The Women Behind the All-New Ford Mustang

By Tori T.

The Ford Mustang has had so many people dedicated to bringing it to life over the decades, from engineers and designers to Ford executives and even customers. Because March is National Women’s Month, and March 8, 2014, is International Women’s Day , we thought it would be cool to shine the spotlight on some of many women responsible for the success of this car.

In fact, the first Mustang sold in the U.S. was to a woman: Gail Wise of Chicago, back in 1964. Cut to 2014, and the 2015 Mustang , a car as eagerly awaited as that first model year. Women have helped develop the iconic car. And the new Mustang benefited from both perspectives during its development and engineering. Explains Michele Lubin Henney, Ford Vehicle Integration Supervisor, “As one of the female engineers on the program, I can offer a different perspective from the men on the team. I believe the end result is the most refined total driving experience we’ve ever offered our customers.” Here’s a look at four of the women involved in the helping bring the 2015 Mustang to life.

MarciFischer.jpg Marcy Fisher, Vehicle Line Director: She oversees each detail of the all-new Mustang as the vehicle comes together in the planning process before it hits dealer showrooms. She has 28 years of engineering expertise in manufacturing and product development, and joined Ford in 1986 as an engineer. Since then, she has held a number of positions at Ford, including several years of holding engineering positions at its assembly plants, where the vehicles come together on the plant assembly line, and also as director of design engineering in product development. In addition to her Mustang responsibilities, she holds the position of Ford vehicle line director, responsible for Explorer, Taurus, Police Interceptor, Flex and Escape development.

MicheleHenny.jpg Michele Lubin Henney, Vehicle Integration Supervisor: You may be wondering what that job title means. Simply put, she's responsible for the integration of attributes: how the car sounds, how it feels when it drives, the fuel economy, if it’s comfortable for the driver and passengers and the like. A lifelong motorsports enthusiast, her passion was sparked in her grandfather’s auto body shop, and during weekends spent at the track watching her father race motocross. Today, she has her own collection of motorcycles and in her free time loves to hit the road with her husband and ride.

SusanLampinen.jpg Susan Lampinen, Chief Color and Materials Designer: For the past decade as chief color and materials designer, Susan has guided the process of selecting often iconic exterior paint colors as well as the colors and materials that adorn the Mustang cabin. Her favorite? That’s like picking your favorite model of Mustang, right? Impossible! But Race Red stands out. “Mustang paint colors need to denote performance, sportiness and power. I’m looking at authentic, expressive materials that need to be more premium with a relentless attention to detail. With Mustang, I’m not afraid to take a risk.”

MelanieBanker.jpg Melanie Banker, U.S. Mustang Brand Manager: Melanie oversees the Mustang marketing and customer communications. “I hear from customers every single day, sharing the things they love about the car and people send me pictures of themselves with their Mustangs. I get requests from 7-year-olds asking me questions about why we made certain vehicle decisions.”
Joanne S 04/29/2014
I saw the "15" at the car show in Louiville, Kentucky. I really liked it, but my husband not so much. I said I would like to have one.  Red of course.  Will send in a photo when that happens! 
Dwight F 03/12/2014
danny F hi ladies my mom put 700000 miles on her mustang gt 1989 and it is a first for mustang thank you 
Rosemary M 03/11/2014
so glad to see all these successful women working for Ford and taking care of the Mustang. I LOVED my Ford Mustang with an overhead cam that I gave to my daughter when she graduated from college in 1982. It was a 1979, bronze color and I LOVED it. But she did ,too and it was paid for and what a car to start a new job, fresh out of college. I am now in a Ford Escape and I love it.but oh boy, wuld I love a Mustange convertible with a hard top!!
Anki 03/11/2014
What an interesting detail that the first Mustang sold in the U.S. was to a women. I am so glad to see that you ladies can keep up the spirit. You have such an interesting and challenging work. I drive a Yellow Blaze Boss 302 year 2011 as a daily driver. We bought it from Canada but now we are back to our home country Finland and I can´t wait to hit the road in summer time when we have this midnight sun. Sun shine all night long.
Dwight F 03/10/2014
Hi I would to tell the ladies about my moms Mustang GT 1989 it has 700000 miles on it and still going she die oct 23 2012 and she love her mustang and if she was here she will tell you Ford is the best and it will last you TO Thank you Danny Fender 
Pam Lightner 03/09/2014
I am glad to see the women who make a difference in the industry! I own a red 2007 Mustang and work in in the manufacturing industry myself.
Joanne S 03/08/2014
I love it! In the RaceRed. Saw it at the Carl Casper Auto Show in Louiville. I didn't think I would like the new body but I did and told my husband I wanted one.  He was not as crazy about it as I was, but I told him that I thought it looked more like a women's car.  We have 2 red Cobras. 1993 and 1997. Also a 2010 Red Shelby GT500 and a 2014 Red Shelby GT500. I have been trying to get Ford to let me order a Pink Shelby for Breast Cancer and they won't do it. Wouldn't it be awesome to Be able to order a 2015 GT in Pink? I would love it!   Thanks!
Sharlene C 03/08/2014
Proud of You Ladies! Thank You All!
Jennifer H 03/08/2014
Lucky ladies. #DreamJob
Carol G 03/08/2014
GREAT JOB LADIES, I have a 2014 and I love it. !!! I will always stick to the Mustang as long as I can drive.
Darla 03/08/2014
Glad to see women are involved with designing the car. I've had 4 Mustangs myself over the years. Would like to see a hybrid version offered for those of us who like the look, but want and need better gas mileage. Also, a larger trunk opening would be convenient. The trunk is spacious enough, but getting things in and out can be a challenge. This has been true since the 1994 model.
Jim M 03/08/2014
we were not thrilled with the Mustang so we bought a Focus hatchback and love it. We are part of Ford Driving Skills For Life and cars are important to us.
DMcG 03/08/2014
While I love reds (both non-metallic Race and metallic Ruby) they are not really my style for a daily driver. The 2015 pallette is missing a light-to-medium blue, something like the old Regatta blue or thereabouts. I'd order that, with a gray or tan interior, in a hot second.
Alan B 03/08/2014
I love my 13 Convertible!  Not surprised some truly savvy women are involved in the Mustang line at key positions, though I beg to differ on colors - Race Red is okay, however my all black stang is just awesome!
I just bought the 2011 Mustang because of the new V-6....My oyher Mustang is a Airplane....The Midget Mustang....
The Women Behind the All-New Ford Mustang
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