The Ford Mustang Sets a World Record!

By Tori T.

To help celebrate 50 years of Mustang, fans all over the world were invited to sign an electronic card on the Ford website. And the number Ford had hoped to reach? Another 50…as in 50,000! That goal was eclipsed in just one week.

The top 10 participating countries were the United States, Canada, Germany, the United Kingdom, Spain, Australia, Brazil, France, Mexico and Italy. In fact, people from more than 160 countries visited the Ford website to help establish the first Guinness World Record® for the most signatures on an electronic birthday card.

“It is my honor to be the official Guinness World Records adjudicator for Ford Mustang 50th birthday and to award Ford the Guinness World Records title for the most contributions to an e-greeting card celebrating the momentous occasion,” said Johanna Hessling. “We wish Mustang many more milestone birthday’s in the future!”

Greetings included “Happy 50th birthday to one of the best cars in history, the Ford Mustang!” wrote Kevin. “You only get better with age. Here’s to 50 more.” Shayne wrote, “Happy birthday to the Mustang; you have been my favorite car as long as I can remember, and you single-handedly brought me to the Ford side.”

According to Guinness officials, the Ford record is a first.
Peter 04/28/2014
E5WW: You are never too old. Get that Mustang!!
Jeanne Segers 04/21/2014
We were at the Empire State Building on April 16 2014 to see the bright yellow Ford Mustang  Happy 50th Birthday Mustang
Everette and Jeanne Segers
Williamston SC
Bud 04/21/2014
I still have the book from my 65 stang. Also the price of $ 2,600 dollars in it.
Bob Dumas 04/20/2014
I was fortunate to be a part of the 50th birthday celebration in Charlotte NC. Our Yellow Mustang Registry left their stamp on the event and we met some members from Nova Scotia (Tom and Lois) who were very friendly and made the event even more special. Congratulations Ford and Mustang on a wonderful 50 years. Can't wait to buy my 8th Pony.
Andrea 04/19/2014
This is great! Congrats Mustang and Ford! I hope to see another successful 50 years and hopefully sign your 100th birthday card.
E5WW 04/19/2014
Always wanted a Mustang. Had three children when they came out, so wasn't practical. Now I am too old.
Michael Mackey Sr. 04/19/2014
Great job Ford Mustang enthusiast.
David 04/18/2014
How do you get over 50000 people to talk about the same thing all over would? talk about the Ford Mustang Way to go Ford
Scott 04/18/2014
Here's to Half a Century, Mustang!
G. Clifton 04/18/2014
Indeed, Happy Birthday! Can't wait until your 100th!!! Nothing compares to the Mustang.
Tom Hoffman 04/18/2014
As a Mustang owner of 4, starting from a 93 Foxbody to a 2000 convertable ,which all have been Ford serviced since purchased  they have been unmatch by any other modle ! Its great to be a Stang owner for such a long time ! Happy Birthday Mustang
Jim Kennedy 04/18/2014
Thank you FORD for keeping the dream alive!
Wendy Sowards 04/17/2014
The Ford Mustang is an amazing car and always will be I sure hope to see the 100th anniversary Mustang 
Maxr 04/17/2014
Outstanding! Another record, and another Mustang on the Empire State observation deck. Good job Ford & Good Job Bill. I would hire you! What a feat! My Shelby 500 GT is envious of that!!!maxr
Russ Kranz 04/17/2014
What a great article. I'm glad I was part of it. I have a 1977 Mustang that I've owned for 27 years. It's my favorite toy.
Cliff 04/17/2014
World record? All in a day's work for the world's most awesome car ever!
Dennis F Doran Jr 04/17/2014
Fifty years ago i ordered a red and white mustang when they first came out from the local dealer, payed my deposit and waited for it to arrive. It did arrive but i was notified be a friend at the dealership that he had sold my car to another person. To put it mildly i told the dealer where he could put his dealership got my deposit back and left. Never did i own a mustang but many years later my son bought one and i wish to this day i had swallowed my pride and just ordered another. way back then. True story. 
Ken 04/17/2014
Congratulations Ford! I've owned my Mustang for just over 30 years. It's been a hoot to restore and to drive.
John H Burnside 04/17/2014
As a 30 year Ford Employee and a 1965 Mustang owner I say Congratulations!!!!!John Burnside