Our Ford Fathers: A Tribute to Dad from the Ford Social Community

By Cole Q.

Dad is a pretty special guy. To many of us, he’s even a hero. Maybe it’s the wise, fatherly advice that he imparts, or maybe pops has swooped in at some critical moment in our lives to save the day. We probably all have a fond memory or two of dad.

In the animated stories above, these daughters really illustrate why dads are so great! It’s our way of saying thank you to all of the Ford Social fathers out there.

Speaking of stories, our archives are filled with plenty more from the Ford Social community. Check out our curated collection of favorites below as Ford fans just like you. And it’s never too late for you to share your story , telling us all about ways you’ve bonded with your dad.

Father's Day Tribute by Brienne S.

Brienne comes from a pretty die hard Ford family. Some of her earliest memories include flipping through family photo books of previously-owned Fords with a blue oval hat-wearing grandfather.

Obviously, this is something that is passed down from generation to generation. But it takes more than history to keep the fires of passion burning.

Read how Brienne and her father bonded over Mustangs, Model T’s and more, while creating some lifelong memories in the process.

Happy Father's Day Dad....You Taught Me Well!

Brienne isn’t the only Ford Social member who has her father to thank for awakening the automotive beast from within. All it took was a couple of trips in dad’s 1969 Fastback GT Mustang and she was hooked for life.

See how that first ride has made a lasting impression over forty years in the making. Thanks to that first engine roar, a Mustang will always be parked in her driveway. It’s a lasting legacy that lives on despite dad’s passing.

Like Father, Like Son And Then Grandson.

Speaking of Mustangs, this Ford Social member has been hooked since he was a kid. In fact, he got behind the wheel of his first one when he was only 5 years old when his dad made a quick top at a convenience store (kids, don’t try that at home).

Luckily, dad was able to catch him before it was too late, but in this Ford Social fans’ words, “the love affair was on.”

Read more about the Mustang legacy that started in 1968 and is going into its third generation.

Born To A Model A by Jim F.

Some Ford legacies go back even further. Jim’s, for example, started at birth.

Just a few days old, Jim was laid under the Christmas tree on a pair of chrome bumpers for a Model A. As he puts it, his father got two very special presents that year. From that point forward, Jim followed his dad around the garage helping him restore Model A’s.

See how Jim honors the legacy of his father and the appreciation for classic Fords that he instilled in him.

A Father's Love

When they were old enough to drive, this Ford Social member’s father said that if they bought anything other than a Ford Truck, they couldn’t park it in his yard. Laugh if you will, but he was dead serious.

Mom and Dad went on to have seven boys. While dad’s warning still rings true in their ears, that’s not the only thing that has kept over half the family driving Ford trucks since Day 1.

Even though dad passed away, the tradition lives on. At family gatherings the impromptu “F-150 Convention” that happens when the family gets together serves as an homage to dad and the long-lasting legacy that he encouraged in his sons.

Are any of these stories jogging memories of your own? Don’t keep them to yourself, share them with us! Submitting a story , or uploading a photo is easy!
Ford Social 07/02/2014
Hi Tom, It's great to know that Ford has played a part in the quality time that you have spent with your family. Thanks for posting! - Ford Social
Tom Hoffman 06/13/2014
I thought it was great . I as a father have bonded with not only my daughter but sons as well. I own 3 mustangs 1993 convert, 1997 cobra conv and a 2000 mustang conv as a family we go to local car shows not only with the kids but the Gran kids as well.