Ford Kicks off 2010 CES®

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Ford is starting off the Consumer Electronics Show (CES® ) in a big way. Ford President and Chief Executive Officer Alan Mulally, delivered the opening keynote address at the event on Thursday, January 7.

The video below shares some more details about the MyFord technology.

As the world’s largest consumer technology trade show, CES is where the makers of the latest electronic goodies go to show off their wares, and it’s where outstanding technology gains recognition.

"Alan Mulally has positioned Ford as a leading innovator in the automotive industry, and we are pleased to welcome him back to CES," said Gary Shapiro, president and CEO, CEA. "For the auto industry and all other businesses that use technology, CES is the single must-attend event where business gets done."

Here's a video of the entire keynote speech and MyFord overview.

Official Car of 2010 International CES

The 2010 Ford Taurus will be the official car of the 2010 International CES – offering 10 class-exclusive technologies not available from any other manufacturer, including Multi-contour seats with Active Motion,™ voice-activated navigation, SYNC® and MyKey.®

Ford will receive both recognition and awards at the 2010 CES with the 2010 Ford Taurus, SYNC and Ford Work Solutions.™
bill 04/25/2010
please work on f150 mileage, have 2010 f150 harley model 2w/4w/awd drive hoped for better mileage than 2006 harley f150 awd/4wd, not so! all around nicer ride, but mileage no better.
Frank 01/20/2010
I never thought I would buy stock in an auto company, way to much competition not to mention over capacity however once I realized who Allan Mulally was I became a share holder. I believe he is the Steve Jobs of this industry and will lead Ford like no other auto company in the world.
Yee Cheung Tsang 01/11/2010
Good job Ford! Please build an RS version!
Alex 01/10/2010
This year the F-150 is getting an ecoboosted V6 with even more power than the current v8 with better fuel economy. :)
David V. 01/09/2010
I absolutely agree with Carlos. Please show us the new focus BEV and bring it soon!! I cant wait!
TRAYE EVANS 01/09/2010
Jeff 01/08/2010
I'm so crazy proud of my 2010 Flex. They even used a tape of me having fun with Sync on Leo Laporte's technology show. You took everything I needed - kid hauling, technology and entertainment, power and economy and put it in a package I can be proud of when I valet at a fancy restaurant. Shoot, sometimes now they even park me on the valet front line with the big boys! Thank you Ford and everyone at Oakville who birthded my Flex!
GM 01/08/2010
With the new technology and electric cables, do I need to keep fire extinguisher handy?
Tony 01/08/2010
I would like to see more turbocharged options in the F-150 for better fuel economy & power, maybe a high output dual turbo 4 or 6 cylinder or a cut out cylinder engine? Also I would like to see narrower taller tires for increased ground clearance & fuel economy. If we can send a man to the moon 40 years ago, there has to be technology out there to get more than 20 some miles per gallon from a truck engine. Who are the Car & Oil companies trying to fool? Not Me!!!
Thanks, Tony
Keith Hudson 01/08/2010
I recently bought a Ford 150 4X4 Crew Cab. I'm in love with this vehicle and I haven't felt this way about my ride in years. I can only wish your company the best.
My advice is, if you find a component of low quality in your vehicle, remove it. Replace everything with quality, right down to a radio knob. People will notice. They are noticing now and your customer base will multiply. It seems that it has already started. I think I will buy a few shares of Ford stock.
Thanks again for a wonderful vehicle.
Doug 01/08/2010
Is the webcast video ready for viewing yet? If so, where can I fink it?
John 01/07/2010
Keep up the good work, as a boy raised in the Detroit area, my father's company was a vendor to Ford North America and Ford Europe, it put the "bread on the table." Driving past the "Glass House" in Dearborn always made me full of pride that we supplied this great company. Moving to the Virginia area in my mid-thirties, I hear constantly about how great Japanese brands are the best out there. Have they driven a Ford lately? Keep getting the word out, Ford rules and it is about time that the world looks into what this primo automaker has to offer. Keep plugging on, owning a Ford is great, tell them Mr. Monty....
Ben D. 01/07/2010
I was just wondering if the Lincoln C Concept fit in here at all with all of the technology in that, it seems like that MyTouch feature was already in the car long before it was even thought to be revealed. But anyway, I was just wondering if that was going to go into production, and if so when?
alex 01/07/2010
Where is the Lincoln MKR???
Chris O. 01/07/2010
Great to see A. Mulally recognized by the CES. I love my Motor Trend Car of the Year 2010 Fusion! Sync is just the greatest, I love it! My best to Alan Mulally and his team for producing such a fantastic vehicle, among the many others. The company's success is finally being recognized by all, verified by the zooming stock price! Keep up the great work at Ford, of which I was a part for over 30 years!
fredi h. 01/07/2010
you guys are impressing me more and more... who would have thought that I, Swiss, living in California for the last 10 years, would actually start to consider a Ford when purchasing my next car. If you would have asked me the last 10 years of buying an American brand, no way, J... ! I am looking forward to put Ford in my next purchasing evaluation, a big step ahead and a huge leap vs the other 2 american car brands.
Marc G. 01/07/2010
It is so awesome to see Ford leading the way with new technology in vehicles and online. I am 32 years old and have loved FMC since i was very young, to see what Alan Mulally is doing at Ford is like a dream come true. I've stood by Ford through the bad and now the good, the new products and the tech in them are first rate. The fact that you all are giving your customers a voice on sites like this and on social network sites shows the major change at Ford. I would just like to applaud all Ford employees for turning around the company. America without Ford would be like America without Apple pie or baseball. Ford-Bringing America Back
Kyle 01/07/2010
I am so happy I bought a Ford product. I just love my Milan with its amazing technology. BLIS, SYNC, Back-up Cam. AWESOME!!!! My only concern if the life of the marque I bought. I havent heard any news about Mercury's future. Does anyone know anything about it?
Yusuf 01/07/2010
When is the CES Keynote archive going to be posted on this site?
clay 01/07/2010
Any news on when the 4-cylinder eco-boost engine will be available? I think of eco-boost engines in the Ranger and F-150 as being a game changer for Ford.

My only problem with buying a Ford now is that with constant stream of new innovations being announced every week, I am affraid I will buy a vehicle just before they announce a new, must have technology.

I have a slogan for describing Ford to my friends. 'Ford Safety. Affordability you can live with.'
cole 01/07/2010
We're working on downloading and editting the video now. We will try to have it added to this posting on Monday.

Cole Quinnell
Editorial Director
Janet 01/07/2010
Can you confirm when the webcast might be available on-demand?
Curbside 01/07/2010
Like many in the "old media" I think the NYTimes is just trying to reach for any publicity it can get as it sinks into eventual demise. While once a bastion of quality journalism, it's fast grasping at straws to attempt to gain notoriety (look, it worked here) so it can gain whatever readership possible before eventually going the way of the dinosaur.

Fact is, anything can be distracting. Have you ever almost changed lanes while tuning the radio or looking at the attractive young lady on the bus bench? I think Ford has done a wonderful job turning the technology we're already becoming accustomed to into something that's actually useful on the road rather than a distraction.

Seriously, who reads the newspaper any more anyway?
Dickman Yee 01/07/2010
As a former GM salesperson, being taught all GM for years. I now am a driver for the local Ford Dealer and for the past 8 months & I am very impressed with all the Ford vehicles, they have come a long way from the older days of the 80's & 90's.
The technology is & will take Ford over the top over all others I see already. Love playing with the new system as I get into each new vehicle on dealer trades.
Roger Jr 01/07/2010
I have to say that new SYNC system is looking really promising. As a 21 year old, this would play heavily in my decision to by a vehicle. I'm very interested in the Pandora radio feature and the mapquest ability, though google maps would have been neat like in the Audi. Also as a student studying computer programing, it would be awesome to create apps to my ford sync (if i had one).

My only complaint is that as a GM guy, why, WHY don't you guys have a CTS-V fighter with SYNC. A CTS-V fighter with this SYNC 3.0, mind-blowing! Before Alan, the only vehicle I liked was the Ford GT but now, there's new NEW Taurus,Lincoln MKX, fusion, and the mostly imported as is Fiesta. Id like to see more of the European fords, like the Focus RS with AWD :D.

SYNC 3.0 for the win! Can't wait to see the 2011 Lincoln MKX! Im hoping it has the EcoBoost 3.5 motor.
Andrew 01/07/2010
Once someone gets the hang of it, the technology will be quite simple to use. Almost second nature.
People said the same thing about SYNC; I personally use it and I never look at my dash.
Maybe you should take your hating to a Kia or Toyota Forum.
Scott Monty 01/07/2010
We read that piece, and we don't agree with the approach that the publication took. Safety is our first priority, and we don't approach any of our technology decisions without first understanding and testing the safety elements of the technology. We're not blindly pursuing profit as was suggested. If we don't do what's right for customers, we won't succeed.

Scott Monty
Global Digital Communications
Ford Motor Company
Kevin Overtoom 01/07/2010
The ford turnaround is really one of the best stories i have heared in years. The new models look great, they use social media to connect to their target audience and connect all equipment a user could wish in a car.

It looks like promising future for the Ford Motor Company! The only thing i wonder as a european Ford dealer are features like SYNC coming to the european market?
Michelle 01/07/2010
We love you Mr. Mulally. Thanks for all that you have done to turn our company around. I now see retirement in my future.
Steven Hawley 01/07/2010
It's great to see a company inventing its way out of the economic morass, and not suing its way out as some high-tech companies try to. Also it's great to see Ford take some responsibility. Unlike some of their competitors, Ford does not insult its customers by blaming them for failures. I'm looking forward to seeing them build relevant vehicles again.
matt cook 01/07/2010
Ford is killing it! Great job! I was at a dealer meeting with Al Mulally a couple years ago when he just started and was very very impressed. He has done a tremendous job in getting great product to the showrooms as well as shoring up Ford's financial situation. What a great and savvy business move to NOT take Obama's bail-out money. It showed grit. I'm sure it's not easy competing with other manufacturers when they had all their debt wiped out, but I'm proud that Ford is doing it the old fashioned way -- working through their problems by making products people want to buy. Keep up the good work!!!
Peter Faur 01/07/2010
I'm a Ford shareholder because the company gets it. Consumer-driven, environmentally responsible, technologically savvy. Great to see you at CES!
Tim 01/07/2010
I wonder if Alan read the article on the front page of today's NY Times. How many people a year will get needlessly killed by drivers distracted by this pointless and unnecessary technology?
Mike Wilkerson 01/07/2010
I'm eager to hear what's said and also if there will be any mention of the way the car industry has been pulling out of/dealing with a tailspin the likes of which have never been seen. I'm also always interested to see what kind of innovations will be made in upcoming releases from Ford. Having had an Explorer for a long time and loved it there's always a little piece of my traveling heart that's interested in what Ford has planned. Will be sure to tune in tonite. Cheers!
Michael R. Cerza 01/06/2010
The Ford turnaround is one of the great business stories of all time, and Ford is not an orphan to great moments of historical significance in the automobile industry. The products are winning the hearts of the American public, and dealer services have been upgraded substantially over the years. I know, for I was a former Ford employee in the Parts and Service Division, Chicago, and have seen the incredible improvements. Please keep building on the successful formula you have in place, and hopefully, Mercury will get a number of new premium vehicles in the years ahead that will be substantially different than Ford vehicles. I look forward to a new Ford that will be the leader in the auto industry and show the Japanese once again how it is done. Ford built the industry and will lead once again! Thanks for the great products and services.
Scott Monty 01/05/2010
Paul, we haven't made any announcements about our 2012 lineup yet. We're focused on 2010 and 2011 at this point. Thank you for your interest - and please stay tuned for future news.

Scott Monty
Ford Communications
Carlos 01/05/2010
Make sure the BEV Focus or plug in Fusion hybrid comes out on time. I don't want my friends parading their Volts or Leafs in my face while I wait and wait.
Paul Van Wagner 01/04/2010
I am very interested in the Escape/Kuga that may be out in 2012.Is it true ? I definetly wantone.Can`t wait to test drive one.Thank`s again for not having you`r hand out for bail out money.
Pat O'Grady-Daley 01/04/2010
I love my Ford Explorer but still mourn the demise of the Thunderbird.
Keith Andoos 01/04/2010
Great work guys, congratulations! Now please bring out a 6 speed/SVT Fiesta and/or Ka
Keith Burtis 01/04/2010
You guys are doing a tremendous job of not only using the digital channels to spread your message, but also to engage and empower the online community! Kudos!
Ford Kicks off 2010 CES®
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