What Would You Do in a Mustang?

By Tori T.

Ford had a question for Mustang fans: What would you do in a Mustang? That’s because everyone has a Mustang story. The car someone drove to college. Someone learned to drive in. The car their parents had. The one their child has. The car a son built with his father. The Mustang is a car instantly recognized and therefore immediately responsible for a flood of memories. And with it being all-new in 2015 , a whole new set of memories is in the making.

But things went a step beyond just hearing your stories–these stories inspired us to create the short films that you can watch in the playlist at the top of the page.

“The Drive”: Nearly all boys fall in love with a Mustang and a girl at some point in their lives. Meet Henry, who happens to fall head over heels for both at the same time.

“New Toy”: Simply put, a dog may be man’s best friend, but a Mustang is this dog’s best friend. Trust us, you’ll relate to this dog’s emotional breakdown over the thought of life without a Mustang.

“Adventurous Eating”: Life is a journey, with roads that can take you to your future and your past. But sometimes what matters most is the car that gets you there. In this case, a Mustang is how a young explorer makes the journey forward then back to his roots.

“Pops”: The fountain of youth? We’re just saying, no one has proven that fountain isn't from a Mustang! Watch what happens when a silver fox gets the keys to a new Pony car.

“Adin and Olivia”: A father-son Mustang project is more than a hobby – a special bond comes out of that experience. We mean with the car too. But sometimes life requires sacrifices when matters of the heart and wallet are involved. Adin may have had to do the unthinkable with his classic Mustang to win over Olivia, but in the end you’ll know Adin picked the right girl.

You can learn more about the 2015 Ford Mustang at ford.com .
Billy L 09/04/2014
The Drive video was Great! It"s Ford to the Future.Drive IT.
Billy L 09/04/2014
the drive-video should be your opening commerical. for the 2015     mustang!
alley c 08/29/2014
cute!I dated a girl with A 1970 fastback,i had a 1972 Mach 1.Now we have the 70 still,a 2010 GT500,a 68 GT500 and a 2014 mustang.We have a little girl and been together for 26 years,so this hits home!
Jack Miller 08/29/2014
I think this is a very cool advertisement and I am impressed with the small 65 Mustang and more the story behind it.  I hope this story was true.  My wife had a 1965 Blue Mustang and we had some very memorable times in that car.  Some not mentionable but I am sending this email on to her to let her reminisce also about many years ago.  I hope this story is true and I am sure everyone will appreciate seeing such a moving story.  Ford had the better idea again.  Thanks for the memories Jack 
Tony 08/29/2014
I cant wait for this to be for sale, I have to buy something soon.
Vickie 08/28/2014
Those were the days.....
wayne 08/28/2014
cool. I still have my 66 red conv 289 4 sp 77k miles. bought upon my return from vietnam. its been in storage since 1985
Mark M 08/28/2014
Great videos, nice stories.
What Would You Do in a Mustang?
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