One of These Mustangs Will Be Built By Women. Which? Vote Now!

By Tori T.

What’s that saying? Behind every successful Mustang is a woman? Of course we're paraphrasing, but in this case, it’s actually true! These three design concepts for a 2013 Mustang GT are the headliners of the first-ever Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) Mustang Build Powered by Women.

Not only were the three concept cars conceptualized by female designers, but the winning Mustang will be modified only by women, with the volunteers performing all the hands-on work. You can view the designs and vote now through June 3 at . Voters will be entered into drawings to win several prizes.

The SEMA Mustang Build Powered by Women is a collaboration between Ford, which donated the Mustang, and the SEMA, led by the SEMA Businesswomen’s Network (SBN). The completed Mustang will debut at the 2012 SEMA Show in Las Vegas, then be auctioned off on eBay , with money raised to benefit the SEMA Memorial Scholarship Fund. The fund is dedicated to fostering the next generation of automotive aftermarket leaders and innovators by awarding cash scholarships to winning applicants.

The three GT concepts are:


Chromatic: Designed by SBN Member, Jennifer Seely of Ford Motor Company, the ultimate pop culture edition Mustang takes a futuristic design approach, drawing inspiration from pop culture elements such as street art and products for an exciting color palette that is free of all boundaries and disciplines. The anthracite-colored chrome body as a base exemplifies the neon colors bringing this Mustang to life. Design details include anthracite-colored chrome exterior, bright cyan wheels and white leather racing interior coupled with an aggressive track suspension and V8 roar.


Fast Metal: Designed by SBN Member, Theresa Contreras from L&G Enterprises. Theresa takes the American muscle car to a whole other level, using tone-on-tone dark metallic finishes and red accents for a dramatic design that underscores Mustang’s DNA, raw speed and power.

High Gear: Designed by SBN Member, Jennifer Seely of Ford Motor Company, High Gear – a luxury Mustang concept – is inspired by international products in categories such as jewelry, couture clothing and architecture. Designed to stimulate the senses by fusing luxury and power, the results are fresh and exciting, propelling Mustang into a whole new arena.

The concept with the most votes will be built in the garage at Source Interlink Media (SIM), a partner in the project, headquartered in El Segundo, California. SIM posted the concepts on several of its websites, including , , and .

And be sure to cast your vote here!
Debi M 06/07/2012
fast metal I agree
Marie H 06/05/2012
I would like to vote too, but the link isnt working!
Adam Armstrong 06/01/2012
Wow ford take a joke mate!
Yusuf M 05/31/2012
for Ladies !!!
Dale L 05/30/2012
Fast Metal: Designed by SBN Member, Theresa Contreras
Angelika Lee Grace Koutsos 05/29/2012
All 3 are wonderful,but the interior on 2 got my vote-#1 glows in the dark,too distracting, #3, wayy too busy. Would have been nice to hear/see the engines rev though ladies : ))
Frank Bier 05/29/2012
Please get rid of that horrible commercial with those stupid cheerleader instructors and Mike Roe. They are idiots "super sexy " comment and how the like to tell things what to do. This commercial is enough of a turn off to make me not buy the car, this commercial is horrible!! ..!!
Mustang Junior 05/29/2012
It would be good to see what ideas they come up with some woman can be creative with cars like us guys
Jphn 05/29/2012
I'm glad my Boss 302 LS was built by men.
Meghan R 05/29/2012
First it should honor Mr. Shelby. Second it needs a big motor. Third nothing in pink please.
Sam Chen 05/29/2012
Have Output to Taiwan plans? There are a lot of fans in Taiwan.
محمد الملكاوي 05/29/2012
هذي سيارة الاحلام
Edwin Mensah 05/29/2012
What is the difference between a mustang built by men and that built by women? What is special here?
c. nim 05/29/2012
i vote for the high gear gt because i want one !
Ford Motor Company 05/29/2012
Mick, that's not very civilized. Our Ford fans are men and women alike and all should be treated respectfully, even when you're kidding.
Randy M 05/29/2012
Fast Metal.
Mick Gallagher 05/29/2012
Shouldn't they be in the kitchen?? :)
Jake Thomas 05/29/2012
Fast metal and the voting thing works just fine :-)
Chad K 05/29/2012
Obviously, I'm not the intended recipient of this design study, but the "high gear" appeals to me the most.
Brian Litz 05/29/2012
Rene Velasquez 05/29/2012
U like ,show it
Dave Pierson 05/29/2012
Both, what's the difference? If anything women pay more attention to detail...
Scott Gray 05/29/2012
mustangs, by women, for women
Bob Dickey 05/29/2012
Didn't work for me either, but I'd say Chromatic would be designed/built by/for women.
Dave Sanders 05/29/2012
The link to vote doesn't work, but if it did, I'd vote for "Fast Metal." The others look too much like a (barf) Mustang II in the grill.
Jimena Aylen 05/29/2012
ohhh un mustang GT q liindooo!!!!!!!!!!!
Lars McBride 05/29/2012
Which ever one looks most like a sandwich.
Taylan Peker 05/29/2012
Taylan Peker 05/29/2012
shelby eleanor
Jaydeep Vasava 05/29/2012
I <3
I'll MAKE MAH DREAM LIVE..........

Pav Singh 05/29/2012
PS. Why no new Capri?
Pav Singh 05/29/2012
Gwinnie paltrow
Swiss Ralle 05/29/2012
Oh noooooooo
Sean Black Stalion Dejesus 05/29/2012
i love american muscle women do good work too build that mustang with your bad self
Brandon Hofmeister 05/29/2012
2/3 built by the same person, who happens to work at Ford? Are there really only two females that entered this contest?
Akhtar Sadab 05/29/2012
adD me guys...plz..
Ali Tehrani 05/29/2012
●●●●▬▬▬▬▬▬ ஜ۩۞۩ஜ▬▬▬▬▬●●●● ──▀██▀───▀██▀─▀██──██─▀██▀▀▀─ ───██─────██───██▄█▀───██▄█── ──▄██▄▄█─▄██▄─▄██──██─▄██▄▄▄─ ●●●●●●▬▬▬▬▬▬ஜ۩۞۩ஜ▬▬▬▬▬●●●
... ♥║╚═╗♥─║║─♥║╔╗╚╗♥║═╩╗♥
♥ ▂ ▃ ▅ ▆ ▇ LIKE ▇ ▆ ▅ ▃ ▂ ♥
Ami Robideau 05/29/2012
Ladies show them what's up.
Brent Michael Otchere 05/29/2012
It wont let Canadians vote :(
One of These Mustangs Will Be Built Only By Women. Which? Vote Now!
One of These Mustangs Will Be Built Only By Women. Which? Vote Now!
One of These Mustangs Will Be Built Only By Women. Which? Vote Now!
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