Ford Social Fans Get VIP Treatment at ESPN Bash

By Cole Q.

A few weeks ago, two Ford consumers and fans, Harry Risher and Branislav Jordavinic got the kind of special treatment Ford fanatics deserve.

During the weekend  of football’s biggest game, ESPN the Magazine held an exclusive party in Indianapolis. It featured everything from an interactive, touch-screen Mustang customizer to a special musical performance. There would be sports heros there, and we wanted some Ford Social fans there, too!

Harry and Branislav fit the profile: smart people, willing to share their views based on their insights and experiences regarding what we do here at Ford. Initially, it looked like Harry couldn’t go, because he was going to be on vacation. But he wanted to keep things in the family. You see, as Harry told us, the Rishers are a Ford family , through and through. His daughter, Christa, is a Ford owner and graphic designer, and has even volunteered to make Ford commercials for her local dealer. His son, Kenneth, is an engineer and Ford racing aficionado.

Harry asked us to send Kenneth, and we were happy to oblige. We were even happier when Harry wrote us back to tell us about Kenneth’s experience. “He was really impressed,” Harry said, and was glad to get the chance to chat with and share some ideas with a Ford engineer who worked on the 2013 Taurus. “From the bottom of our Ford Hearts, thanks for proving to Ford owners, fans, and enthusiasts -- the Ford Motor Company really does listen better!”

Branislav had an awesome time at the party and took his wife along. “My favorite part was seeing all of the people and seeing the cars,” he told us. “It was very good, something new for us!”

He’s also a newcomer to the country, and because of that, he has a special kind of connection to Ford. “I only drive American cars because I am an American now,” he said. We’re proud to have him and the Rishers on as Ford Social VIPs.

Like flying a few of our top fans to the North American International Auto Show , this party was just the beginning of what we have planned for some of our fans this year. In the next few weeks, we’ll be sending our Ford Social members to even more exclusive bashes and incredible events. Stay tuned, because we’ll be giving you all the details.
Harry R 03/09/2012
A Great experience for Ford Owners! Ford Motor Company listens to it's owners,fans,and supporters better than any auto maker. The FORD SOCIAL network is another Ford "Better Idea", and is proving a popular tool to communicate with Ford owners on a grassroots level. In turn the Ford owners can easily relate their ideas,experiences, and stories to Ford management and feel their voices are appreciated and utilized!1 Keep up the fine work---Ford Has a Better Idea--and PROVES IT!!