Surprises are Part of the Game at Ford Social

By Cole Q.

Meet Cheryl. She’s a member of Ford Social, and a life long Ford fan. Used to have a 1951 half-ton pickup. And a 1968 Mustang. Now she’s got a bright blue 2012 Mustang, and a badge to match on her Facebook page.

She also happens to be a big fan of American Idol. ®

So we snagged a couple extra tickets to the show, and invited her and her husband, Barry, to load up the Mustang with her dog, Colonel Klink, and head out to Hollywood to take in a live taping. Her response: Yahoo!

Cheryl and Barry weren’t the only members who got to see American Idol up close. We kept an eye out for Ford Social members who loved the show, and sent several die-hard American Idol fans out to L.A. to cheer for their favorites, take in some of the sights and watch a behind-the-scenes music video shoot with the contestants.

We’ve also created a photo collection from the night, which you can check out here. We’ll continue to upload photos here over the next few days, so keep an eye on it for the latest images!

One mother-daughter duo got a little hair and makeup from some of the same celebrity stylists who work on American Idol participants. Another couple even got engaged on the way over!

Why would we invite people on a trip like that?

It’s simple. We’re on a mission to celebrate the people who love what we do, and push us to work harder.

For about the last six months, we’ve been pulling strings and finding fun ways to return the love, every chance we get. Whether it’s exclusive access to a celebrity party, one of the biggest events in the auto industry, or a major racing event, we want our community there for the ride. And when we saw pics of your dirtiest trucks , we couldn’t help but send the owners some Ford Social car wash kits. Just last week we had some of our top ST fans down in Key West to be part of our TV ad video shoot.

But we’re just getting started. There are a lot more surprises on the way. So keep talking. We’ll be listening.
Desmond Alosious 06/04/2012
Friend and me about to buy GMC but I changed my mind and bought FORD. Pathetic experience but my friend enjoying with GMC.
Desmond Alosious 06/04/2012
my experience with FORD is F O R D - Failure Or Repair Daily too many manufacturer defects.... pathetic
Raja Amir Kiyani 05/31/2012
i wana job??
Lauraine Vollmin 05/30/2012
We have a 2008 F150 and the paint is flaking off in large chunks. Dealer will not warranty because we don't do our maintenance there!! What does an oil change have to do with paint?
Natasha At Ford 05/30/2012
Hi Bob,

Average fuel economy estimates are determined using EPA-specified testing methods, which are intended to account for real world conditions, but may not match your exact driving conditions.

Try these tips to increase your fuel efficiency -

If you’re still concerned, please have a Ford dealer inspect it to rule out any issues. I’m also here to help; please send me a private message with the VIN, phone #, mileage, and dealer info. Thanks!

@ Kathryn – What’s going on with your Mustang? Please send me a private message with either the case number or VIN/mileage with details so I can review the situation.

Ford Service
Joshua Dorsey 05/30/2012
Typically if its not covered its because it was abused or modified or a combination of the two
Kathyrn Varner 05/29/2012
Well, we talked to ford also and they go by what the dealer says.
David Quinn 05/29/2012
That does not sound normal. I'd try a different dealer.
Kathyrn Varner 05/29/2012
So is no coverage on your warranty...surprise!!
Kathyrn Varner 05/29/2012
Ford Motor Company Sucks!! Brand new 2012 Mustang and the warranty is no good!? WTF!! What a joke!!
Bob Stewart 05/29/2012
It sure is my ford f 150 won't get 22 miles to the gallon what does that say about Ecoboose
Frank Lee Hamilton 05/29/2012
Its 4:20 somewhere....Indulge...
Matt Wilcox 05/29/2012
^and hav it actually be somethin that can go off road. dirt roads are not off road
John Swanson 05/29/2012
how bout building a bronco again
Cabdihakiim Cabdulahi Chess 05/29/2012
I hope ford motors company
Marian Serban 05/29/2012
I like this!
Amanda Nolan 05/29/2012
I love ford
Michael McAuly 05/29/2012
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Michael McAuly 05/29/2012
No, Mitt should continue to hug and kiss Trump all the way to a Big Birther defeat in November.