back in Victory Lane real soon, Carl.
I've been a Ford Guy all of my life,just like my Dad was.My first car was a 1957 Ford,I now drive a Lightning!!! Dad would be proud. Yes I would love to ride with Carl at any speed and I'm 65..... Bob T. Columbus , Ind.
I hate to see a car get this abuse. I have owned 7 Fords and drove all of them with care. It does please me to know that a Ford is able to take this abuse but don't do it with mine.
Brandon S 04/26/2012
Just to think these are going to replace the crown vicks i think police deartments will have no problm compareing these beats to the vick
Cheryl M 04/22/2012
heck yes id get into the car with carl, just once. i have seen carl race at fenion raceway and i know i would be in good hands. but as for the taurus, carl shows how well the car handles on the corners, which never broke its traction and hugged the corners well, (no bunny hopping). when the brakes were applied their was no skidding or lose of control at any time. and the light in the side mirror, when someone is in your blind spot, what a fabulous ideal, oh how many accidents are going to be prevented let alone lives saved. Ford you really out did yourself, i would defintly buy a 2013 ford taurus. oh and David S , the guy a couple of spots above me you must be a ford hater or jelous of carl. This tape was to show what the new ford taurus is capabile of doing. not what carl is or isnt doing. and if im not mistake carl carries a title called professtional car racing for a reason.
Kat S 04/17/2012
Yikes! Triple YIKES!!! These video had my heart racing almost as fast as the Ford Taurus! "I should call my Mom and say I love you" is what I would say before I even got into the car. I haven't been brave enough to be the one to teach my kids how to drive and I don't think I could put on that helmet of doom and get in the car with Carl Edwards. "Holy Smokes" doesn't even cover how Carl makes it look so easy - he doesn't even stop laughing through the entire videos! I'm all about fun but scaring the bejeezus outta people has got to be "a lot more fun than being in the office"! And hey - that's a pretty snazzy looking car too! Makes me sit here and wonder if I would ever switch from a truck to a car...... hmmmmmmm.....
David S 04/16/2012
Why is Carl not wearing a helmet on the track. What a bad example Ford has set. And what about the track rules. Do they not apply to Carl?
Dottie B 04/16/2012
Oh hell yeah..I'm 68 years old and I would love to before I go....life's too short have some fun!! Call me I'll go do it!!!!
Rick W 04/15/2012
Just caught these shots a couple of days ago. It's about time they put the Taurus out there. When I bought mine, I told the dealer/salesperson "why no ads on this spectacular car?" Even today, I have people coming up to me and asking "what are you driving? I see the Ford oval, but what is it? Stunning car!" As for the question...It would be cool for Carl to drive my car and put it through the paces. I'm ready!!! ^5 to Ford and the Taurus Team!
Call me. I'm ready to take the drive
Marian M 04/14/2012
I'd love to go for a ride with Carl Edwards! That'd be a blast!
I would love to go for a ride with Carl
celestine brown 04/10/2012
What a GREAT RIDE wait it was only a commercial. Now let me drive!
Tyler N 04/10/2012
I know I would Carl is the man
Give me aa call, Im ready to ride, and drive
Delwyn C 04/09/2012
Great driving. i would luv a ride.
Dot Tie 04/09/2012
Why isn't Carl Edward wearing a helmet in the commercial?
Franklin P 04/09/2012
would love to take that ride
Louis 04/08/2012
Not bad for a FORD, but the competition has better cars........FYI
Carson 04/08/2012
As a current '10 SHO owner I am happy to see the evolution of the SHO but I'm disappointed that Ford chose to recognize the deficiencies in the current SHO's brakes while leaving the previous owners twisting in the wind. The brakes on my wife's '12 Focus are better than my SHO.
Nat 04/08/2012
Who's Carl?
Shaun P 04/06/2012
0-60 in 6 seconds, for 365hp thats slow and sad. a maxima with 290 hp does 60 in 5.8 seconds, even worse is that a camry will do it in 5.7 sad ford, sad. get the mustang v8 and shut every body up!
M Streat Kurla 04/04/2012
pls give me a chance
Lisa Floyd 04/04/2012
I would love to ride w/ Carl ....He is my favorite driver and I own a taurus.Only if I had a new one and Carl would drive me to work.
Renata W 04/04/2012
Smile on my face with every video. Great campaign!
Bo S 04/04/2012
I loved watching Carl drive the Ford Engineers around the track....I think they all were thinking...."Holy s...." Go Ford, Go Carl & Go Taurus....It is one great looking vehicle!
Randy Vieu Sr. 04/04/2012
You bet hes my favorite driver
luv all the new Fords but like rolling w/ the fast ladies, go girls
sorry dudes, im riding w/the ladies,
Carlos T 04/03/2012
Show me the way around that track Carl! I'm ready!
Crys 04/03/2012
These are great!!! Sign me up...
Wayne 04/03/2012
My 2007 Milan has over 195,000 miles on it. Replaced the battery; a brake job; a few sets of tires; and of course some oil changes. Looks and runs like a brand new car.
Tom H 04/03/2012
Be More than Happy to ride with him in new Taurus or Mustang!!!
Paul dba 8 04/03/2012
This a great project by Ford for Ford. I'm sure the 'office' engineers will be talking about this for years!
Jennifer Carter 04/02/2012
Yeah, but when he's done it's my turn to show him how it's done!
Beth S 04/02/2012
100,000? Move over, Ford. My little 1991 Toyota Corolla SR5 coupe has 179, 400 miles on it and is still purring like a kitten. I've done nothing but replace one clutch and change the oil in 20 years.
Rick L 04/02/2012
The Blind Spot indicators have helped me with merging on a few roads that have big curves in the ramps.
Phil Kline 04/02/2012
I'd go for a ride on a skate board with Carl Edwards! This is the year of Cousin Carl's revenge! Go #99!
Shannon Russo 04/02/2012
Dear Ford: My mother and I just spent 25 minutes stranded outside of a gas station on "vacation", 1200 miles from home because the 2011 Ford Edge continues to not recognize the key (one of it's many issues). There have been several "updates" made to this lemon and many trips to the dealer and calls to Ford and the problems persist. We feel UNSAFE to continue driving in this vehicle and we continue to be ignored. Can you hear us now!? What next!?
Benton Fowler 04/02/2012
Heck yeah I would ride with Carl. Im a Ford man and a #99 fan.
Eric Rifel 04/02/2012
drifting in a taurus... SO BEAUTIFUL :'''''''D
Teresa Brewer 04/02/2012
Yes I would!
Ford Boss 04/02/2012
Ford Australia need to remake this with Frosty & an XR6T.
Harriet W 04/02/2012
Yes and probably be screaming with joy
Bob Petersen 04/02/2012
You bet I,m a Ford fan and a Carl fan!!
Julie Haden Vaughn 04/02/2012
Wade C 04/02/2012
This is fantastic. Nice work!
Susan Bellwood 04/02/2012
I would take a ride on a camel with Carl Edwards!
Kelly V 04/02/2012
Anytime, Anywhere!!! Go Carl!
Stefani M 04/02/2012
Jay Jessup 04/02/2012
U bet i would faster the better
Jo Rice 04/02/2012
You betcha, anytime.
Julie R 04/02/2012
What a dumb question! Of course!!!
Jacob W 04/02/2012
Makes me think different of the taurus
Chasity Hudson Strickland 04/02/2012
Susy B 04/02/2012
In a heart beat
E.e. Duggan 04/02/2012
And do the back flip too:
David Wood 04/02/2012
Indeed !
Randy McCreary 04/02/2012
I was just watching the videos. Now that's fun!!
Richard Carlisi 04/02/2012
It would be awesome.
Randy McCreary 04/02/2012
Yes, that would be fun!
Stephanie Smith 04/02/2012
Yes I wud but shhhh don't tell my hubby lol hahaha
Michael Angelone 04/02/2012
Only if I can drive! :D
Fred K 04/02/2012
In 1986 I got ride with Race Driver Scott Pruett for 2 laps of Road Atlanta in a production Merkur XR4Ti. It was an amazing few minutes that I can still close my eyes and visualize to this day. I would love to do it again in the new Taurus!!!!
Jean Watkins 04/02/2012
Would love to ride with Carl in the Taurus!
Robert Zappulla 04/02/2012
I'm in!
Rick L 04/02/2012
Well I drive my SHO hard but not like Carl!
Ed Kensek 04/02/2012
I'd ride in a second would be a amazing experience !!!!
Jean Payne 04/02/2012
I dunno how fast will he be going?? if over 100 mph it's too fast for me My daughter's husband was stationed in Germany and on the autoban they were going over 150 mph and it was making me dizzy ugh too fast
Kristen Gellhaus 04/02/2012
Charlie Morneau 04/02/2012
Now finally. Someone is using their head! This is the way to show a car's capabilities. Most people are afraid to drive fast and furious, and the salesman won't let you on the test drive anyway, but here the potential customer gets to see what a great performer this beautiful new Taurus is. Like I said before, the new Taurus is Ford's best kept secret. I test drove a regular V-6, and I was impressed, I can only imagine the EcoBoost, must be great! Please Ford, advertise, and sell this terrific car!!!
Mike Pignatelli 04/02/2012
I wouldnt be caught dead in the new taurus
Randhy Pradana 04/02/2012
Kyle Scc 04/02/2012
Kyle Scc 04/02/2012
Dam right I would love the nee taurus
Bo Bandy 04/02/2012
Amazing that the Taurus used to sell for under 20k (loaded) and then it was discontinued for 2-3 years. When it came back into production, it's sticker price is 30k!
Joseph Newby 04/02/2012
Yes, I would, AND then I'd have him let me drive x3
Brenda M. Bullock 04/02/2012
I'm ready!!
Daniel Katilius 04/02/2012
Good video!
Josh Rivera 04/02/2012
my dream!! AWSEOME TO MEET HIM!!!
Bruce Stewart 04/02/2012
The question is: Is Carl willing to ride with me?
William Dailey 04/02/2012
yep the one and only go 99
Guy Lundeen 04/02/2012
Good thing it's an option, would not buy a vehicle that shuts off at stop lights. Dumb idea!
Jeff Thompson 04/02/2012
Yes I would without a doubt. But I would rather Drive & have him sittin in the passenger seat.
Agape Joanna 04/02/2012
Yeahhh!!! I love that SHO! Common let's car race! Ahahaha!
Agape Joanna 04/02/2012
Whoooah! Surely, my husband and father in law would love that 365hp!!! Ahahaha! Ecoboost for Ford Trucks is a great engineering too!!!! Highly efficient vehicles!
Stephanie Weaver 04/02/2012
Yes, FORD is the brand and Carl is the man!!!!
Gloria Jean Moore 04/02/2012
Dave Mesick 04/02/2012
great video, maybe Carl should have taken that car to Martinsville.....lol
Robert W 04/02/2012
Can I be next lol. One of my best friends bought an SHO the first year it came out. Awesome car then and awesome car now. #wantone
Brodie Mack 04/02/2012
Depends, does the new Taurus have decent leg and head room? I'm 6' 5" and fairly big so If it does then sign my up.
Russ Schuckert 04/02/2012
You Bet!
Ronald Cleveland 04/02/2012
Tell me where and when!
Jake Thomas 04/02/2012
Only to the reopening of the MN plant :-)
Jo Beadling 04/02/2012
When can we go?
Michael DiCenzo 04/02/2012
Id rather ride with him in a real stock car...
Andy Januse 04/02/2012
Sign me up!!
Stu Pidasseaux 04/02/2012
Mary Frend 04/02/2012
Yes, indeed!
Linda Watson 04/02/2012
Sandy Sutherland 04/02/2012
Yes. Carl is the man.
Shannon Stephens Chambers 04/02/2012
Deb Bertsch Watson 04/02/2012
I would love too!!!
Brad Creamer 04/02/2012
Yes! Would carl take a ride with me in my grand marquis? Lol
Daniel Astmann 04/02/2012
yaaaaaaa!! :)
Joe Stout 04/02/2012
Ryan Bonner 04/02/2012
yes I would!
Would You Take a Ride with Carl Edwards in the New Taurus?
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