Where Would 800,000 Miles in Your Mustang Take You?

By Ford Social Member

Think about it; 800,000 miles. What’s the most miles you’ve ever accumulated on one vehicle? And where did you go? To college? To work thousands of time? On the cross-country trip of a lifetime?

We happened to have the rare opportunity to be with Carol Marini when she rolled the odometer in her 1968 Mustang over for the eight time. That’s 800,000 miles that she has covered in the car that she affectionately nicknamed the Blue Beast. In the video, she shares how her Mustang landed her free concert tickets, has helped her get through difficult times and has been her means of escape and freedom. In fact, it’s the only car she’s owned over the past 42 years!

Last week, we shared Gary Mueller’s story of more than 1 million miles on his 2002 Ford F-350 Super Duty® (click here to read it if you missed it).

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Here are just three of the hundreds of stories that others have already shared:


322,000 Miles And Still Going Strong

I brought my first NEW car, a lovely green Ford Taurus SEL in July of 2000. 0 miles on it when I bought it and now, 10 years and over 320,000 miles later she is still going strong, original engine, original muffler, (and probably a few other original parts). She’s taken me from New York to Connecticut and back about 2,500 times (along with a few trips to NJ, PA, MA, RI.) Read more...


F-250 With 1/4 Of A Million Miles

I work at a Ford dealer, just recently a customer traded in this 2008 Ford F-250 Super Duty and the truck has 226,826 miles on it. The truck looks as good as used truck with low miles, and it runs and rides really good. Now this is Ford Build Tough. Read more...


500,000 Miles And Counting

My father bought our Bronco when I was only one year old. We went everywhere in the Bronco for all our family trips. We went from our home in St. Louis, Missouri on numerous trips to Colorado, Florida, North Carolina, Washington D.C. and Northern Illinois. By the time I purchased the Bronco from my parents in 2001 it had over 500,000 miles on it. Read more...

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Marty Babbitt 12/07/2011
600,000 miles on my 2000 mustang
Elizabeth Mandeville 08/02/2011
I have a 1993 Mustang GT that I bought off the showroom floor and I STILL love my car! It has relatively low miles but I keep it moving with regular oil changes using Castrol motor oil only. That 302 V8 is a great engine.
H. Hollmann 06/29/2011
Whenever a car of mine is reaching 100.000 kilometers (not miles...) I spent a bottle of Champagne and celebrate.
That have been done 5 times now.
First with a Fiat500 on a German Highway (Autobahn)...
Austin Nelsen 05/24/2011
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Susan Jones 05/16/2011
I have a Maverick it is a 1972 , runs good Fixing it up right now
Eric James 05/16/2011
Clicked 116K MIles on my Mercury Marauder.... one car i will never sell.
Cesar Mendez Agudelo 05/14/2011
OMG, 800.000 miles, it's an amazing number of miles with the car...she's a hero for all of mustang fans and lovers
Bill Karnes 05/14/2011
@Bradley E. Bowhall--Click on the picture and see the video--The one and only car she has ever owned. This is a awesome Ford for sure.
Dave Allred 05/14/2011
Great story..love those Mustangs..800K is beyond impressive...take care of the car..car will take care of you :). Our 2004 F150 just passed 200000 and is still going strong with no problems. Only 600000 more to go. :)
Bradley E. Bowhall Jr 05/13/2011
this story is too awsome should have shown more of the car though.
Anthony McMahan 05/13/2011
I hope my crown Vic makes it that far! Its a 93', I only have 80k miles on it now.....hmmmm
Sam Jane 05/13/2011
She should change the paint to the Bullit Green. That would be awsome.
Marty Murchison 05/13/2011
all over QLD and say look I'm in a real car
Qasim Naqvi 05/13/2011
Here in Pakistan, I have had the pleasure of driving a friend's 1965 mustang convertible 289 v8 with a 2 barrel carb and 3 speed stick..and man does it go...i have been mustang crazy since i was 9 years old wen i 1st saw it in jim belushi's movie "K-9"
i hope to own and drive one of my own someday soon!
Mike Williams 05/13/2011
my 99 has 180000 and its been in 9 states and any were i want
Bryant Mills 05/13/2011
Everywhere, like my '69 and '73 Mustangs did. Hope that Ford dealer would give her a paint job to celebrate 800,000 miles. From what I saw, the '68 could use one. What engine/transmission does her car have?
Ali Hachem 05/13/2011
I rather drive a ford than pulling a chevrolet
Ali Hachem 05/13/2011
Into spcae
Dan Webb 05/13/2011
All of my Mustang miles have been enjoyable. A great deal of memorable miles (and kilometers) were made in my commute from Grand Rapids, MI to Burlington, ON while my wife and I were dating.

The faithful steed still serves this contract engineer well as it stands the test of endurance here in my part of the Utah desert. (Almost done though, and we'll be headed back East!)
CoDy CavenDer 05/13/2011
Around the world finding the most challenging road courses
jake 05/13/2011
sounds like that things got a knock in the engine...
Nicholas Mcnamara 05/13/2011
Across the street!
Aj Armstrong 05/13/2011
Katerina Lewis 05/13/2011
further than a Camaro
Lenny Skibicki 05/13/2011
You may hear about hondas going 200k, but I know a lot more Fords going well beyond that. Take that toyota and honda!
Scott Black 05/13/2011
To the moon and back again!
Tony Jauregui 05/13/2011
Couple of time around the world
Linda Taylor Guiney 05/13/2011
My Son Believes Only In FORD !!!!
Donald M. Andreas 05/13/2011
lots of places. like almost to the moon and back twice.
Logan Harper 05/13/2011
Down the drag strip 3.2 million times
Cory Castaldo 05/13/2011
Alan Mullaley's house to stop the cancellation of the Crown Vic!!!
Allen Stephenson 05/13/2011
My 1998 Mustang GT has approximately 600,000 miles on it. I use it for work and average over 50k a year. It has the stock 4.6 engine and transmission in it. As a matter of fact the ONLY thing I have replaced is drive shaft, clutch, and last month the radiator. I get 27-28 mpg highway miles. So Ford did at least two right!
Kendall Price 05/13/2011
Like to see a chevy do that js haha
Mike Hill 05/13/2011
To the graveyard cuz me back would be killing me and also into forclosure because of the gas prices now days but id die happy being in a ford!!
Joseph Steele 05/13/2011
All around the world!!!!
Carolann Quinn 05/13/2011
If I had a Mustang, I would take it to school, to work (since I would be able to get a job), weekend trips to the high country (north and east of Phoenix) and a trip to Los Angeles/San Diego in the summer when my daughter is visiting from Moscow. Unfortunately, all of that is a pipe dream as I don't even own a kitty car.
Adrian Moreno 05/13/2011
I have an 07 mustang gt coupe and I have 1075778 on it. Still running like a camp and will for years! Thanks Ford for making such and kick butt ride!
Sonya Semos 05/13/2011
That's awesome! <3
Janet Spainhour 05/13/2011
My 87 mustang had 265K when I wrecked it in 97, and my 2000 GT has 172K now. I love these cars....safe and reliable. I hope I make it to 800K because I can't buy a new one.
Danen Eastwood 05/13/2011
At around $6.15 per gallon (Australia) I wouldn't be goin anywhere!!!!
Rob Martinez 05/13/2011
nowhere because i like low miles
Brian Dorow 05/13/2011
Maby around the world in 90 days..
Jerome Henry 05/13/2011
around the block 3 mllion times
Gabriele Abyss Niccolini 05/13/2011
If you give me one for free plus free fuel I would tell you. Test me.
Luis Poopsmcgee 05/13/2011
To school to show off my mustang and back
Don Hughes 05/13/2011
every drag strip in north america!
Yaka Honsu 05/13/2011
to circuit and race every day..hahaha
Steve Brant 05/13/2011
It would take me from Boston Ma to San Francisco approximately 250 times!! Give or take a a few miles!....then again it would get boring after the 20th trip!
Bob Doc Watson-Paterson 05/13/2011
On a around Australia Road Trip then Acruize down the remains Of Route 66 then the Trans Canada Highway three magic drives I would love to do some time soon
Chris Briesch 05/13/2011
To the junkyard!
Sunny Sun 05/13/2011
If your gonna buy the edge you have to get the 2011 Edge SEL at least.
Jammer Racek 05/13/2011
Any where I want to go.
Tommy Knapp 05/13/2011
Anywhere i wanna go. WHOS PAYING FOR THE GAS?
Robert Lawson 05/13/2011
East coast to west coast, north and south!!
Bobby Dye 05/13/2011
To the cheapest gas station .
Grey McWane 05/13/2011
A lifetime of burnouts, donuts and tickets ;P
Raul Meza 05/13/2011
So awesome!
Denny D. Miller 05/13/2011
multiple cruises on the hot rod power tour, on good ole route 66
Tracey Easter 05/13/2011
around the country w/ my nikon
Doc Pain 05/13/2011
sold my '97 mustang a couple months ago......it had 197,000 on it......man, I wish I hadn't sold it......loved that car.
Doc Pain 05/13/2011
also.....my Sable has right about 250,000 miles......other than a few minor hail dings.....still looks, runs and drives like it was new.
Halie Sievers 05/13/2011
Anyplace I wanted to go... maybe to the ford maker to tell him thank you. :-)
Daniel G Carpenter 05/13/2011
The moon?
Doc Pain 05/13/2011
I haven't owned a single Ford that didn't have at least 100-200,000 miles on it when I sold it......and still ran and looked just great !......my crown vic has nearly 200,000 hard miles on it and still can catch these little camaro's and challengers........
Donna Nersesian-Mucha 05/13/2011
Let James Durbin from American Idol find out. GIVE HIM ONE.
Eddie-Michelle Howard 05/13/2011
To the track
Jj Munger 05/13/2011
It would take me all around the U.S. & then on to Europe!
Lori Youwentanddidit Hise 05/13/2011
Every place I wanna go but I want an EDGE