Hammer Time! Bid on This Rare Ford

By Tori T.

It’s one thing to have a chance to own a bit of history involving a Ford racetrack durability car. But throw in the fact that its background includes laps at the historic Sebring International Raceway, was developed by the Ford SVT team and Carroll Shelby, and was personally driven during said testing by Carroll himself and yowza – you’ve got yourself an epically awesome car!

Meet the one-of-one 2013 Ford Shelby GT500, which was built in 2007 and was one of the first Shelby GT500s to sport the new 2010 body. The 2013 GT500 is the most powerful production V-8 in the world, with a 5.8-liter engine that makes 650 horsepower and 600 lb-ft of torque! This prototype was run for 24 hours at top speeds of 150 mph at Sebring to ensure all systems function properly for customers who plan to replicate the activity.

The car will be auctioned at the 41st Annual Barrett-Jackson Collector Car Auction Saturday, January 21, 2012, in Scottsdale, Arizona. The sale will raise money for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF) . On the auction stage will be Ford President of The Americas, Mark Fields, and members of SVT. The event will be televised live on SPEED Channel.

“I raced on the Sebring International racetrack for many years, but my ambition was always to build my own car,” Carroll Shelby said. “It was exciting to be back to collaborate on this GT500 durability car with the SVT guys. I’m really proud to have my name on this car. They took my dreams of what a car should be and made it a reality.”

A full roll cage, six-point harness seatbelts and Recaro racing seats are among the car’s other attributes. Neat bonus: Each member of the SVT engineering team who worked on the 2013 Shelby GT500 signed the underside of the trunk lid.
Charles Johnson 01/25/2012
what up turbo
Staci Harrod-Cotrell 01/22/2012
Thank You Ford Motor Company for auctioning this mustang off!!! My 8 year old son was diagnosed with Juvenile Diabetes 2 years ago!!! Thank you for helping us fight for a cure!!!! WE ARE HAPPY YOU SOLD THE CAR!!!!
Jack Goebel 01/21/2012
I already have a 2012 GT500 and I would'nt trade it for the world, but, If I had the resourses, I definately would bid on this one. I Expect it will go well beyond my ability to buy unlike the 2012.
Bineta Ba 01/20/2012
Oh my good j think it s a dream
Kathy Hamm 01/20/2012
if you only knew how bad i want a shelby,unfortunatly cant afford one right now, but SOON!!!
Amy Williams Dodge 01/20/2012
Gas cap problem turns eingine light on 2008 Ford Fusion with 15,000 miles. Replace gas cap after paying Corning Ford 76.00 to confirm problem.....Engine light remains in the on position:(
Julian Rios 01/20/2012
Built it! Yeah baby.
Tom Gray 01/20/2012
Here 's ten dollars for a sweet 10 ride. MUSTANGS FOR EVER.
Raul Albor 01/20/2012
Sorry ZL1
Tyler Mayes 01/20/2012
@Brandon O'saile ...that was awesome
Charlie Koller 01/20/2012
this car*
Charlie Koller 01/20/2012
"Meet the one-of-one 2013 Ford Shelby GT500, which was built in 2007"
It's entertaining to think while everyone was clamoring to buy the "all new" '07 GT500 a car featuring an updated version of a bodystyle that wouldn't even be introduced until 2010. Very neat.
Toni Butterfield Spenziero 01/20/2012
LOVE THE SHELBY !!!!!!!!!!
Erika Hatch 01/20/2012
@D'Arcy GilliS Matchett.....You are kidding RIGHT??? You have to be...my Mustang will leave a Dodge and Chevi in the Dust, and I have with my Pony!!! That ticks them off, not only because it's a Mustang but because they see a woman behind the wheel!!! I just SMILE!!!
Rob Marcelletti 01/20/2012
I don't know why Ford will not go back to using SVO turbochargers , a 5.4 or 5.8 would have so much more "free horsepower" with a single or twin turbo I know people with Mustangs that have 1000 plus reliable street leagle horsepower without the extra weight on the motor of a supercharger...
Frankie Lee Morrison 01/20/2012
homina homina homina The bidding has started----Call Raceway Ford in Hartsville today!!! 843-332-0185 Frankie
Chris Dzwigalski 01/20/2012
What's the starting bid
Gabriel John Keane 01/20/2012
Can't touch 'dis.
Pat Gould 01/20/2012
I could only wish I could go to the auction and a bigger wish for the money to bid on it! LOL
Braddford Young 01/20/2012
Wonder if this car is putting down more than 650hp
Johnny Morgan 01/20/2012
$ 1 dollar
D'Arcy GilliS Matchett 01/20/2012
I would like to see it race with a Dodge and Chev..
Joe Geis 01/20/2012
carroll still rocks
Pat Palmer 01/20/2012
Give it to me and you won't get it back in ten years!
Tony Peich 01/20/2012
Richard Darlene Marquardt 01/20/2012
Sad. : (
Tommy Knapp 01/20/2012
Thats 1 sweet ride. I would love it if Carol Shelby worked on my 65 Mustang. He's fully restored. We named him DUSTY'S DREAM. After my son who bought it as a father son project 6 day before he was killed.
Christopher Harper 01/20/2012
The point of selling it at auction is to raise money for charity. The car isn't even street legal people.
Preston Johanson 01/20/2012
Can I bid with an IOU?
Brandon O'saile 01/20/2012
i love my bicycle! sweet lil 1 seater. i park it next to my trashcan hoping someone will pick it up.
Joe Perez 01/20/2012
Even with the bad economy I bet she hits over $200 K in auction. Recall the 2007 Shelby GT-H #1 sold for 250 K so when I bought my GT-H for 30 K USED I thought I stold it.
Leigh Blakey 01/20/2012
I love my 87 Mustang Mclaren! Sweet lil 2 seater . I park it next to my hot rod Trans Am!
BobbiJo Pherigo-Van Orman 01/20/2012
really dont auction it off i have 8 Mustangs and can always use more!
Ben 'Bullbar' Matthews 01/20/2012
dont action it just send it to me ill shed it and baby it and give it back to ya as is in 10 years
Hammer Time! Bid on This Rare Ford
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