The Ford Mustang is Nearly 50 Years Young!

By Tori T.

Can you believe the Ford Mustang will soon turn 50? That’s right – and it hasn’t missed a year of production! It had quite the debut in 1964, well beyond its game-changing performance and looks. That first year saw it join the ranks of Indy 500 pace car and also take a lead role in the James Bond flick “Goldfinger.” Steve McQueen ensured the pony car's spot in movie history when he did “Bullitt” in 1968 (that was a 390 GT model; in 2001, the first Bullitt GT model came on the scene).

The countdown to the 50th anniversary of this very special car has no begun, and we will be doing all sorts of celebrating! That includes 50 companies selling various festive items, such as watches, Ts, a leather jacket and model cars. There will also be a special commemorative 50th logo.

And we’re going to kick things off right here, right now at Ford Social! Click here to download a Mustang badge to display proudly on Facebook, your email signature or other places to show off your pony pride!
Chuck S 05/14/2013
Can't wait for the 50th Anniversary Edition....I have the 45th and REALLY REALLY want the 50th. A landmark achievement - 50 years!!
Steve 05/06/2013
I would hope that the Mustang guys will notice Shelby's contribution to the Mustang's dominance with the 600hp motors and suspension!!! The Camaro will never be the car the Mustang is the hoofbeat stops the heartbeat!!!
Keith G 04/17/2013
you need to bring out that years colors 1964.5
Keith G 04/17/2013
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dominic p 04/12/2013
Congratulations and happy 50th anniversary!!! I've been a fan since I could remember. However, I've recently test drove a 2014 GT and learned that the manual transmission (MT-82) was designed and build in China and is, of course, problematic. I've lost a lot of respect for the car and decided not to buy one. Now all of these festive items (watches, T's, leather jackets, model cars, etc...) I suspect will be made in China as well. If that turns out to be true it will be very cheap, distasteful, and unauthentic in my opinion. The Mustang is an American icon and to bring China into the equation is sad. I hope Ford doesn't go and ruin the Mustang again, like they have in the past, for 2015 by making the EVOS the new Mustang and replacing the 5.0L with a V-6 eco-boost. I remember the rumour with the Probe, which was going to be the new Mustang. Good thing that never happened. The Camaro Z-28 is back for 2014 with a 500hp naturally aspirated 7.0L V-8 engine and a suspension to boot. Air conditioning will be an option too (Thank-you Chevy for getting serious.). I'm hoping the 2015 Mustang is going to be a surprise like the 2013 Shelby GT 500 was. If not Ford is going to have a lot of catching up to do if they want to compete with Chevy.
Marcelino G 04/03/2013
Can't wait for the 2014.5 Mustangs to begin rolling off the assembly line!
Todd 03/28/2013
Miloud K 03/28/2013
Alex B 03/27/2013
The Ford Mustang is Nearly 50 Years Young!
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