What happened to theFordStory?

By Ford Social Member

Something big is happening. It’s going to change the way you interact with Ford. And we want you to get in on the ground floor.

For years, we’ve been blown away by the enthusiasm people have shown on theFordStory. Users have shared amazing tales of achievements with their cars and trucks, offered helpful suggestions and created a rich community here.

Now, we want to take things to a new level. That’s why the site you know as theFordStory is transforming into something new and exciting: Ford Social.

Ford Social isn’t just a new name and a new look. It’s an innovative program that will cross all kinds of platforms, online and offline. In short, we’re on a mission to celebrate the people who love Ford.

And we’re kicking things off with a fun new feature: unique online “badges.”

Each badge is designed to show off what makes you proud to be a Ford fan. And behind every badge is an exclusive opportunity — an invitation to join Ford in a new way of thinking, interacting and creating.

So pick a badge that you like. You don’t need to be an owner or have a shiny new ride. Check it out now.

There’s something for everyone. Own a Ford? Grab the “I Drive One” badge. Logged more than 100,000 miles in your mean machine? Snag the “High Miler” badge. We’ve got badges for Mustang mavens, Explorer enthusiasts, Fiesta fans… the list goes on.

After you get your badge, put it to work! Post it to your Facebook wall.


Tweet it. Email it to your friends. Print it out and put it up in your garage. There’s no limit on how many badges you can get, so pick up as many as you want.

But badges are just the beginning.
When you sign up to be part of Ford Social, you’ll get exclusive access to special events, contests, games, behind-the-scenes videos, vehicle reveals and much more.  The very fact that the URL of the site has changed to social.ford.com should indicate how we feel that there should be a social element to everything we do. We have a lot more planned in this area and we’ll share more as we roll it out. If you sign up, you’ll be the first to know.

Intrigued? Well, to do this program right, we first need to hear from you. In the comments section below, tell us what you’d like to get from Ford Social. What can Ford do for you, the person sitting in front of a computer right now reading this sentence? We’re listening.
Chris R 04/16/2012
I think it's funny how people dog on ford so much found on road dead bla bla bla well I have a 99 f150 with same stock engin and trans 355,899 still runing strong. So take that
Dinesh Brid 02/22/2012
I love my Ford Fusion. Ford Social is my new place to shower my love :-)
Kate Wonsul 02/12/2012
Excited to see what comes next!
I've been a Ford owner since the day I started driving. My first car was a 1966 Ivy Green Mustang pony (paint code#43408) I sure do miss that color. I could find it again on a new mustang. Alas, my 2006 Tungsten Grey GT convertible will just HAVE to do!
Honestly I couldn't be happier with my Mustang and it's almost paid for
(I quit smoking cigarettes to pay for it)
I would love to buy another and have 2 in my driveway! ( or 3 or 4...there are just so many flavors!)Even though it's not the most fuel efficient car or the least expensive choice- It is the best choice I could have made. Driving a vehicle that you truly love just takes the stress out of a very busy, daily metropolitan commute.
So, thanks to my Mustang, I've got healthier lungs and less stress which equals better overall health! Now there is still the issue of the wind blowing through my hair and causing me some breakage- I supposeI could just put it up.....nah!!
Gina Carr 01/24/2012
I really appreciated that on a recent Delta flight, I was able to access Facebook for free thanks to the Ford Mustang page. I thought that was very smart marketing and it gave me a good feeling about Ford. I don't currently own a car right now but my very first car was a Ford Pinto and along the way I've owned a Fairlane and a Thunderbird.

I think that listening to your customers - as you are doing with this - is a great way to get SOCIAL with them. Good luck.

So... do you have a MY FIRST CAR WAS A FORD ______ badge?
Scott Monty 01/20/2012
@Matko: We're piloting the program as a U.S.-only program only. Creating a global site with region-specific content, rules, policies, etc. is a complex process. We thought we'd master it in the U.S. first before taking it overseas.
Matko 01/09/2012
Why is this site only for US residents? If i want to register i need to have ZIP. It should be global, just like "One Ford" policy!
Margie Nelson 12/31/2011
I too love the Mustangs and I am so glad to see American muscle machines emerging again! My dream car would be a totally rocking Shelby!
Marlene Dougherty 12/19/2011
Being born in the 60's, the 'Stangs have always had my heart, and have been a proud supporter of Warriors in Pink. It made my year when you started offering the packages on 'Stangs. However, I have seen few articles on what pay-it-forward actions have been taken with either the group or adding the package. Have I not been looking in the right spots or are there just that few to see? Survivor stories and those we've tried to help but lost their battle would be an amazing addition. Especially if it involves taking care of one of your own Ford employees.
jasen Sanders 12/08/2011
Ford Social as a name is indeed more descriptive, but FordStory was.... well prettier and more original. "Social" is a buzz word used by everyone now. It stands to lose uniqueness over time not gain it. I do appreciate the Facebook integration though.
What would be cool is to be able to buy the 3-door hatchback version of the Fiesta. I like the Mustang just fine, but I'm not interested in buying one of those.
I am extremely excited that i discovered the Ford Social site. I hope the community on the site can help me get into a Ford Mustang, as well as suggest any ways for me to support Ford
Jason Reid 11/24/2011
This site is FANtastic!
Does Ford have any plans to step up their NASCAR suooprt to help the teams? Chevy has won 5 in a row and that must stop. What plans if any does Ford have to step it up. (GO EDWARDS)
FORD FAN 11/15/2011
Ford Im a big fan but the Lincoln MKT is ugly and don't sell munch
you would sell alot more ford Bronco's the the MKT end the MKT and bring back The Ford Bronco and make it tough not grocery getter. Jeep makes wrangler still and dumb toyota makes FJ crusier ford wake up we want the Bronco NOW!!!
Hugh Knepper 11/13/2011
Question, Is Ford discontinuing the Ranger model?
The first time when i driven a Ford F150. When I was working at the Prison, escorting a inmate to another facility in the state of Ga. I do have to tell you the ride was smooth when I hit a bump in the road I didn't feel at all. I was only doing 50 miles per hr and and felt like 70. I'm no longer working at the Prison, but looking for a new vehicle for my business usage not a F150 more towards a SUV with lots of room to transport Orthopedic equipment for my business. Looking also, for navigation system in the vehicle not on my phone Have a lovely day
Kimberly Moncrieff 11/08/2011
Got my Badge!
Proud to be from a ford family....still a ford family!
UAW Local #845
Alejandro Vazquez 11/08/2011
It will be great to have an appl for the iPad/iPhone that shows all Ford related info in one place. Filtered information apps like DEXIGNER or REMODELISTA are good examples or what I'm talking about.
Keven Soenen 11/08/2011
cole 11/04/2011
Paul -- Stay tuned!

Cole Quinnell
Ford Social Team
cole 11/04/2011
Adam -- you can upload your own photo to your profile. At the bottom left of the Ford Social web page there is a flag next to your current profile image. Click on it to access your profile page, then select "Edit Profile" from the list of options.

Cole Quinnell
Ford Social Team
Adam Doster 11/04/2011
I think it would be neat to have your vehicle included in your profile somehow. It would be a great way to show your pride!
cole 11/04/2011
Rob -- That's a possibility. Stay tuned!

Cole Quinnell
Ford Social Team
rob 11/04/2011
These badges definitely need to be made into stickers for marketing purposes...
Paul 11/04/2011
Is there any way to customize the badges? None of them seems to quite fit my particular brand of Ford fanaticism. I would like to see badges for Ford hot rodding, vintage car hobby, and customized Ford products.
Brian McClary 11/03/2011
RE: New 200k & 300k badge suggestion
We are continually looking at adding new badges to Ford Social and love hearing your suggestions. Keep them coming!

Ford Digital Marketing
Jason Reid 11/02/2011
Now you know what I'm going to say...Put up a Falcon Owners badge please. Think of it as being..Global. :-)
Any chance for a badge for those who have over 200,000 miles and 300,000 miles? Are there plans for any vinyl ones so that we can apply them to our vehicles?
We want to talk about our cars. And know of any special events for our cars. Also any new aftermarket options. My Flex wants to go to a show!
Timo Tenhovuori 11/02/2011
Just get the car to Helsinki Harbour and then we Rock!
Jieun Choi 11/02/2011
Very Eciting!!! I 'm wondering about my badges since I have been grabed some last week. ^___^ Bravo FORD !!!
Carl Warmington 11/02/2011
Ford needs to be just as social in return as the consumers (us) whether it is a good news story or bad. I am finding Ford is doing a great job with social media at the beginning of new car launches, but you seemed to go all quiet when the noise from us get s a tad negative. You need to be brave enough to take a little mud slinging along with the all the love.
theFordStory is now Ford Social
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