Sushi, Dancing and Mustangs

By Ford Social Member

Zahra Nealy is one of those Ford fans whose heart skips a beat over a Mustang, even though she drives a Focus. She sports the Mustang badge on her Ford Social profile, and jumped at the chance to rent a 2012 Mustang. Zahra calls the Shelby® GT500® her dream car*.

“I’ve always enjoyed Mustangs, even as a kid,” she says.

So we thought we’d find a way to return the love. The chance came recently, when we snagged her a couple tickets for a swanky, old Hollywood-themed party created by Maxim. The stars of the party? Ludacris, and the 2013 Ford Mustang. “It was an epic evening,” she says.

Check out Zahra’s night out in the slideshow, above.

A surprise invite to an exclusive event is just one of the ways we’re working to celebrate all the folks out there who like, want, drive or dream about Ford, and it won’t be the last. So, if you’ve got a fresh idea or an amazing story , share it. We’re listening.
david 05/31/2012
What is all "the hype" about your inner mustang? Why would I have one?
nnennaya o 03/27/2012
ford is an amazing car company and i just can't wait to drive one as my very first car.
Stephanie M 03/25/2012
we love fords we have 2 so far.
Larry 03/25/2012
I would like to know if Ford will make a ALL TERRIAN HD truck?
Nick Williams 03/24/2012
William Smith 03/24/2012
This is a great thing if Ford really listens and responds. I am still waiting for the diesel Transit With a manual trans and a heavier GVW (2500 lbs payload cap). Four wheel drive would be nice too, you sell them in Europe. I will be replacing my truck soon and would love a Transit that can do the job A manual diesel!
Djo Hlel Djo 03/22/2012
ilove ford
Zahra N 03/20/2012
Thanks again Ford Social for listening and giving fans amazing opportunities to see the cars we've come to love and admire so much. What a night to remember!
Ryan Wiese 03/20/2012
Mustangs and sushi dont go together. Burgers, shakes, and marlboros are more like it.
Geoff Olivier 03/20/2012
Love music, love my 2006 Fiesta and '49 Shoebox Ford Custom Fordor and sushi is okay!
Jackie Faulkner 03/20/2012
Love sushi and my 1996 TO convertable
Dave Sanders 03/20/2012
No sense of rythm, can't stand sushi, but I love my 2011 Mustang.
Tomi Jo P 03/20/2012
Love Love Love our Ford Focus!! :)
Jim Crawford 03/20/2012
I too live and breathe Mustang even though I've had to trade mine for a MKZ due to transporting someone older that had issues with getting in and out of our 'Stang. One day soon (I hope!) I'll return to the corral.
Fehmi Ben 03/20/2012
Kevin Corbin 03/20/2012
Can't wait to get back in a Mustang GT again! 2011 and up for me! Like the bodystyle much better than the '05-'09! Miss my '03 GT...savin my $$$....
Brian Simone 03/20/2012
Skip the tickets. I love my car. I'll take some Ford Racing Performance Parts for my 2012 Mustang GT.
Melissa E Ware 03/20/2012
She has great taste! I love my mustang!
Eric James Parfitt 03/20/2012
is it Prefect?
Jay Dav 03/20/2012
i drive a Ford
Sushi, Dancing and Mustangs
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