Filmmaker Test Drive

By Ford Social Member

Academy Award-winning film director Barry Levinson ("Rain Man," "Good Morning, Vietnam," "Diner," "Bugsy") contacted Ford to test drive the new 2010 Taurus SHO.  As a filmmaker who has always carefully chosen the vehicles seen in his movies, Barry was interested to find out if the newly redesigned 365-hp sedan could live up to all the accolades it has received in the press. The video tells the rest of the story.
Nancy 01/14/2010
I purchased the 2010 Taurus over 2 months ago and I feel like a living commercial
You know the Cadilac commercial where the lady asks "When you turn your car on, does it return the favor?"
I still feel that commercial fits my Taurus
I love it bumper to bumper
And Ford...nobody does it better!
Jason 01/06/2010
Ford to me means affordable fun. I have owned 2 Shelbys and a 03 T-Bird. What other American auto manufactures have one of its living owners name on the car. GM had to go dig up Harvey Earls ghost to hawk their cars, Bill Ford drives his cars and helps sell them. The best part is Ford refused to take the feds money with all its strings attached to it. Working man - Working mans car. You got to love it....
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