New Taurus SHO Inspired by Club Enthusiasts and Customers

By Ford Social Member

When it came time to design the 2013 Taurus SHO, Ford asked SHO enthusiasts what they would change from the current model. What those enthusiasts had to say made a difference in the car that was revealed recently at the New York International Auto Show.

“Listening to SHO buyers and enthusiasts encouraged us to strengthen the design and the driving quality for the new 2013 model,” said Gordon Platto, Chief Designer. “For us, this was a clear indication that SHO customers have passionate feelings about aesthetics and design as well as performance.”

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SHO dynamics have been enhanced with larger brakes, torque vectoring control – using slight braking to provide the effect of a limited-slip differential – and unique sport-tuned suspension.

Specially calibrated electric power-assisted steering (EPAS) has been further optimized for enthusiast-pleasing road feel and direct, communicative response. In addition to helping Taurus SHO deliver up to 25 mpg highway, EPAS enables the car to park itself with active park assist.

Taurus SHO brake system upgrades include a larger master cylinder, revised booster tuning for improved pedal feel, larger front rotors with 19 percent more thermal mass and 67 percent more swept area to help brakes run cooler. Now vented, the rear disc brakes offer 53 percent more thermal mass.

As with the previous edition, all Taurus SHO models come standard with the award-winning and fuel-efficient 3.5-liter EcoBoost V6, delivering 365 horsepower and 350 lb.-ft. of torque, mated to a six-speed high-capacity 6F55 SelectShift Automatic™ transmission. They also feature a standard advanced torque-sensing all-wheel-drive system to help deliver optimum traction in all weather conditions and to enable the vehicle to efficiently deliver ample torque through all four driven wheels when driving in a sporty, enthusiastic manner.

For the new Ford Taurus SHO, subtle differentiation from the other members of the Taurus family starts up front, with a performance-inspired grille in black mesh – unique to the SHO – flanked by series-specific high-intensity discharge headlamps. Behind the front wheel openings, a fender-mounted scallop contains a subtle SHO badge.

Unique 19-inch premium painted wheels wearing standard P255/45VR-19 all-season tires fill out the openings, giving SHO a muscular, athletic look. Buyers can choose 20-inch machined and painted wheels.

SHO-specific sideview mirrors – also in contrasting black – are heated, have memory functionality and contain downward-facing puddle lamps; the driver’s side features auto-dimming. In the rear, Taurus SHO features a unique decklid-mounted spoiler.

Inside, the new Taurus SHO communicates its sporty characteristics with a perforated leather-wrapped steering wheel, leather-trimmed sport seats with embroidered SHO graphics, unique woven aluminum trim and adjustable aluminum pedals with memory.

Signature Ford technology is also a key attribute of the new Taurus SHO, with the addition of standard MyFord Touch™ powered by SYNC® driver connect technology and the replacement of several traditional knobs and controls with clear, colorful LCD screens and five-way buttons. These screens can be personalized to display information relevant to each individual driver using voice command, a simple button click or touch-screen tap.

Steering wheel-mounted paddle shifters enable the Taurus SHO to match revs for smooth, quick, manually selected downshifts. For the new model, these have been reconfigured for more intuitive operation, with one paddle for upshifts and the other for making smooth, matched-rev downshifts.

For the ultimate in driving dynamics, there is also a SHO Performance Package available on the 2013 Taurus SHO. The package includes:
  • Package-specific sport-tuned suspension with unique dampers and springs

  • Performance brake pads and unique track-tuned calipers

  • Recalibrated EPAS

  • Electronic Stability Control track mode with true off

  • 3.16 to 1 final drive ratio for enhanced off-the-line acceleration

  • Enhanced extreme-duty cooling system

  • 20-inch machined and painted wheels

  • 245/YR20 performance summer-compound tires

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Christopher Francis 04/25/2011
I've had the 2010 Performance Package since 2009 and I still get people complimenting me on how HOT the SHO is. I just got the brakes upgraded by the dealer and now it stops like it should with little to no brake fade. I have my SHO up to 400+ BHP and since the new one wont have more than the 365 BPH I guess I will have to outfit this one as well. Even though I'm crazy about the 2013 I'm considering the Cadillac CTS-V when my lease on my 2010 ends. I 'm torn between two loves; I love the SHO but 556 BPH in the Caddy is allot to think about, come on Ford up your game, even the new SRT-8's are gonna have 480 BHP. One consolation is the Taurus looks better than the lot of them, and sometimes good looks is all you need, So to my fellow SHO lovers, ride on and safely.
Anthony Lombardy 04/23/2011
Forget the Torque Vectoring system that supposedly mimics a Locking Differential, just install a Traction-Lock (anti-spin) differential. As a matter of fact - install a Locking Differential in all of the other Ford vehicles, especially the SUV's & CUV's, in addition to ABS/Traction Control. A locking differential is much more affective. We've had vehicles with both, and can attest to the effectiveness of a Locking Differential. Also have the capability to lock the input to both front & rear drive shafts, as with a transfer case.
Also, if you are going to put extractor vents on the front fenders, make them functional, especially on the SHO. And why is not the Sport Tune Suspendion and Performance Brake package standard on every SHO.

And please do not ruin the Taurus style as was was done with the 2010-present Mustang. The 2005-2009 Mustang style was exactly what buyers were waiting for, NOT an aero-design like the 2010-present models, which resembles an "old car designed to look like a modern car", instead to the other way around. It is now hard to tell the Mustang from a Camaro, another ill-conceived design.

It is ironic that the Challenger is now the only sole "pony car" that still looks good with it's retro design, with the Mustang abandoning it's roots and now looking like the terribly designed Camaro.
Todd Heide 04/22/2011
Great, now do something with the Flex EB, You know, like put some brakes on it that can actually stop it after pushing the go pedal to 110 in 14 seconds. In any case, the 2013 SHO may be my next car to replace my Fusion Sport after I wear it out.
Scotty Cooper 04/22/2011
I agree. The gs should just be rebadged xr8. It's got better recognition with the public. Haha tauras is awesome. Falcon is better. Give us mustang and we can give u Americans falcon! Go aus!
Sasha Jaafari 04/22/2011
To the people at Ford, Australians get what matters. Bring back the XR8 and station wagon models of the Falcon, ferchrissakes
Yvonne Simmons-Sims 04/22/2011
I will always love this car! At one time I thought it was lost and gone forever. Its a great car, its a great sign, and thats no bull! lol
Nathan Pickert 04/22/2011
Still waiting on a new Ford Ranger! But we all know that Ford doesn't want too because they don't to lose sales on their F-Series line up.
2010 SHO owner # 1 04/21/2011
New climate control looks like a coke dispenser at McDonalds.
Dan 04/21/2011
I like the front end much better than the current SHO; however I would hope for and expect a significant power boost; 365 hp, though a lot, doesn't match up by 2013 as much as it did in 2010; There ALWAYS needs to be improvement or the competition will fly by the new SHO. 400 needs to be the minimum, if not 425; the regular Taurus will have 290, so the SHO needs more than a 75 hp boost from its twin turbos; I'm glad the braking system will be upgraded as well. This SHO looks like it will be very nice. I would also like to see it lose a good 400-500 pounds, but it seems like every car on the road has to weigh nearly 4000 pounds now, so I guess that's a silly request to make. Other than that, should be a great car!
Scotty Cooper 04/21/2011
If only you all lived down under. 2011 FPV GT-P. 5.0L supercharged coyote V8... 330kw's. Thats a ford :)
Jeffrey Stevens 04/21/2011
The gauges in the dash are too deep . . . it makes i hard to see when wearing sun glasses. Dash angle bounces the sun right into my eyes. Cockpit too confining . . . center console needs to be lower. Rear window size and position makes it difficult to see much out of the rear window. That's what I didn't like. What I do like is the style, handling, power and quiet.
Jeff Mortensen 04/21/2011
I have a 99 sho... Love it to death but id really like a newer one
Aaron McCarthy 04/21/2011
Grille looks like that of the Five Hundred.
Rick Lynch 04/21/2011
My 2010 is our second SHO and it is great! A 2013 may be a good target date for a trade in!
Bart 04/21/2011
Yeah taurus sho and any taurus is nice. but too many suvs that are crossovers now. explorer FWD now no thanks. listin too all the people ask for the bronco again and make it F150 platform not FWD concept bronco you put out a few years ago.
Carl Allen 04/21/2011
Wish I could afford a new Taurus or SHO, but to expensive for me, so I bought a loaded Fusion SEL 4 cylinder. Gas milage os GREAT :)
Jimbo Browntown 04/21/2011
the bronco would b nice to c again. The show looks nice and everything but if it doesn't got a manual y put the sho badge on it?
Anthony Austin 04/21/2011
Where was the rumored 400HP SHO ? Is that being saved for the MKS?
Tom 04/21/2011
I have a 2010 and I think I can offer some simple design Que's to set off the SHO's Twin Turbo. If anyone @ Ford is interested contact me. Need to hold off 1 more year to get my next one.
Matt Crabby Vnuk 04/21/2011
See profile pic..
Matt Basil 04/21/2011
Ford's doing it right. Just wish they'd make an explorer titanium. :)
Catherine Rogers 04/21/2011
very nice car, little to fancy for me. i'd really like to see crownvicks and broncos again!
Tom Cottage 04/21/2011
Why isn't an option with the 2.0 EcoBoost and AWD here???
Jacob Stanley 04/21/2011
Lol even my ranger has a 5spd. You'd imagine theyd give you a manual like the old SHOs
Michael Beckhoff 04/21/2011
Dallas, there is no substitute for having a Third pedal.
Arnold Rabin 04/21/2011
That's all good...but why no bump in HP?
Jacob Stanley 04/21/2011
Last year for rangers, sadly ^
David Burnside 04/21/2011
Is Ford making a next generation compact pick up?
Dallas Wright 04/21/2011
The Ford Taurus SHO doesnt need a manual transmission because it has an auto clutch with mauual shifting capabilities. You can put it in drive and go, or shift up or down in chronological ordering of the gears alphanumerically. Add the twin turbo charger system with the all-wheel drive system and you have the most affordable vehicle of this type, with this amount of horsepower. It is truly a work of art and an awe of automotive machinery at its best. THANK YOU, HENRY FORD for starting your legacy over 100 years ago and to all of the wonderful designers, machinists, producers, and test researchers who made this as well as all the other wonderful vehicles of FORD MOTOR COMPANY. Im a true fan for life. I drive a 1999 FORD RANGER 4X4, fully loaded and with an aerodynamic package. Besides the inevitable wear and tear while driving on chicago streets, it seems to be holding up. What will the next generation compact pickup truck be like? I cant wait. Im eager with anticipation....?
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