The 2011 Mustang V6 Raises the Bar With Projected 30 Mpg Hwy and 305 Hp

By Ford Social Member

Strong and athletic engines have always been a big part of the Mustang story. And with the muscle you can find under the hood of the 2011 Mustang V6, Ford isn’t just adding a new chapter; it’s raising the bar on V6 power. So tell everyone in the fast lane that this new pony is hitting the street with a combination of performance and fuel economy that cannot be beat.

It all starts with the innovative Twin Independent Variable Cam Timing (TiVCT) technology that efficiently delivers power to this pony. The all-new 3.7-liter V6 turns out 305 horsepower with 280 lb.-ft. of torque using four valves per cylinder and TiVCT. And when all this power is projected to get 30 mpg hwy,* you know the 2011 Mustang V6 is destined to change the game.

To crank out 305 hp with 30 mpg hwy, and deliver the truly one-of-a-kind feeling of a Mustang, the TiVCT V6 engine makes the most of its transfer of power from air, fuel and exhaust. And let’s face it; Mustang wouldn’t be America’s sports car if it didn’t know how to harness power.

When all is said and done, this big new thinking comes together to produce numbers that will have everybody talking about the 2011 Mustang.
jim connor 05/15/2010
Ill take the new stang over the new camaro any day, and i havent even seen the new mustang outside of a commercial. The Camaro is for the over the hill, out of date, and those without style..
jim connor 05/15/2010
Having trouble comprehending the story Gerald? Its new technology! So how was it going to be in your 09 baby pony. If you wanted muscle, you should have bought the v8 like a real man. If you wanted fuel economy, you should have bought a 4banger!!
Carlos 03/11/2010
I live in Brazil and wanted to know if the reports are true that Ford is actually changing its concept of development in terms of quality of products. I always loved cars and Ford have noticed that in these past years of crisis it has changed his entire concept mainly in the U.S. market. Thank you.
jay 02/03/2010
the mustang has always looked good and will continue to look good from 64 to now it lookes good and still will way into the future. whoop whoop go ford keep it coming.
eric 01/31/2010
when is the release date of v6 2011 ? i wish i can buy one.
Dominic 01/31/2010
Ford hit a HOME RUN when they came out with the 2005 Mustang. It took GM & Dodge 5 years to catch up. I like the new additioanal upgrades under the hood especially the return of the 5.0. I do not like the new 2010 body style, especialy when you look at it from the front it almost looks like a Camaro. Stop, dont mess it up guys! Also stop releasing the cars before its model year..its hard to keep any value in the current year model. Overall nice job and kudos to FORD!
Time to Think 01/28/2010
It's a shame that they don't drop the EcoBoost V6 into it. That's an impressive engine with brilliant technology - to get that kind of hp, torque and mpg from 3.5L is amazing. My eco-mind would appreciate that over this less-efficient 3.7L. Very disappointing. If it had the EcoBoost, I'd be tempted. I've always wanted to own a muscle car, but I've never been able to justify the fuel economy. An EcoBoost Mustang would have converted me.
Matt P 01/20/2010
they likely wont do the eco boost in the stang... here is why.
the V6 will have 305 HP, the V8 (5.0) will have about 412HP... the eco boost has about 365 HP.

With a 100+ HP diff in motors, people can justify the V8 over the 6 if they want the power. But with only about 40 HP... it will be a hard sell. I can say (being a daily stang driver) i would take a 365 HP 30MPG stang over a 400HP 25 MPG.

Honestly, I will likely get the 6 anyway. My 04 V8 has less then 300 HP. And I'm more then happy with it. but she will be traded in the fall for the V6 2011 for sure
SCORPIONKING0102 01/15/2010
It's about time Ford put some soul into the GT's little brother. About DB's comment on the new Mustang being "crap". DB, I travel a lot and have the opportunity to drive many of Ford want-a-be cars. I rented a Nissan 350Z hardtop convertible and it was the most over rated piece of junk. On my next trip I had a V6 rag top Mustang. It was a blast to drive, top down, pedal to the metal driving across the Arizona desert. The quality and fit and finish were second to none. Move over rice rocket and let "American muscle" show you how Ford got it right!
John Crawford 01/14/2010
Car Enthusiast..........Sorry to rain on your Camaro, but the biggest complaint is just that, their interiors are made with cheap looking plastics, and the interior overall is cheap looking . Read the reviews, and read it all Chevy Dude!
Carlos Man of Love 01/13/2010
To add to my previous comment above somewhere. DB posted about how the new mustangs aren't crap. He asked for a 67 fastback, if you followed ford whatsoever. You would know to check Click the Iacocca Link. It's a 67 fast back, for 2010. But of course you half hearted ford fans that love to smile and knock at the same time... You have no idea.
Lee Iacocca designed a Fastback 2010 mustang with Galpin Auto Sports the guys from Pimp My Ride.
Carlos Man of Love 01/13/2010
Aren't crap? How about a v6 doing 305 horsepower. VVT is it honda? It's called Variable Valve Timing, Every single car in america is going to be running VVT, It's not a Vtec pile of junk. VVT changes the way the cylinders fire, adjusts air fuel mixture on the fly, so when you don't need all 305 horses it drops horsepower so you can get better economy. To address the 5.0 Vs. V6 theory. Why buy a GT? over 100 horse difference and most like almost 200 lb.ft. of torque difference. Different suspension, drivetrain, quicker 0-60 and 1/4 times. Better handling and response. The V6 is definately going to be something for consumers to watch. If you don't want a V8 but you want V8 Power, get the Ford V6. And get 30 mpg while your at it.
Juston 01/13/2010
Mustang, Camero, and Challenger...

Mustang: is softer looking out of the box, but modified looks like mean. As a whole with this new engine line up the Mustang is destine to be the King of Muscle in 2010 again...

Camaro and Challenger interiors are so cheap looking and totally lacking in technology.

The 2010 Mustang is the real deal, hands down, it make my Muscle car list as #1...
Jordan 01/11/2010
Ibiza 1.9tdi? Looks like a real piece of junk to me. I guess you don't understand the term American Muscle. A lot of people prefer a car that doesn't sound like the engines about to blow when you hit 30 mph. I'll dump all kinds of gas in a Ford or Chevy before I get one of those. I like to waste gas!!!! I dump gas out on the side of the road and burn tons of oil and I love it!
Randall 01/11/2010
I'm with ya bud, but don't forget to mention the crippling weight gain included with IRS. IRS is most of the reason for the 400+ lb difference between the Mustang and the Camero/Challenger, and don't nobody try to say that weight is from the larger engines cause it ain't true. The Mustang lost the drag by .1 seconds to the Camero in the MotorTrend test, thanks in large part to the live axle, dispite being down over 100 horsepower. That's fact.
wayne armstrong 01/08/2010
Hi mate
come down under we have a 4.1 in turbo and non turbo Twin can with Direct Injection and var valve timing
4.1 turbo 415 hp and 453 FT
4.1 non turbo 281 hp and 324 FT

thats why we buy six packs and not the slug ford 5.4 V8
AndyG 01/06/2010
These cars, Mustang and Camaro are a joke to class European cars, bad handling heavy, thirsty old tanks, anything with a live axle these days would be laughed at over here in the UK, its technology. out of the ark! 280lbs ft torque from 3.7litres?,My Seat Ibiza 1.9tdi has more than this with an average 55mpg and would blow the doors off any of these US cars. with handling ro match.......
john 12/31/2009
Give me a 1989 Mustang conv. ;5.0 GT (cobra)with klm, push fuel pump and flow thru. That'll catch it. I should attach a picture, so the young folks know what they are missing, but if you hear me comming, there's my tailights dissapear before your very eyes. You may still hear me, but you won't see me for long.
Randy 12/24/2009
Heck I've achieved 28MPG's with my 98 Cobra convertible (top up A/C on at 70 MPH) . So why buy a V-6? Ford could probably install a program to get better milage out of a V-8 and install a "go baby go" switch for play time.
Randy 12/24/2009
I like the camaro being around again, gives me something to show my tail lights to with my mustang. good old American competition!
Timothy Tojo Hitler jr. 12/19/2009
Does your V6 have 4valves per cylinder? No, I didn't think so. Is it anywhere close to 300hp? Will it run the 1/4 mile in an estimated 14.1 seconds? Does yours have a top end of about 145 mph? Could you get all that for about $26k in your car??? I doubt it.
art 12/17/2009
Dec 17
At the farm show in Decatur, IL this summer I saw the new Mustang for the first time, to the sale's person I said if Ford drops the V6 from the SHO under the hood I will buy a new Mustang, guess I am close to eating my words or marching into a Ford dealer. I am impressed with the new engine and look forward to seeing one on the showroom floor. I knew Ford could do great things: my 67 Mustang fastback, 289 , 225 HP, limited slip, three on the floor, highway rear end got 20 MPG. Thirty years sure can make a difference, just a little slower than I expected.
Car enthusiast 12/17/2009
It's strange that you think negatively of the Camaro's interior when the media is raving about it's interior and the car as a whole. When this Mustang comes out, we'll see who has a superior car. By the time the new Mustang comes out, the Camaro will only get better.
Romarin 12/15/2009
My 95 Mustang V6 gets 31 mpg hwy. Okay maybe its not 300 hp but the technology Ford is touting is fifteen years old! Is that the best they can do? Why would I buy a new Mustang when my old one already gets that mileage. Get back to me when you have some real news.
DAYDAY 12/14/2009
joseph 12/11/2009
IRS doesn't make a difference unless you are on the track... what they have going for them is working out really well for them. Plus its better for drag racing =D Any anyways, whats the point of increasing the cost by 3k+ if even most spirited drivers could never guess?

Plus, have you watch steve McQueen drive?

He did that on a 67 or 68 stang, with few suspension mods.....

Like i said, what they got going is working just fine
bagelboy 12/08/2009
Sure there might not be a reason to buy a GT right now, but have to wonder what they will do with the GT version. It could blow the mind.
Nick 12/08/2009
Sure... go get a V6 Camaro and see how long it lasts. Cheap... cheap... cheap. just like every onther GM/Chevy, lots of plastic.
Ford's vision is not to bring anything to mrket that won't be best in class from now on. That's why you won't see this car until 2011. The Camaro had been on the drawing board for a while until GM decided to roll with it. But the Camaro a reactionary measure to a well established brand (The Mustang). Remember, the Mustang is the only car in it's class that has been in constant production. It never went a way only to be reborn again (Charger, Challenger , Camaro) because another auto maker captured the imagination of muscle car enthusiasts, and the regular Joe, by creating something the American driver can relate to; something that brings back memories.
The only way Chevy can combat the sale of the Mustang is to sell the Camaro is on it's exterior looks and power. instead, Ford has thought out what it plans on doing and not rushing to market a product for perceived sales gains and immediate gratification.
Personally, I don't think the Camaro is all that appealing... but that's a personal observation. Everyone has their own view on what's pleasing to their eye.
Nick 12/08/2009
Seriously? All plastic? you want all plastic, go look at a Camaro. Poorly conceived inside, with their "retro" gauges down near where the center satck and console meet. Cheap inside, and still proving that their interior designers know not where to put switches and buttons, but also not know what size to make them.
Mustangs have a redisgned interior, more refined center stack console, and "soft touch" materials all throughout the car now. Gone is the cold unfeeling plastic... which there wasn't a whole lot of before anyway.
As far as "girlie' design on the exterior... you're saying the larger hood and kicked up rear end with broader shoulders are a feminine touch?
DAN 12/07/2009
Okay, Ford - I've been waiting for this - but now let's go "all in" and add the turbos you used in the Eco-boost, the IRS you used to have in the old Mustang (and Lincoln LS), then top it off with the paddle-shifting twin clutch sequincial shifting 6 speed manual you are supposedly working on. Then I would heartedly welcome this +400hp turbo V6 RWD fuel-sipping fun to drive and modern American GT car to the 21st century - and have a blast blowing the doors off all the Camaros, Mopars, and every Euro/Asian FWD 6 or 4 banger that even THINKS he has a car - all the way back to 1999.
Justin LaNoue 12/07/2009
Should be around 420HP and it will be a all new aluminum block and head 5.0 that will also go into the F150.
Justin LaNoue 12/07/2009
This is a 3.7L V6 and Ford is not going back to a straight six much to my chagrin .
austin 12/06/2009
once i get one ill turn it into a ferrari!!!!!
Matt 12/06/2009
who cares about the V6. They going to place this new tech in the V8 also? what are the specs on that?
Skip 12/06/2009
Yeah, the 2011 Mustang has some great features with this new 305 HP V6 and 30 mpg, but on handling the 2010 Chevy Camaro with the independent rear setup is far better choice than the live straight axle on the Mustang come on Ford lets get with the program and do it all the way guys.
Scott 12/05/2009
Why wait? Go get a V6 Camaro now with 304 hp and a measured 29 MPG not estimated.
I hope it won't add too much to the cost of a base model, it has to be more expensive then the current V6.
J-K 12/04/2009
Long overdue. For you V8 fans it will be less nose heavy for better handling. I plan on replacing my 2007 Mustang Convertible with a Turbo V6. Plus those of us who have had turbos before know they respond to replacement engine chips better than any other engine type...
T-K 12/02/2009
Mike Longo 12/02/2009
Is ford possibly going back to the straight 6?
Characteristics of straight blocks are alot of horsepower and alot of torque.
also with todays technologies along with gear tuning i wouldnt be surprised if the new mustang has a straight block
Bruce Sattler 12/02/2009
Have you thought of putting in the new eco-boost engine in the mustang. The badging could be ,
a speical edition (Mustang E B ). Or would this be a rival to the GT.
Craig 12/01/2009
Frankly I like the 2010 look way more than the previous sheet metal. It looks a lot less fat and bulky. I was thinking about looking for a new GT in the spring; now I definitely want to see if Ford is going to put out a new V8 to match the V6 improvements.
old blue eyes 12/01/2009
Ford. Thank you for the update. Can you tell us if this will actually get the weight of the car closer to 3000 pounds? It would be much appreciated.
Russ 12/01/2009
not a 67 maybe a 69 even a 68 but the 67's were as ugly as a mud fence the interior was not well concieved and trust me i have had 6 mustangs
Russ 12/01/2009
Wonder if they are going to make a rag top for this? One can hope cause if they are i am going to order one tommorrow or ASAP
Arslan 11/30/2009
i wish i could buy this one...
annie 11/30/2009
how much hp will the v8 have?! did i miss it in the article?! i really don't like the changes to the body style in 2010. my 2006 is awesome. all this new stuff is making me envious though. i got in on the ground floor but i LOVE my v8!
Ross 11/30/2009
finally a V-6 with some punch, but I want to know about the new 5.0 V-8
DB 11/30/2009
yeah i am a big mustang lover but these new mustangs aren't crap. seriously all plastic, and come on VVT?! what is it a honda civic now? and i also agree with this guy above me that the 2010's are girly or ugly. bring back a MODERN 67 fastback (plastics, abs, etc.) and i guarentee that sales will jump WAY UP!
David 11/30/2009
I have an 06 V6. But I like the sound of this 2011 V6. I might have to upgrade. I think the V6's look better than the GT's anyway. Now that the V6's have 305 hp, there's no real reason to get a GT.

I wonder if Ford realizes that no one is going to buy a V6 until the 2011 comes out. This is why Apple doesn't reveal what their next-gen products will have until right before they release it.
Gerald 11/30/2009
i think this shouldhave been done with the 05-09 V6 models. i didnt know much about cars until i got my 09 v6 back in March this year and when i found out how much hp it had i was really upset. i think nothing will beatthe 05-09 bodystyle, the 2010 ones look too girly to me. but oh well lets see how the body style will look in 2011 if it changes at all.
The 2011 Mustang V6 Raises the Bar With Projected 30 Mpg Hwy and 305 Hp
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