First Look at the All-new Global Transit and Transit Connect Commercial Vehicles

By Cole Q.

At a special Go Further with Ford program in Amsterdam, Ford unveiled its new generation of Transit commercial vehicles, developed on all-new global platforms for sale in Europe, North America and other worldwide markets.

We were there along with 2,500 dealers and journalists from across Europe, and we spent a few minutes with Chris Brewer, Ford Commercial Vehicle Engineer, to get an introduction to these new vehicles.

The stylish all-new Ford Transit Connect will deliver new load-carrying ability, low cost of ownership and dependability standards for its segment.

The tough, functional and professional, new Ford Transit brings new levels of capability and versatility to the medium commercial van market. In North America, customers can choose from several engines, including the proven 3.5-liter EcoBoost™ V-6 or a powerful diesel option; each features rear-wheel drive and are expected to achieve at least 25-percent better fuel economy than a comparable E-Series. Multiple roof heights and wheelbases will be available. North American Transit vans will be manufactured in Kansas City, alongside the Ford F-150.

The Ford Transit brand has established a strong reputation for toughness and dependability, and the new global Transit products have been engineered to extend that tradition. Both the all-new Transit and all-new Transit Connect have been subjected to Ford ultra-stringent commercial vehicle testing and durability standards.

Stay tuned to Ford Social for more details on these products.

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Robert W 11/14/2012
I am very glad to see the Transit Connect Wagon with space for seven passengers. This is exactly what my wife and I have been looking for - 7 seats for family and decent fuel economy! When I first noticed the "little" Transit Connects running around my town about a year ago, I thought, "man, that would make a great family vehicle!" Now you've done it. Good job.

A word about the video, though. Those guys need to SMILE! They look nervous. They have reason to smile IMO!
John C 11/01/2012
When I first saw a Transit Connect MT, Diesel, at the Toronto Auto Show (I knew MT, Diesel would not come to North America) - I was almost tempted to buy a 4 seat, wagon, if the rear seats were easily removable. (My) reason for 2 rear seats, would be to carry plywood, etc., between the seats - a usable Trades and Family vehicle. I trust, this has been part of the '14 Kansas City Transit, thinking!
Tyler 10/10/2012
why dont we see a 4 cyl diesel option and a v8 diesel. is there actually any reason behind this or they just dont want to?
Jimmy M 10/02/2012
While I hate to see the E-Series go I will be looking forward to a new van chassis that will hopefully get Ford back into the EMS fleet game. The new T series looks promising. A long wheel base Transit Connect would be awesome. Diesel please?
T C 09/26/2012
I hope this does not mean that Ford is going to kill off the E Series van?
This Transit Connect is too European looking, I don't like the looks of it.

I fear that Ford is going to kill off the E Series the same way they killed off the Crown Victoria and Lincoln Town Car. There was and still is a demand for these vehicles, but instead of freshening them up or redesigning them Ford just kicked their money makers to the curb, snubbed those of us who want them, and replaced them with a car that few, including the police really want. So I hope the same does not happen with the E Series full size van.

It would be a shame to see another iconic American vehicle bite the dust and be replaced with this "Global" van.
Gary 09/23/2012
"Transit Vans"- design is not very nice but hopefully it will also be offered with a V8 engine.
Carl W 09/18/2012
Interesting that the video shows each individual vehicle except for the 1 ton Transit..........was that because the USA 1 ton Transit will get a different look?
Ralph Bauer 09/16/2012
hope you keep the e series i guess the design will have to grow on me although i am a ford fan
S. Wayne K 09/15/2012
Why did Ford stop producing standard transmissions in your. F series trucks? A truck with an automatic transmission is not truck, it is a large toy!
I would like to know why you stopped making Rangers?????? Please bring them back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Cust idea 09/14/2012
I would like something such as a contest for submitting my own ideas that ford will inherently make money off of........ Where is that link
First Look at the All-new Global Transit and Transit Connect Commercial Vehicles
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