500 Stops, 100 Cities and Nearly 600 Journalists

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Justin Wright from Life of Justin and Lyssa Myska Allen from This is Life in Austin were just two of the more than 180 bloggers who took in the Summer of Taurus. From June through September, the 2010 Ford Taurus spent much of this summer visiting more than 500 locations in the U.S. to give media, consumers and bloggers a chance to get personal with Ford's new flagship and its executives.

Each stop generated its fair share of photos, videos, blog postings and tweets, all of which can be viewed by clicking here to go to Ford on Blogs.

In addition to bloggers, approximately 350 media also attended the Summer of Taurus, along with other opinion leaders in each locale.

This video lets you ride along with some of the bloggers and journalists to hear what they thought as they experienced the 2010 Ford Taurus. You'll also watch interviews with Alan Mulally, Ford President and CEO, as well as people from the engineering and design teams who created the car, as they talk about design, safety and technology.

You can learn more about the 2010 Ford Taurus by clicking here to visit fordvehicles.com.
Doug Heideman 10/23/2009
It has been years since I had driven or owned a Ford. I was looking to replace a BMW 750LI. I stopped by Cerritos Ford to take a look. I test drove the SHO and bought it that day. I have not had this much fun driving a car since my Boss 302 Mustang.

The car is a great value. It easily out performs cars costing $25,000 to $50,000 more. It is very comfortable & engaging to drive and I love the large trunk. The Eco-Boost twin turbo motor is amazing. The acceleration and responsiveness really is like driving a V8. When I take friends out for a drive they are surprised at how much car you get for the dollar.

I think you guys also hit it out of the park with the exterior and interior styling, quality of materials used as well as the fit and finish. The car was optioned out just right. I get asked all the time “What kind of car is this”? Overall I think “Best in class” is a major understatement.

My new SHO puts a grin on my face every time I drive it.
Scott Monty 10/20/2009
I'm so tweeting that on my blog. ;-)

Scott Monty
Global Digital Communications
Ford Motor Company
Robert Brooks 10/17/2009
We have owned a previous Ford Taurus and seeing the difference you have madei n the new 2010 is Awesome ! . This would be Awesome Car to Show around and not worry about chips in the paint ! . I Love the side view mirrors with the Amber light warning . The v8 pick up in a V6. All around this is great car to have in our collection. Very Nice .....Go Ford !!!!!
Scott Jameson 10/16/2009
I am leasing the the SHO and all I can say is WOW. The car is so cool inside and out. The styling speaks for itself. Little surprise keep popping up. Neon like parking lights. Cool electronic lettering of the gages. Great feeling paddle shifters on the steering.

The torque is breathtaking on the AWD and the turbos. The shifing with paddles on full throttle has a nice solid distinct shift.

Handling: Took a hairpin ramp at 50mph and stuck like glue. Not sure how far I can push it. I having too much fun.

Oh and got almost 27 MPG on first road trip at just under 80 mph.

How do they do it. Ecoboost is delivers.
Doris Smith 10/13/2009
We have purchased three vehicles from Apple Ford here in Lynchburg, VA. I want to tell you that the owners, Nancy and Darryl Huften, are absolutely awesome to work with when purchasing a vehicle. Their service department is excellent. It is so obvious that the Huftens care about their employees; and their customers, both when they purchase vehicles from them, and when their customers return for service. Cheers for Ford Motors! ......and Cheers for Apple Ford!
Michael R. Cerza 10/12/2009
I am a loyal Ford person who loves the history of the company and a lifelong love of the products. I have to say that this car, the Taurus, has to be one of the most impressive new cars the company has ever created. It is absolutely drop dead georgous, with some of the most impressive body sculpturing I have ever seen on a Ford product.

I was at the NY auto show in March, 2009, and I can tell you that the people who saw this car were very impressed. In fact, many thought it looked better than a Mercedes in the same price range, and someone else noted it looked like a BMW and Lexus.

As a longtime Ford man, keep up the great work for I know the Company is on the way to producing the most impressive new products for the future, and as a former employee who can remember the late 1970's products, you are on the right track. Stay there, and give the finest designs and the highest quality in all of your markets all over the world, and watch the magic take over, and Ford will once again, be the greatest car maker of all time! Henry made it that way, and the magic will happen once again.

Thank you for the chance to comment on the Taurus and Ford in general.

Michael R. Cerza.
zach 10/12/2009
Please stop using the words "blogger" and "tweet." They make me want to vomit on myself.
500 Stops, 100 Cities and Nearly 600 Journalists
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