This Mustang Could Have Been Yours

By Tori T.

The one-of-a-kind cars are drool-worthy. The battles are epic. What can be won is even more epic. We re talking about the Ford Mustang Customizer , where you can build a virtual Mustang from a slightly tweaked and painted daily driver to an eye-catching custom that will make your friends wonder why you re not a car designer by trade.

If you don t already know about it, the Mustang Customizer lets you configure a V6, GT, Boss 302 or Shelby GT500 with anything from color and graphics to body kits, grilles and wheels, as well as backgrounds and angles. But that s not all not only can you have your car saved as wallpaper, but it can be automatically entered into a battle against other customizers, where users vote on their faves. Battles, wins, and other happenings net you points and badges. And if you like your car enough to want to take it from virtual to reality, the Mustang Customizer has a downloadable PDF with a list of the real parts to help your build be a snap! You can learn more here !

There seems to be no end in sight to the wildly popular Customizer ; it has surpassed 1 million virtual Mustangs created! In fact, here's the one:


And another major milestone was also reached: James G. was the first winner of the Mustang Customizer contest, who did exactly what you can do: customized a dream Mustang and entered it for a chance to win the car! His winning Performance White GT was customized with items such as Side Scoops from Ford Custom Accessories, 20-inch Hyper Black wheels from Roush Racing, Falken tires, a front splitter from 3D Carbon and a GT500 rear spoiler. Ford gave James's son a mini-Mustang, too! We sense a neat father-son project in the future...just saying....

There are still more real Mustangs to win, so let your virtual ideas flow at the Mustang Customizer ! Plus, it's now an app for iPad, iPhone and Android, so let those virtual ideas flow on the go!
Thomas M 12/19/2012
When or should I say, how long is the customizer contest going on for? I've made several, and loved designing them. There was a clock, with # of days left & it went off, so I thought it was over. Can we still enter?
Catherine F 10/29/2012
love this car my dream
Derek 10/03/2012
Cool contest! I love the vintage graphics of the Boss Mustang. Gives me chills every time I see it.
Brad B 10/03/2012
Hey Ford ! Beautiful car, but there hasn't ever been a homely Mustang, even Junior has his own drop top Mustang.
Jeff M 10/03/2012
Not only did you have a cool car, you get to drive it in the sunshine wearing shorts and sandals-living the dream!
I love that car. i've been a mustang lover for years. i want so bad. i wish this could be my first car
beautiful car!
This Mustang Could Have Been Yours
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