First Look at the 2013 Ford Taurus and Taurus SHO

By Ford Social Member

It’s difficult to pick the most noteworthy feature of the 2013 Ford Taurus, but let’s start with how the flagship sedan manages to make a bit of automotive history: It is the first car in the Ford North America lineup to offer the new 2.0-liter EcoBoost™ engine. Beyond that, the new Taurus also touts improved fuel economy, more smart technology, a fresh look and additional safety features. And did we mention the Taurus SHO is the sportiest model yet to wear the performance badge? But more on that one in a minute.

The 2.0-liter EcoBoost combines a turbocharger with gasoline direct injection, and is expected to deliver best-in-class highway fuel economy of at least 31 mpg, as well as an estimated 237 horsepower and 250 lb.-ft. of torque. Meanwhile, the standard 3.5-liter V6 is projected to deliver unsurpassed fuel efficiency among V6 segment competitors while still delivering increased performance, with an anticipated 290 horsepower. Both engines are mated to unique six-speed automatic transmissions that offer optimized gear selection for off-the-line power delivery in lower gears, while benefiting fuel economy with higher gears that keep the engine turning efficiently at lower revolutions while cruising.

On the technology front, class-leading offerings include SYNC® with MyFord Touch™, which replaces many traditional buttons, knobs and gauges with clear, colorful LCD screens and steering wheel-mounted five-way toggles. The Taurus is available with a wide variety of audio and navigation connectivity alternatives as well as comfort and convenience options. For example, you might dig the new heated steering wheel, a nice companion to heated and cooled leather-trimmed seats.

For driving performance, the new Taurus utilizes torque vectoring control, which uses a slight – virtually imperceptible to the driver – amount of braking force on the outside front wheel when accelerating through a corner. This minimal brake force provides an effect similar to a limited-slip differential, and the vehicle feels smaller and more maneuverable. The Taurus also adds curve control, a unique Ford braking innovation aimed at slowing the vehicle if it senses that a driver inadvertently enters a curve too quickly. The electric power-assisted steering improves response and feel as well as helps to conserve fuel.

Improving safety of the new Taurus brought enhanced airbag restraints with optimized tethering and venting to specifically tailor deployment force to occupant size, position and seat belt status.

Now, from the see-your-voice-matters department comes the new Taurus SHO. Ford absolutely listened to SHO buyers and enthusiasts to strengthen the design and driving quality of the 2013 model. Fun fact: Roughly half of 2010 SHO customers had not previously considered nor shopped Ford, and frequently it’s high-end sedans – think 3- and 5-Series BMWs and Acura TLs – that are trade-ins.

Giving the SHO a unique look is a performance-inspired grille in black mesh, flanked by series-specific high-intensity discharge headlamps. Behind the front wheel openings, a fender-mounted scallop contains a subtle SHO badge. Unique 19-inch premium painted wheels wearing standard P255/45VR-19 all-season tires fill out the openings; buyers can opt for 20-inch machined and painted wheels. SHO-specific sideview mirrors – also in contrasting black – are heated, have memory functionality and contain downward-facing puddle lamps; the driver’s side features auto-dimming. In the rear, Taurus SHO has a decklid-mounted spoiler.

Performance attributes include the award-winning and fuel-efficient 3.5-liter EcoBoost V6, delivering 365 horsepower and 350 lb.-ft. of torque, mated to a six-speed high-capacity 6F55 SelectShift Automatic™ transmission, for up to 25 EPA-rated mpg on the highway.

Steering wheel–mounted paddle shifters enable the Taurus SHO to match revs for smooth, quick, manually selected downshifts. For the new model, these have been reconfigured for more intuitive operation, with one paddle for upshifts and the other for making smooth, matched-rev downshifts. As with the Taurus, the SHO models also feature torque vectoring control. And the new Performance Package includes Electronic Stability Control track mode with true off, performance brakes and track-tuned calipers and a sport-tuned suspension.

When it came to the 2013 Taurus and Taurus SHO, Ford approached the cars' upgrades with “obsessive attention to detail,” explained Mark Fields, the Ford President of The Americas. “The new Taurus builds on the transformation we achieved in the 2010 model. Delivering so many upgrades so soon further underscores Ford’s leadership and commitment to delivering high-quality, fuel-efficient cars for our customers.”
Jae Hyun 01/10/2012
Whatever they said, good or bad, I'm waiting that 2013 SHO in South Korea.
a Sad part is Our side is not Spring. "Fall is comming."
Is that english?
JJ 11/30/2011
They sure conveyed excitement in this interview! Not. Looks like a great improvement over previous years models. I am considering it as an option.
Charlie 10/26/2011
Nice updating. I thought the 2010-12 was always kinda blocky and a little odd-looking. This really smoothed it out nicely.
Mark Rossman 08/17/2011
Great article. I have been looking at a pre-owned 2010 Taurus Limited and now have decided to wait for the 2013. The ecoboost 4 cylinder sounds great and as long as the torque is there, I'm sold.
Ed C 08/11/2011
Great car. Would add a small V-8 option with 400 hp + and fuel saving technologies. Offer more refined grille and tail light options going forward and a pearl white, ruby red tricoat special paints.

Two friends have bought a brand new Taurus. One friend bought the Taurus SHO fully loaded AWD (he owns Mercedes and Lexus) and was looking for even more from Ford in terms of a V-8 and would have bought it if Ford offered it. He bought the highest level of options Ford offered and would have bought more including a V-8 on the Taurus if Ford offered it (he was unimpressed with Lincoln and won't buy one, thinks its too old, no design). Another friend traded her luxury brand in for a loaded Taurus and considers the Taurus to be a luxury car and is very pleased. Ford has some great concepts and sporty designs, let's see them in Ford luxury.
Gary Mansouri 07/29/2011
I have been waiting to buy a fully loaded the next generation (2013) SHO with 400+ HP. Unless Ford will extract those extra ponies out of the 2013 SHO Ecoboost, I will sadly spend my money on something else. Seems to me most potential 2013 SHO buyers are demanding the same increase in HP.
Alex AlvarAuto 07/21/2011
i can think of like 10 cars that have double this gas mileage in Britain
Patrick Munsch 07/18/2011
The reason they don't sell the diesels here is because of the EPA. If the EPA was really concerned about fuel mileage, then they would encourage Ford to sell their 78.5 mpg Fiesta with the 1.6-litre TDCi Duratorq diesel with diesel particulate filter. (and it's not a stupid hybrid)
Mattheu Kok 07/13/2011
:( too heavy
Bruce 07/08/2011
It is truly a shame that this beast now is supposed to be the flagship of the fleet, the spot once held by the LTD Crown Victoria. And I would be referring to the 1980-1991 model, not the loser that replaced it in 1992. You would think that Ford would have learned by now, that there is still a market for a luxurious full size rear drive car, that features an elegant, conservative style, with nice chrome features, whitewalls, and full 6 passenger seating. And not a wannabe like the Lincoln Town Car either. I just bought the last new Grand Marquis I could find on the east coast, and I am glad I did. elegant, luxurious, and rides like a dream. It is my 7th Mercury, and unfortunately my last, since to save Lincoln, Ford killed Mercury. I guess they do want us to buy Buicks............
Gary Schuele 07/08/2011
great car but fule milage isnt that good . my 1993 got 30mpg from fla. to mass. id buy another one
Mike 07/07/2011
Wouldn't it be nice if the Taurus (AND the Flex) came with the Diesel built in England, using the same tech now building diesels in Cleveland. The Jag XF Diesel S is used as a police car in the UK and was voted European Executive Car of the Year. Come on Ford, here's a quote from Jalopnik's Matt Hardigree-- "The new 3.0-Liter twin-tubro AJ-V6D engine offers a 16% increase in power and 15% increase in torque, helping to lower the 0-60 MPH time by nearly two seconds and stretching the top speed to the 155 MPH electronically limited level while at the same time increasing mileage by 12% over the smaller engine........Of course, you can't get one here." Now's the time Ford to bring it over.
John Palmisano 06/30/2011
No doubt a great looking car Ford, but only 25 mpg....really, is that supposed to be good?
Jim Jand 06/29/2011
Droolllll. The new SHO is so awesome looking. I remember when my friend's dad used to drive around in his mid-90's SHO that looked exactly like a regular Taurus. I'm glad they make the SHO more sporty, and seeing what they did here is amazing. The MI Dealers with MI Used Cars had a few SHO's that I was looking at, but I'm probably just going to waiting for this new model to come out.
Nathan Savage 06/24/2011
I think it should be faster. Try for 0-60 times in the low 4 second range. Why not give it a 5 liter V-8 Ecoboost with VCT-I. As for the comment about it being larger. It aint fatter, it's just more muscular.
Mike Notodrugs 06/21/2011
i loved the t-sho til the 6 years fatter no v8 and 4WD!!! WTH?? what happen to the small body? the sleeper look? and im sure if you wnt to the smaller body the mpg might be even better then all that power, but now you neeed all the cause all that weight
abdulah 06/14/2011
To the people asking about the interceptor> It is almost impossible that ford might change the design because it is a police car not a civilian car. Secondly, the powertrain will not change in the interceptor because its naturally aspirited v6 boosts 300 horsepower at least. Also, all the other things changed like the increased size brake rotor and brakes and stiffer suspension and high duty battery etc. are already in the interceptor beast so I hope a gave you the info>
Hasan Kazan 06/05/2011
Is that really? Oh brother!!!Please tell who did take this vid i thx
Hasan Kazan 06/05/2011
Is that really new 2013 Ford Taurus?
Don 06/03/2011
Don - i had a 2010 SHO the all wheel drive was great. if you want more horsepower check out the Hennessey Power exhaust system for a mear $3,500, and turbo tweak you can get close to 500HP out of this beast.
Jonathan Hayes 05/23/2011
EcoBost is nice, since the current modle is way less comfortable than the 2004 & you don't get better milage. At least now you can be uncomfortable with better milage & a big plastic box cramping your leg room.
Isaac Johnson 05/13/2011
The only thing i would change about the 2013 Ford Taurus is the steering wheel, simply because it is identical to that of the 2011 Edge and Explorer. If you look at Ford's previous generation vehicles (example: 2008-2010) nearly each vehicle had its own steering wheel design, which gave each vehicle its own identity. Giving the '13 Taurus the exact same steering wheel wont give it much eccentricity. The 2012 Focus has a different steering wheel design than the rest of Ford's lineup and i feel the Taurus is worthy of a different one as well. I see the '13 Taurus steering wheel now and it screams "Explorer."
Dan 05/01/2011
I agree with Carl; The current SHO is a great car, don't get me wrong. However, it weighs WAY too much and doesn't have the right basics (including that awful Five Hundred platform) to be a great sport sedan. I say make a Fusion SHO with the 3.5 Ecoboost engine and the corresponding suspension and brake changes. THAT would be a great sport sedan. It needs more than 365 hp too; even the standard 3.5 now makes 290 hp; to only give us 75 more hp from twin turbos is pretty silly; that thing should make no less than 425 in the new SHO for it to seriously compete with the always improving competition. 365 was fine 3 years ago, but not by 2013. Go get 'em Ford!
Anthony Foster 04/25/2011
That hulking console is a big turn off to my wife, and in combination with poor left foot room, makes a large car feel cramped to the driver. I was hoping that would be addressed, but looks like it stays. Does the PI Taurus have that also?
Ray Corry 04/24/2011
Own a 2010 SHO, can't see much difference... the 3.5 ecoboost has plenty of power for me and will blow most BMW's away... even a Chrysler 300 srt-8 with a 6.2 liter hemi... Love the car! May have to look into the 2013 when they come out.
Georgy Berezin 04/23/2011
New look is very sharp!!! Next is the Fusion i guess. At least beef up the Fusion Sport

P.S. For all the loosers who say that "they bought 1989 SHO for 20k and new one is overpriced", go to the grocery store and compare eggs or milk prices in '89 and today and shut up.
Carl 04/23/2011
Well, I guess that means no Ford Falcon (rebadged as a Fairlane for bonus points!) for the US market. Y'know, the 6 speed manual RWD car the Australians get instead of the wussified transverse motor front wheel drive pablum we're forced to accept here?
GCJ 04/22/2011
It's not a true performance car without a manual tranny option. I've had a '93 and a '95 SHO, after which it quit being a performance car. I now drive a 3-Series with a 6 speed manual (too much fun), but would gladly trade it for a new manual SHO.
kraig dumais 04/21/2011
Very nice job on the back end. The wheels are horendous! I want back the 2010 wheels! Definetly overpriced and underpowered. Should have upgraded the performance for sure. No less than 400bhp was needed.
Kenneth LeGrow 04/21/2011
I was planning on ordering a new SHO but after seeing what they did, I’m second guessing that thought. The flower wheels have got to go and the chrome around the grills is just terrible, the 2011 looks so much better. All the SHO needed was more power 400 minimum and better tuning on the suspension and brakes and it would have been a great car. I was also looking for 400 + on the new one, Ford you drop the ball on this one. When a Hyundai has more power in their flagship sedan than Ford something is wrong with that picture. Please get rid of those wheels and use the 2010's wheels. Sports Sedans do not need chrome accents around everything. Just get rid of the chrome around the grill both upper and lower and drop those Flower wheels and I may be a buyer. Call me unhappy with this one I was really ready to pull the trigger on a new SHO. But after seeing this thing Ford you took the wind from my sails. Please get rid of the chrome and fire the designer who thinks chrome accents around grills is a good thing on Sport sedans. I hope the guy that approved this design has nothing to do with the next Mustang. The Ford falcon would be better also.
Frank 04/20/2011
And by expensive, I'm saying I can get a better car with better technology, better handling and a manual transmission for about the same money in an Acural TL. And believe me, it pains me to say it. -Former 1991 SHO owner...
Frank 04/20/2011
AGAIN! Missing the mark and the attraction of the original SHO series. NO MANUAL = NO PURCHASE. Even the Acura TL can be had with a manual transmission these days. This SHO is underpowered, too big/heavy, too expensive, and no manual. NO Ford, you did NOT listen...
Jerry Wilkinson 04/20/2011
If ford changes the taurus won't they have to change the police interceptor version too?
Manual 04/20/2011
Put the manual back in the SHO and you will sell one to me.
Anthony 04/20/2011
Why change the design? Keep it 4 a few more years. Personaly, I like the 2011 design better than the 2013 design.
Sam 04/20/2011
More HP
Jimmie Kitrinos 04/20/2011
Wow so I guess they didn't want to keep up with the Charger????? Omg I love Ford but what are you doing??? If your going to make a sports sedan MAKE it don't make it half way!! Although this is a nice car and food engine you have to SURPASS THE COMPETITION and with the price of this thing I don't see it being a success!!!!
christopher Francis 04/20/2011
WONDERFUL! but where is the promised upgrade in horse power, 365 is good but 400 would be better. I have the 2010 Performance Package now and I love it though I am considering moving up to the CTS-V but looking at these new photo's with the improvements (aesthetically) I may just change my mind. I will have to reconsider buying the next SHO if there is no upgrade in BHP. Also there is no mention of upgrading the rotors for the SHO, I recently got a dealer upgrade which is an improvement but Brembos would be WONDERFUL! anxiously awaiting.
Dan 04/20/2011
This is 2011, the SHO needs at least >400 hp. Ecoboost means V8 power with V6 fuel economy, well the 5.0 V8 makes 411 hp, it's time to get those incredible Ford engineers to tune the 3.5 ecoboost to make more power. We all know it's possible! Don't disappoint us Ford!
Mark Mason 04/20/2011
I agree with those asking for a manual transmission -- until they make that an option, nothing else matters. My '92 SHO was a nice car, but the manual was the whole point of the SHO to me. I'm not sure why they offer manuals on so few cars and trucks -- I guess I'll have to hold on to my old '95 F250 forever now since you can't even get one on a Super Duty anymore.
Susan Bellwood 04/20/2011
Always loved the Taurus, please bring back the Escort!
Tom Cottage 04/20/2011
Why isn't an option with the 2.0 EcoBoost and AWD here???
Danen Eastwood 04/20/2011
Us this the one to replace the Aussie Falcon? :-(
Thomas Lee 04/20/2011
OMG , decision between this 2013 Ford Taurus or the 2012 Ford Mustang is harder than diamond !
Jean Watkins 04/20/2011
I have a 2010 SHO Eco-boost, it is hard for me to see how you could improve on an already great performing vehicle. I find it meets all my needs and more. Would love to see this engine put in the Explorer.
Amro Bin Anwar Al-Qader 04/20/2011
Great car , just got better !!!
Only if it have a 5.0 , then it would be the ultimate Muscle sedan
Jacob Adam 04/20/2011
It's so beautiful
Guest 04/20/2011
When will we get paddle shifters for the Mustang??
Steven Queensberry 04/20/2011
Some ppl kill me they say buy "American" go to your local Ford dealer and see where some of the Fords are assembled, MEXICO!
Soccersn Nonamehere 04/20/2011
take that Camry n Accord!!!
Janne Salminen 04/20/2011
IT LOOKS GOOD!Here in Europe that is known as Ford Mondeo.A fine and a good car to drive,efficient and economical.Have to go test drive and then when it comes to sale.
Paul Toledo 04/20/2011
wow and i thought that the ford taurus couldn't get no better
Gareth Williams 04/20/2011
Ford America should look to Ford Australia for great Fords - Falcon XR6T and XR8 along with the Territory SUV are better than anything coming out of North America. Buy Ford, buy Australian.
Colin Green 04/20/2011
Looks good this time, not like the ugly things they tried to sell in Australia and failed big time. Looked like cockroaches last time and the body kit was ridiculous. Much better Ford!!
Brad Gorgas 04/20/2011
Great job Ford....keep em coming!!
Eric James 04/20/2011
and here are some more pictures of the concept!
Eric James 04/20/2011
I am reading alot of "Complainers" out there about this car, and how much it costs. You get what you pay for.... i am officially pinching my pennys and opening a savings account to fork out the additional $20K i did not want to spend on a car, to get a Fully Loaded 2013 SHO... And my 2003 Mercury Marauder is who is going to carry me into the sunset till 2013. But also, raise your stock price ford! your kiiiiiiling my investment right now (i bought way too high) i know your going to go back up (especially with this vehicle) but lets do it a little QUICKER..... :) BE AMERICAN - BUY AMERICAN!
Jason Petty 04/20/2011
I would much rather have the Falcon over here
Josh Raatz 04/20/2011
Looks good Ford, can't wait for more pics. Any word on a MKS facelift?
Felipe Carastan 04/20/2011
Oh, man... i prefer the 2010 model.
The SHO is great! But the regular Taurus is weird... it's "less Ford". Whatever happened to its grill???
It looks like some Hyundai design, or something... Wich is not a complement, by the way...
Doug Beck 04/20/2011
A three pedal 6 speed manual would be a nice touch, 37% of your mustang buyers can't be wrong.... A manual transmission would help with the distraction issues created by all the touch screens and other unnecessary technologies that end up in modern cars....
Christopher B Hindle 04/20/2011
When the original Taurus SHO came out in late '88 early '89, it was in the low to mid $20,000's. It was the highest priced Ford vehicle at the time. Almost 25 years later, I would expect to pay from the mid $30's to low $50,000's. The Audi S4 has similar stats, and is in the low $50,000's. Most of the faster Mustangs are now over $45,000.
Carl Alexander - Farmers Insurance Agency 04/20/2011
Gogo Taurus SHO =)
Robin Griffin Bartlett 04/19/2011
pointless. we'll all be dead before its released ^_^
Justin Pride 04/19/2011
The only people saying it's overpriced can't afford it
Terry Thornton 04/19/2011
looks hot
Evelyn Smith 04/19/2011
I never liked the Taurus body styles but, the new ones are SO much better!
Colin Majors 04/19/2011
Love the Taurus I had a older 99 put over 150k miles on it. Got a Explorer now love my Ford's. Buy American!
Zachary Heck 04/19/2011
More powerful and far luxurious than a civic, as well as fuel efficient. Keep these cars coming Ford! :D
Gary Rebecca Livingstone 04/19/2011
I thought the new SHO Ecoboost was going to have 400 hp.
Bautista Rodfer 04/19/2011
another awesome-looking four wheel from Ford... wish i could see the interior of this zodiac car..
Larry Rumrill 04/19/2011
awesome car..but it seriously needs to go on a diet
Gavin Allan 04/19/2011
Taurus is just an Explorer without the hatch.
Patrick LaMontagne 04/19/2011
Bravo Ford, bravo! Thanks for listening to some of the insight from the consumers.
Erik Swensen 04/19/2011
love the front end, looks alot better, though i'd say, if ford ever did a remodel of the Crown Vic, this is how it should've looked. also kinda looks like a futuristic look to a '72 torino from the front point at least. Ford needs to beef up the drivetrain. if the new F-150 ecoboost can put out 420 ft/lbs of torque so should the new Taurus! I think that would be the true icing on the cake!
Bob Fisher 04/19/2011
if it would lose 500lbs and drop 10,000 off the price i'd consider it.for the price i'd add a bit more and buy the shelby.for now i'll keep my 91 sho plus.
Kevin Holden 04/19/2011
Mike, don't be jelly.
paul toledo 04/19/2011
wow thats awesome and i thought that it couldn't get no better
Ryan Smith 04/19/2011
2013 Taurus SHO. Orgasmic!
Stephen Spackman 04/19/2011
The Ford Mondeo is better. Same with the Falcon. Sorry Ford NA but your cars are too damn ugly and always trying to copy your rivals and keep falling on your face. Nice try though
Brent Barger 04/19/2011
Buy back the jaguar much better and faster
Jacob Guttenplan 04/19/2011
All i want in my SHO is a Manual Transmission!!! Please Ford, I Love my 94 SHO manual and i want a new one with a manual transmission!
Vance Parks 04/19/2011
When will Ford make an SVT version of the Taurus? A 600 horsepower, dual twin turbo, direct injection all wheel drive Cadilac/BMW beater?
Chris Morin 04/19/2011
My next car will be a Taurus SHO
Mike Cloeter 04/19/2011
Hiroki Ando 04/19/2011
Damn, I love ford!
Alex Holcomb 04/19/2011
So the base v6 is going to have more power than the sho??
Doug Napieralski 04/19/2011
Give it the 5.0l coyote or bump that power over 400hp please!
Jamal Terrell 04/19/2011
Nice!! Now when are y'all gonna stick that motor in a Fusion and go slaying Audi S4's?
Frank Terry Szymkowski 04/19/2011
these cars just keep getting better and better..
Gavin Allan 04/19/2011
How about the 5.0 liter V8?
Jimmie Kitrinos 04/19/2011
Why can't they ever lead the pack they always play catch up with their engine. Put 400+ horsepower in that damn thing!!!!!!!
David Burnside 04/19/2011
@Kevin. Sounds like its FWD. The article said it applies the outside front brake in a corner in aggressive driving.
Gilbert Smith 04/19/2011
Can't wait!
Kevin Meier 04/19/2011
i wonder if its awd, fwd, or rwd
Bryan Wesly Pascual 04/19/2011
Front fascia looks like a blend of fusion and mustang!
Osvaldo Doldán 04/19/2011
truth I'm not understanding much about the new Ford Taurus is just because the 2-year premiered his new generation and are now talking about the new replacement for it. like that! anyone have any answers.
Sheila Kay Dalton Schmidt 04/19/2011
I want one!!!!
Mazza Dickson Maryellan Birch 04/19/2011
can i have 1 plz
David Burnside 04/19/2011
@William H. When was the Taurus RWD?
Stuart Senecal 04/19/2011
I like it!
Agape' Agbuya 04/19/2011
The Taurus seems pricey, but in reality it is not! If you compare the Lincoln MKS and LExus with the Taurus, they have 99.9% similarities with all their features, but you would still find Taurus cheaper--still pricey for a sedan car. But with all the technology that comes with it, it knocks off the interior beauty of Lexus and BMW!
Gaurav Poudwal 04/19/2011
It's Awesome.............
Mike LaJoice 04/19/2011
Agape' Agbuya 04/19/2011
I am eager to watch a video (for comparative analysis of the 2011) of the 2013 Taurus! Is there any?
Jeanette Beldin 04/19/2011
Yes!! Keep making the SHO!!
Chris Mazur 04/19/2011
I've been VERY disappointed with the new SHO. My '89 was the BEST! Also, the price is NUTZ for what you get! Ford get with the story! Make a better SHO @ a reasonable price - Also, allow the new Ranger to be sold in the USA or you'll lose a lot of customers, like me!
Susan Brooks Peters 04/19/2011
got the 2010 & loovvvveeeee IT
Ron Wiseman 04/19/2011
Already the best American design on the highway and this looks even better! Just another step out front for FORD!
Glenn Thompson 04/19/2011
Congrats Ford. You fixed my only complaint with the Taurus...that was the grill. Love the SHO front end. The 31 MPG highway rating for a vehicle this size is outstanding. No..the Altima does not compete directly with the Taurus. What Kevin says is correct, the Fusion competes with the Altima. Anyone who thinks the Taurus is overpriced should check out the standard features. Even the SHO fully loaded is a 'bargain' compared to other vehicles which are priced much higher.
Tony DeMarco 04/19/2011
I wanted a new SHO, now I want the newer SHO
Ryan J. Tatoosh 04/19/2011
Ford, what's your plans for the raptor? i'd like to know if i should hold out for a 2012? if thats in your plans....
Ryan J. Tatoosh 04/19/2011
its not even 2012?? lol...
Eric Fine 04/19/2011
they did listen to enthusiasts part way however we asked for 400 hp not the same 365 I just hope they made the brakes better and that there will be an update for the hp
William Hawbold 04/19/2011 it back to RWD yet? ;)
Erkan Gulaydin 04/19/2011
one number
Frazgo Fraz 04/19/2011
Love my Taurus...great cruiser and excellent mileage on the open road.
Aaron McCarthy 04/19/2011
I'm noticing inconsistant grille styles.
Thoroughbred Ford 04/19/2011
Margaret Loman 04/19/2011
Not the Mom-mobile I use to drive. Nice job Ford Motor Co.!
Kevin Holden 04/19/2011
Sean, that is a horrible comparison. The Altima is a mid size, like the Fusion. If you want to compare, compare the correct vehicles. As for the price, you won't find a comparable car cheaper. I love the 31mpg 2.0 option, seems like a great way to go. Can't wait to have fun in a SHO. BTW people, Audi and other imports lick Ford's shoe's.
Justin LaNoue 04/19/2011
Awesome can't wait to drive it!
Jake Shafer 04/19/2011
Finally no more razor blade front end. Every time I walk by a new Ford my beard gets trimmed.
Bradley E. Bowhall Jr 04/19/2011
sweet love it build it now.
Sean Zubaugh 04/19/2011
It's a nice car but it's over priced!!! I guess I'll just buy a nessan Altima. It's got all the features I want and it's affordable.
Dr. Max 04/19/2011
I take that the 2-liter EcoBoost is a four-cylinder...if so, this will be the first four-cylinder Taurus since the MT-5 of the mid-80s, which was replaced by the first-gen SHO.
Kenny Salmeri 04/19/2011
Trying to win the police contracts now are we? Wining!
Joe Petrimoulx 04/19/2011
Nice. Comfortable yet aggressive looking. Nicely done.
Jenna Eaton Sheehan 04/19/2011
Awesome update for an already superb car! Can't wait to sell some!!!!
Kevin Black 04/19/2011
I love you ford but honestly I liked the way it looked b4 better
Nestle Salcedo 04/19/2011
not to shabby! It looks much better than the first generation of the current design! ^_^ and I LOVE THE NEW FRONT END! ^_^
Liz Conner 04/19/2011
Love this car!
Chris Brown 04/19/2011
Not a real SHO without the 3.0 or 3.2 yamaha
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