Road Trip to a Football Game in Taurus Style

By Ford Social Member

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Louise Werre 10/06/2009
Best anniversary gift ever!!
Kim DeProspero 10/06/2009
Here we go Steelers!
hazel hunt 10/06/2009
Bernard Swetts 10/06/2009
I just found the site today on 10/06/2009 and I can"t enter. This doesn't seem fair. I have a Ford 500 and it would be wonderful to win a Taurus.
Tyler Nitzke 10/06/2009
roman santillan 10/06/2009
I love Ford and the football games
Dee Hoendervanger 10/06/2009
I want to win
Rob Bentley 10/06/2009
I want to show my kids what NFL tailgating is all about
Rodney Howe 10/06/2009
Hope to win!
Arline H 10/06/2009
Awesome contest
Kathy Music 10/05/2009
awesome contest
Jillian 10/05/2009
sounds awesome!
angelo davis 10/05/2009
good car
Tara 10/05/2009
I am a proud Ford F150 owner, and I love football! My friends and I get together every weekend to watch the games. We even pretend we don't work on Tuesdays and watch the Monday game! I would love to road trip in a Ford to any game. I love the Rams, regardless of record, and I would love for my best friend and I to go to a game together!
margaret 10/05/2009
This would be awesome
Elaine Bolling 10/05/2009
Terrific website
Howard Kohagura 10/05/2009
I hope to win
Stephen Schott 10/04/2009
Roger Deming 10/01/2009
A great drive for a great car and game.
Charlene Vaughn 10/01/2009
Yeah football
Ron Regen 09/30/2009
Send me to the game...
Oral Patterson 09/28/2009
i love ford
Karen Rotondaro 09/27/2009
Go Eagles
DEAN HENLINE 09/25/2009
Jessica 09/24/2009
Everyone deserves a little fun and something free to break away from reality of the world. Would be exciting to win something.
Mike Morabito 09/24/2009
This would be awesome!
LindaRA 09/20/2009
What a wonderful surprise this would be for my hard working husband who has not been able to take time off for fun due to the economy....
Dennis Collmar 09/19/2009
Becky Morel 09/18/2009
Go Ford!
Shawn Snider 09/18/2009
I love Ford Taurus I own one and love it. Its great on gas and has alot of room in it. I'd
love to see Buffalo win!
Bernie 09/18/2009
I love New York! ... and great contests like this!
robert dines 09/18/2009
Stephen Schott 09/18/2009
WISH I win the prize FORD is a great company.
Christina Wahrmund 09/17/2009
This is a great prize from a great company
Jane Sandona 09/17/2009
love the Taurus
Joe 09/17/2009
I gotta go!
desiree kelely 09/17/2009
I would love to take my son to a cowboy's game. All fo our vehicles a re fords.
Neil Rooney 09/17/2009
Did I Win???
Howard Kohagura 09/17/2009
Great contesst, I hope I win once.
Damone DeVaughn 09/17/2009
Go bears
James 09/16/2009
I'd LOVE to win this contest because that way, at least I could show my son at least one winner @ Ford Field...GO TAURUS!
Kasey@All Things Mamma 09/15/2009
OH this would be so much fun!! GREAT idea FORD!!
Jemily 09/15/2009
OMG! This would be an awesome surprise and experience. My boyfriend is an NFL fanatic and I've never been to an NFL game so this would be awesome!!!!!!!!yahooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Good luck to all!
L Downey 09/14/2009
I'm so proud of FORD, I hope I'm selected.
Elizabeth DeBiase 09/14/2009
I want this for my son and daughter.
MERVIN 09/14/2009
I wanna win win win
rich simons 09/11/2009
I would love to win tickets to a pro NFL game and be able to suprise my wife thats always wanted to go to a game.And how nice it would be to be able to drive up in a brand New Ford Taurus....................Thank You
Gail Ballard 09/10/2009
I would love to win this as a surprise for my husband. He is a FORD-Man & loves Football. We have never been to a Pro-football game and to be able to go together for the first time and drive a New be awesome. A perfect second honeymoon.
Doug (tHE sLUG) 09/08/2009
Ford & football.... it doesn't get better!
Susan Hales 09/05/2009
Great prize!
Deborah Sherlock 09/04/2009
CHOOSE US! We are a Ford family!
Peter Starck& Mark Davis 09/03/2009
We are a cross of edina & Pattsy from "AB Fab" and Peter & Stewie Griffin from "family Guy"!
Barry Goffred 08/31/2009
Would love to win this
Debbie McNally 08/31/2009
I want this one!
Barbara Adams 08/29/2009
I'd take my husband for our 10th anniversary, I am from bay area, he is from Seattle!
joanne Willey 08/29/2009
I would love this
tim love 08/29/2009
hope io win !!!!!!!!!
Charlene Vaughn 08/29/2009
FOOTBALL season cannot start soon enough...I so want to get to a game this year. And in a new FORD would be great!!
James gibson 08/27/2009
I hope I win, to share car and game with friends
Joslin 08/27/2009
OMG how awesome would it be if I won!! Let's go Buffalo...or whomever. I LOVE FOOTBALL!!
Eric 08/27/2009
By showing off just how good the new Taurus is should distract people from the continued horror that is the Detroit Lions
Pete Muniz 08/27/2009
I hope I win so that I van show my love how perfect the new Taurus is for her. GO FORD & COWBOYS!!!
Kelly Rusinek 08/27/2009
Go Lions!
frazgo 08/27/2009
Great contest, I'd really like to win and I'd take my 15 yo son who's never been able to attend an NFL game!