Exciting Updates Celebrating 20 Years of Ford SVT Products

By Cole Q.

The Chicago Auto Show 2012 will open this week, and here is one event you won’t want to miss: Celebrating 20 years of SVT and hear the latest SVT updates! We’ll roll an exclusive video inside the live chat below, and we'll give you the chance to ask questions of Jamal Hameedi, SVT Chief Engineer, and Jim Owens, Shelby Marketing Manager.

Set your calendar reminder for 11:00 a.m. CST (noon EST, 9:00 a.m. PST) on February 9, 2012, to come back and be part of the excitement!
<a href="http://www.coveritlive.com/mobile.php/option=com_mobile/task=viewaltcast/altcast_code=dd07684f9e" mce_href="http://www.coveritlive.com/mobile.php/option=com_mobile/task=viewaltcast/altcast_code=dd07684f9e" >Live Chat With SVT Chief Engineer Jamal Hameedi &#038; Shelby Marketing Manager Jim Owens</a>

Jamal is responsible for all programs under the SVT nameplate – including the 2010 Raptor and the new Shelby GT500 – Hameedi has an extremely diverse role. He must ensure every new SVT vehicle meets its engineering, manufacturing, business and timing objectives. It’s enough to keep the 19-year Ford veteran frenetically busy – and supremely satisfied with his job. Jamal was raised and educated in St. Louis, but he believes Detroit is the best place for a true car enthusiast to work. He spent eight years working on a Ford-sponsored SCORE trophy truck team, helping to develop the powertrain that won three Baja 1000 titles.

Jim is responsible for promoting Shelby through events and enthusiast marketing. He brings over 20 years of automotive experience spanning from the technician hotline at Shelby, owner relations management, brand and communications management and most recently the Ford Racing, Mustang and SVT. He has spent the last eight years working with Ford Performance brands including Ford Racing, SVT and Mustang.
Angelo Schulz 02/22/2012
very nice car (:
Angelo Schulz 02/22/2012
A very awesome car and a pretty nice sound, what do you want more.
John 02/10/2012
Bring the Diesel over and for the Focus as well, work on a Diesel Turbo Hybrid, Work on a Truly Exicting Lincoln give it a name for godsake instead of letters. ie Lincoln LightningBird, and or think of Bringing back the venerable Continental name but if you make it a boat then don't bother wasting your time or anyone else's, a 3 door Fiesta St, and an ultra gas sipping 1.0 3 cylinder might do. And really after reviewing the MKZ concept just keep working on Lincoln till you get it as exciting or more exciting than the upcoming Honda NSX.
nena 02/10/2012
brother in law bought a ford and we did the box tops for education back in dec. because he got a promotion card with his purchase and have yet to get credit for them does anyone know who to contact??
Dustin Kyd 02/09/2012
I want to see another Terminator maybe an EXTERMINATOR with IRS like in the 03-04's and just for the hell of it crank that 302 up to 800rwhp not crank power (maybe a TWIN TURBO system) that would be an iconic 50th Anniversery Car and it should definetly kill the GT500 thats my thoughts anyway
Wscibski Piotr 02/09/2012
You should do a sleep scanner when someones asleep on road the car will automatically find parking and park itself :-)
Nick Gentile 02/09/2012
after reading this i cannot help but reminisce about a friends svt contour circa 2000. could not have been better. keep rocking ford.
J. W. Meek 02/09/2012
yeah, I'd like to see some FRPP for the 5.0 F-150.. so much potential there.. shame the compression is lower... and shame the mustang factory headers don't fit.. anyway.. love your work.. As for me and my family, we shall drive the Ford.
Sue Albondante 02/09/2012
I love my 1999 black drop top SVT Cobra Mustang.
Been a Ford fan forever - all I've owned. What are Ford's plans for the Mustang 50th anniversary?
I already own a 2011 Ford Fusion SE 6 Speed Automatic i like how it performs and give me a great fuel economy and it's comfortable riding, hopefully the 2013 model Fusion/Mondeo be better and much comfortable seats and it become available in the middle east.
Frano Miloslavic 02/09/2012
When I was born my family car was of course a ford model falcon, after that My family and i ONLY WAS DRIVING FORDS Fairlane, f100, fairmont, mustang, taurus and of ford brasil del rey and corcel, now again taurus and a Explorer. We love the brand Ford.
Theresa 02/08/2012
Currently own a 2011 Ford Focus with manual transmission and absolutely LOVE IT! So much fun. Have never own anything other than a Ford. I am my daddy's girl.
Kris Moffatt 02/08/2012
I have a 97 Ford Mondeo ST24 (similar to the Contour SVT but only has the standard 170Hp V60) and I like most things about it. Its constant electrical problems drives me up the wall, but it is one of the most underrated cars produced
When is the Focus STs going to hit the showroom and hope there are more than orange and blue color.
When is the 2013 Escape coming out?
Matt Kephart 02/06/2012
I bought a 98 SVT Contour when my dad bought his 99 SVT Lightning new. The Contour was the smoothest highway cruiser around, was pretty quick and handled VERY well. I have an 03 SVT Focus that I autocross and bought my dad's Lightning as a tow vehicle and race truck. I am a long-time SVT fan and look forward to what the future holds with the Focus ST and Fiesta ST.
Ricardo Ponton 02/06/2012
yea bring back the power to the street cuz i see ponys now not so powerful i owen a 95 f150 u can say still in mint condision ford all the way baby
Fast Eddie Jenne 02/06/2012
Where's the Svt Ranger??? Would you like to see my 95'? The most underestimated vehicle on the market... It wins shows and street races... By the way it has the original 4.0L V-6 with 350,000+ miles on it! Still FORD TOUGH!!!!! Come on SVT/ FORD...
Gerardo Montejano Martinez 02/06/2012
Ford Racing Wheels upgrade
Marc Miller 02/06/2012
Ford rules GM $#@&$!
Kevin Weathers 02/06/2012
So sad to see lincoln town car ending. My family has driven this car since it was created. We do not like lincoln's new line up for 2012. The only lincoln sedan is small, so small, walk arounders wont even comment on the rear leg room in the new mks. We hate suv's and the town car replacement is a ford flex, ouch! Ford, my whole family has paid cash for new town cars yearly. Now I guess we will switch to mercedes s class since it still has the big sleek frame. Ford should have made the 2012 town car similar to s class mercedes or even crysler 300m. Instead, town car is a chopped off station wagon, and the new lincoln sedan is basically a ford fusion. The limo industry will never be the same as well. The town car made cities complete. We will see how far the ford flex wagon goes. Town car, we will miss you sooo much and so sad ford took you away. You were the best riding car ever.......
Betina Sanders 02/06/2012
I love you FORD!
Hamza/MOROCCO 02/06/2012
i like FORD
John Rossi 02/06/2012
I luv that blue mustang in the pic on the cover of this.
Jörg Bahrke 02/06/2012
How about talking about FoG cars? They are better and have a higher market share!
Marco Lubbe Venter 02/06/2012
Congrats on the new gt500 with the 650 hp wow simply amazing can't wait to test drive one
Thomas Rawlings 02/06/2012
1999 contour SVT,64,000mi,wife drives it to work every day,3rd set of Tires on it last summer,she moves===============
Jukka Häyrinen 02/06/2012
Ford Merkur XR4Ti must be my favorite 'cos it's a Ford Sierrrra.
Derek Ilgenfritz 02/06/2012
Chevy had 3 or more commercials during the SB... Ford had 0... I guess that's why GM needs a bailout. I'm pissed I paid for Chevys endorsements!
Ben Boshaw 02/06/2012
to bad eveything untill recent kinda sucked. shouldve just imported mkIII escorts
Nancy Straub 02/06/2012
I will have to take them matter to a higher level I still Love ford just not the repair shop
Braddford Young 02/06/2012
@mike reininger the gt500 is the cobra!
Nancy Straub 02/06/2012
Ford keeps deleting my post
Leo Cinquemani 02/06/2012
Thank u I luv my '93 Cobra R
Sharon Spolidora 02/06/2012
I also missed seeing a Ford super bowl commercial....I am sure we have one coming though after the truck one from Silverado...game on.
Brian Walczak 02/06/2012
Had an 84 SVO Mustang, now have 2010 Raptor. FORD RULES!!
Jesus Garcia 02/06/2012
1984 Mustang SVO...the car that started it all!
Phil Snell 02/06/2012
Why didn't Ford or Lincoln have a commercial during the Super Bowl. I think that was a huge mistake and we missed out on a huge opportunity.
Alexander Pirnie 02/06/2012
2001 F-150 Lightning. One of the most fun vehicles I have ever owned. Would love to see a Gen 3 Lightning please.
Philip Hunter 02/06/2012
My 2003 lightning has 200000 on it waiting on a new one :)
Mike Reininger 02/06/2012
Are we going to see a cobra in the near future?
Tommie Boddie Sr. 02/06/2012
97 SVT COBRA..........
Tracey Becker 02/06/2012
like ford mustangs and the trucks thats all
Kent Reed 02/06/2012
wicked color.
Cindy Pearson 02/06/2012
built FORD tuff
Cindy Pearson 02/06/2012
thats all i will ever own is a ford love them
Earnest Birdnasty Gardner Jr. 02/06/2012
Gen 3 Lightning for the win!
Keven Soenen 02/06/2012
50th anniversary SVT Mustang, thanks...
Micheal Cutchall 02/06/2012
I agree with Mark,FORD RULES!
Joshua Sean 02/06/2012
3rd Gen Lightning PLEASE! Thank you.
Ramaano Natti Lutendo 02/06/2012
ford my ford
Mark Conrad 02/06/2012
Cecil Helton 02/06/2012
The 2003 Focus SVT was one of my favorite cars I've ever owned.
Exciting Updates Celebrating 20 years of Ford SVT Products
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