Watch This: An Iconic Chase Redone With a Modern Mustang

By Tori T.

It’s the chase scene that lives on in infamy…. You know the one we’re talking about – a 1968 Ford Mustang GT Fastback blasting through the streets of San Francisco.

If you’re wondering how that chase might look with today’s Mustang, get a load of this: The popular Fox TV show, Alcatraz , has re-created the iconic scene with a 2013 Mustang for the season finale, airing March 26, 2012, at 9 p.m. (8 p.m. central). Note that we said recreated; this is about giving a nod to both cinema and Mustang history, and to have a little fun trying it again, not to try to top it.

You can catch a sneak peak of the Mustang making its way through San Francisco at , and you can check out other Mustang videos at the official Mustang YouTube channel!

Which car do you think was cooler blasting through San Francisco, the 1968 or the 2013 Mustang?
Ray S 04/21/2012
The Mustang is the wrong color and the Daimler Charger has two too many doors! LOL!

Seriously though, some classics - film/music/TV/fashion - should just be left alone; this chase scene clearly falls under that header...
Alex P 04/06/2012
You can't beat the classics. The chase just looks so much more authentic with the '68. Just watched both a couple minutes ago and man does McQueen have skill. His tires were smoking in reverse for crying out loud!
Gregg S 03/27/2012
Loved the green VW coming down the hill as in Bullitt. Fantastic director/producer attention to detail and nostalgia.
Alex Pittman 03/27/2012
McQueen got much more air, they failed
B 03/27/2012
Not as cool, she's not Steve McQueen... Fail... Mustang is pretty cool tough!
Sam Herbert 03/27/2012
I'm sorry but although the Mustang is sweet, I think it's typical that they use an older (2006-2010) Charger. They should've used a 2011 or 2012 Charger R/T (the one in the old Bullitt was a 1968 R/T, brand new at the time).
Michael Valdez 03/26/2012
Dug the VW Bug in the scene... lol
Tim Campbell 03/26/2012
Sorry i think it has to be the original mustang cant beat an original
Brian Kaman 03/26/2012
they did a great job of it !!!!!!!!!!
Chris S 03/26/2012
Clicked on FOX link above and did not get clip. Tried clicking on a couple things on the FOX site and no clip. If a link can't go directly to the video, t's not worth trying to search for it.
Md Azar 03/26/2012
I like this..
James Simola 03/26/2012
Im watching now. Its lame, should have used a Bullitt or a GT 500.
Jenjira Thailand 03/26/2012
Its on tv now. wow mustang is so cool!!!
Johnny Albarece 03/26/2012
Great for ford, reminded of the movie high school times
Steven McGeorge 03/26/2012
eastern, not easter.
Steven McGeorge 03/26/2012
Two hour finale starts at 8pm easter, not 9. although the chase scene will probably be at the end.
Matt Heaselden 03/26/2012
I didn't see the white bug ten times or the tempest
Sajuuk Khar 03/26/2012
Bring the new ranger to the us
Jim Rohn 03/26/2012
don't they make the car in green anymore??? a blue one is so ... uhhh ... not cool
Evan Berryman 03/26/2012
Chargers in persuit, only way to do it right
courtney 03/26/2012
I cannot wait to get home and see this tonight. I loved the first chase and the 2nd will be a great tribute to a good movie and great stunt man Steve McQueen.
Phil Atherton 03/26/2012
Ford rock and mustangs are so awsome think we can get this new one hear in uk soon according to my local ford dealer.
Lee Samways 03/26/2012
ARGH! why do you do this to me? Now I HAVE to watch this Alcatraz finale! I didn't even know this show existed till now.
Shane Graham 03/26/2012
needs to be a green mustang.
Gee John 03/26/2012
So they bothered to spend all that money to repo that amazing chase...but they couldn't repaint the mustang bullett green? WOW.
Dan Raine 03/26/2012
You should have used a Bullitt Mustang like mine for this....
Donna G 03/26/2012
I can just picture Steve back in that beautiful Mustang,,,,What a great chase!!
Paul Goodell 03/26/2012
likes this
David Strapazzon 03/26/2012
Thank you ford for upgrading my sync for free, way to care for your customers
Robbie Stokely 03/26/2012
I hope they do a 2nd series of Alkatraz!!!
Dan Whitley 03/26/2012
Were's the love button
Dan Whitley 03/26/2012
Were's the love button
Watch This: An Iconic Chase Redone With a Modern Mustang
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