Test Your Ford Mustang Knowledge!

By Tori T.

Can you believe the Ford Mustang is turning 50? That’s right – it hasn’t missed a year of production in a centennial! And it had quite the debut in 1964, well beyond its game-changing performance and looks.

For the 50th anniversary of this very special car, Ford will be doing all sorts of celebrating! That includes 50 companies selling various festive items, such as watches, T-shirts, a leather jacket and model cars, and there will also be a special commemorative 50th logo.

There’s a lot going on during this special time of celebration, but let’s see how Mustang-centric you are! Try your hand at our Mustang quiz, then let us know all about your Mustang, whether you own it now or had one in the past!

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Richard J 08/28/2013
80% not too bad for an old guy who has always wanted a Mustang but never have......yet
Glenn C 06/19/2013
90% should have 100. I knew the SVO came out in 84 but my tablet often causes me to make mistakes! Not very accurate sometimes with a stylus.
Jerome 06/06/2013
70% not too bad
Debra 06/06/2013
I got 90%! Only missed one, mainly because I was hurrying through it!
Russ Wilcoxson 05/27/2013
I get to brag, brag, brag. 100%
Amos R 05/24/2013
Well it covered my least knowledgeable years (mostly) in the history of the Mustang so I only scored 50%.
Does anyone have a VINTAGE questionnaire covering Mustangs & Shelby's.
Say, a really in depth 1960's era questionnaire, the more hardcore and technical the better! :)
I've owned a '66 GT, a '69 'M' Code Mach I, a '65 2+2 Fastback (of course), and a couple more here and there to boot. '66 GT was my first car. Currently I still have the '66 GT (need to do a TOTAL restoration on it. To start soon since I'm retired.)
All I have left at the moment are the '66 GT & the
'69 'M' code Mach I.
I says 'M' code on the Mach I because I'm curious to see how many of you young'uns (Not being disrespectful, I'm 51 this past Feb 3 2013.) can figure out EXACTLY which motor/carbureted configuration that's in it.
It's the original motor, Intake & Top Loader 4 speed it came with.
Good luck and keep it 'tween the 'bar ditches'! ;)
Marley 05/22/2013
90%! Not bad for a girl. One can learn a lot from reading, building models and collecting hot wheels! Not to mention my dad! I'll have to settle for building models and collecting hot wheels until I can actually rebuild my own! Rock on my fellow Stang friends.
Cody 05/22/2013
Got a 90% not bad for a 17 year old eh? Mustangs are my passion
Joe Giordano 05/21/2013
JOE G had so many mustangs can't recall them all, have a72&73 mach1 now ,100% on quiz
Eric H 05/21/2013
I got 80% right! Not too bad for a 'non-purist,' - my first Mustang was an '82 GL, and my current is a 1971 Mach 1 H-code.
Luci T 05/20/2013
Although I didn't score that bad yet not that great, it was fun to see how much I could recall! I wish I had an Mustang we took for granted!
Timothy R 05/19/2013
have a 69 and 70 boss 302-missed 1 question-not bad
Robert W 05/19/2013
Have had a Mustang for over 36 years; I really like the latest; a 2012 Boss. Keep the continuous improvements
and good quality coming!
RICK S 05/19/2013
I was raised on Ford cars and trucks. Any other make just does not do it for me. They seem to pale in comparison, some more than others.
Like the Galaxie was the family car (and offered plenty of performance in itself), the Torino and Cobra were the muscle cars, the Mustang was the car everybody could love, and most did by ordering hundreds of thousands of them the first year. GM may sell more cars, but it took 5 lines to do it, and even with two truck lines they could not outsell the mighty F-150, WAY TO GO FORD. You prove everyday that in America it does not take a government bail-out to produce cars.
JS 05/18/2013
I've had 7 Mustangs....1968 Mustang GT Convertible, 1970 Mach 1, 1980 Turbo Four, 1994 Mustang GT, 1997 Mustang GT, 2002 Mustang and a 2008 Mustang GT.
alex solar 05/18/2013
hi i am looking for a 1960's mustang for my first car any help? alex solar(facebook)
Thomas Guanella 05/18/2013
Thomas G.
I was at an antique and classic car show not too long ago. I saw a man and his young son get out of their car. The young boy looked at his dad pointing to a 65 Mustang and said "Hey dad there's a Mustang!" Of all the cars and trucks that were at the show, that one stuck out from all the rest. I hope when the 50th Anniversary Mustang comes out, that little boy will be able to say, "Hey dad there's a Mustang!"
Ted 05/17/2013
I bought my first mustang in 1975; a 1969 gt350 Shelby, which I still own now. It has 108k on the clock and looks as nice as if it only had 38k! Maroon with white interior; 4-speed & 3:25 gears!
My first brand new car was a 1974 Mustang II. Man, that was a great car. I got $200 off the sticker price - LOL.
Dale Walker 05/17/2013
Owned my one and only Mustang in 1989. I kept it for approximately 8 years and have always regretted selling it.
David J 05/17/2013
My car is 2009 and I still drive it everyday to work.
Bud O 05/17/2013
I got a 90% on this quiz. It was kinda fun for me...
Teresa 05/17/2013
2 wrong out of 10 is not bad for a woman : - )
Jason J 05/17/2013
Can't wait to see if my '13 BOSS 302 will be completey slower than the new '15 gt, and hope to god they make a BOSS351 to smoke the new Camaro Z/28. PLEASE do not let them have the last laugh Ford!!!!
Jane 05/17/2013
I bought a 1968 fastback new in l968, the year I was in college...loved it !!
Kevin C 05/17/2013
Second guessed myself on the first two questions....Miss all three of my 'Stangs ; '78-2.3 liter, '77-302 V8, and '03-GT 4.6 liter. Determined to own another one, one day! Always my favorite car since I was small.... ;o)
ROBERT LOOSE SRkeyfit2@yahoo.com 05/17/2013
Article brought back many nice memories
Gary 05/16/2013
mustang lover for lif i own a '76 Mustang II with a 289 v6 under the hood an am looking to get a '67 shelby
Greg T 05/16/2013
My first car was a '66 Mustang 200 straight six cyliner with a 3 speed manual transmission. It got a lot of looks! It was a fun car to drive.
Brandon W 05/16/2013
I have a 2004 Mach 1 Comp. Orange with a 5 speed and the only factory option available the Interior upgrade package!
Wayne 05/16/2013
Just found my '66 manual....
Steve 05/16/2013
my mother wrote in my baby book that I always yell out "Mommy, there's a mustang". It was 1966 and I was 3. My 70 Mach1 was my first car. I have had it for 31 years.
Kenneth H 05/16/2013
ARGH! Stupid leather seats and 4 cylinder SVOs!
Carol Walery 05/16/2013
I owned a 1968 fastback Mustang. My favorite car of all time.
Rob S 05/16/2013
Question 3 is wrong. The Shelby GT350 was launched in 1965 and BOTH the Boss 302 and Boss 429 were launched in the 1969 model year.
Valery B 05/16/2013
Kevin H 05/16/2013
Thats what I thought abought the gt350
John M 05/16/2013
Yea Casey i thought the same thing, Heeeyyyy Joe lol Mustang is also my favorite car,,,,even the Mustang 2 (II).....
Harry H. Servis III 05/16/2013
Hopefully the 2015 Mustang will be available with the new 5.0 and a V-6 instead of an ecoboost four cylinder engine. A four cylinder would bring back the Mustang II days, which we do not need !!!
Gary 05/15/2013
I was agreeing with you carter and yes the 429 did come out in 69 so it should be correct, but I think the key word was "Shelby" GT 350
Tiff 05/15/2013
Wow my mom had 3 a 1967, 1973and 1979 I had a 1989 and now have a 2002:)
Corey S 05/15/2013
After owning Camaro's, and various hot hatchbacks, I bought a 2013 Mustang GT in November 2012. Sorry I waited so long...
Jerry N LouAnn O 05/15/2013
I still Miss all My pony's . '69, '72, '78,'78, '79 Feel the Hoofprints
Stan P 05/15/2013
Nice to see Ford at least mention the Mustang II for a change. Granted not the best car built, but due to the 70s gas crisis they had to do something. It was good enough to be featured on Charlies Angels at the time. Guess we were too busy looking at Farrah Fawcett Majors then.
Pam Williams 05/15/2013
I had a 75' mustang ii Ghia with a half landau roof. The car was silver blue with a dark blue landau half roof, I had a V8 302 engine so it had a lot of power. My dad had a green 65' mustang which was fun to drive, I took my driver's test in that car and got a 90. I was 10 when we got it and all 4 of us kids could sit across the back seat. My husband had a red 85' convertible which was fun to drive with the top down.
Rick S 05/15/2013
Yeah, what carter said! Geesh...Still got my 71 coupe I bought as a high school senior in 1976....it was being restored till the guy restoring it went bankrupt...only after I gave him $15K...no money left to finish it now (I'm actually sick over it)
Michael K 05/15/2013
Love this quiz
Alvin 05/15/2013
Great article and a great car!!! I own a 1970 Mustang Grande!! It is light yellow with ginger brown interior! all original special order from the dealer and its the only one like it in Richmond Va!!!!!
Darla 05/15/2013
I didn't do so well on the quiz. I never was good at pop quizes!
Casey 05/15/2013
It looks like the answer to number 3 is wrong. Both the Boss 302 and Boss 429 came out in 1969.
carter 05/14/2013
1969 brought the boss 429 not the GT350, that was 1965
Joe H 05/14/2013
Test Your Ford Mustang Knowledge
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