One-of-a-Kind 2012 Mustang

By Ford Social Member

When you turn 100, it’s pretty much guaranteed Willard Scott will Photoshop your face onto what is seemingly the label of a jar of jam and give a birthday shout-out. But when it’s 100 years of naval aviation we’re talking about? Jam is a no-go. But an extraordinary car created for the occasion? That’ll do.

To pay tribute to the centennial, engineering and design teams at Ford crafted this unique 2012 Ford Mustang, inspired by the U.S. Navy’s Blue Angels naval aviation demonstration team and the F-18 Hornet aircraft it flies. The GT’s exterior features a custom spoiler with vertical tailfins, Screaming Yellow gloss accents and Blue Angels script and crest from the Navy aircraft. Creations n’ Chrome did the chrome blue paint, and we’re sorry to say you can only drool over it for now – it’s unlike anything available on any production vehicle in the world.

Inside, the Mustang has the Blue Angels crest stitched into the leather Recaro racing seats and offset stripes that give a hint of pilot flight suits. There are cluster graphics, performance gauges and instrument panel appliqués, too. Other notables are the Blue Angels script on the illuminated sill plates and puddle lamps that project jet images when the doors open.

The Mustang also has a Ford Racing supercharged 5.0-liter V8 engine that makes a whopping 624 horsepower, plus a Ford Racing handling pack, performance exhaust and racetrack brakes.

You like? Good news then: On July 28, the Blue Angels Mustang will be sold at the Gathering of Eagles charity auction during the Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA) AirVenture Oshkosh, an event that will take place July 25-31 at Wittman Regional Airport in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. Ford is the exclusive automotive partner and longtime supporter of EAA. You will need to prequalify to participate in the auction, so click here for more information.

All proceeds from the car donation and sale will benefit the EAA Young Eagles organization, which has provided free introductory flights to more than 1.6 million young people since 1992 while also teaching the value of hard work, personal responsibility and enhanced math and science skills. The Gathering of Eagles annually draws more than 1,000 aviation enthusiasts in support of Young Eagles and other EAA programs that inspire young people to become engineers, aviators, astronauts, scientists and innovators.

The Blue Angels edition joins three other one-of-a-kind Mustangs created by the Ford design and engineering teams for the EAA Young Eagles auction in recent years. Ford vehicles sold at auction during past EAA AirVenture events have collectively raised more than $1.3 million to support Young Eagles.
Jack Goebel 12/25/2011
Sharp looking car and a wonderful cause, way to go Ford. Jack
Crissy Herron 12/19/2011
Ford is truly a win company to support. They have soooooooo very many charities that they support. And them doing this just makes it that much more clear in my mind that I will always be a Ford fan no matter what I drive. Warriors in Pink was definately a favorite of mine. And now this. Thank you Ford Motor company for all that you do in supporting such great causes. The men and women in our Uniformed Services deserve this so much.
Lisa Koon 12/09/2011
As always, FORD surpasses the others in supporting worthwhile causes. It's an honor and a privilege not only to own and drive a FORD but also to work for FORD.
diane buszek 12/08/2011
Awesome looking 'Stang!!!!!
April Stephens 11/29/2011
This is an awesome ride, for a great cause. That's the thing I love about Ford. They are all about the public, they stand above the crowd. I am honored to be a ford fan.,. Thank ya ford for caring what we think.
David Johnson 11/08/2011
Absolutely Beautiful !
I grew up with the EAA in my life and attended the Oshkosh event every year with my father.
I can tell you the Young Eagles is a great cause worthy of this car.
Arturo Medina 10/27/2011
Awesome 'stang for a great cause!
Jim Peterson 10/24/2011
A truly beautiful work of art! I'm surprised it's not being called
a 'Mach I', given both that it's for the Blue Angels, and because it's styled along the same lines as the '69 Mach I, the coolest sports car ever built!!
Arli ne 10/14/2011
Wow! What a beauty! Ford, thank you for honoring our Naval Academy. I'm happy I caught your story. Veddy nice!
Chris 10/12/2011
Considering the V6 gets 31 Highway, a Ecoboost Mill would put in the mid to high 30s.
John Rotella 10/02/2011
It's a great car and it's a great story. Only Mustang makes it happen.
I wonder what MPG a 2L Ecoboost engine would get in a lightweight Mustang? Probably 32 - 35 MPG if you can drive it carefully!
sandi Štemberger 08/21/2011
Darlene Friedel 08/18/2011
Very nice car!!!!!!! Love it. Nice that you are honoring the naval academy. Does this include the naval ships as well or only jets/airplanes, etc.?
Evan Ehlers 08/17/2011
does that even have a first gear? sweet car!
David Ason 07/31/2011
i always loved the ford mustang but this one has 2 be the greatest ive seen yet
Sharon 07/30/2011
wish i could buy that beauty!'s so gorgeous!
Jody 07/22/2011
Holy cow! I want one, even tho I love my silver 09 GT with the glass roof and 45th anniversary logo
Jon Ellis 07/21/2011
wish I had the money to get this car. lol. too poor to get one like that but very nice Mustang.
David Miller 07/21/2011
WOW! Totally Awesome car. The love affair with the Mustang continues!
PorschePal 07/21/2011
The only time I have ever wished for a FORD on purpose.
Diane McPherson 07/21/2011
OMG Only one!!!!!!! Does Ford really think one is enough? lol
Judy Hudson 07/21/2011
WTG Ford and Blue Angels...what a great combination. Love the paint job!
Kevin Panek 07/21/2011
Highway to the Danger Zone
Jonathan Cunningham 07/21/2011
i hava a lava red gt....awesome car but it would be cheaper to buy a gt add the super charger this one has. then add yellow stripes...same outcome saving 8-10 grand
Suraj Singh 07/21/2011
My Dream car any sponsers ?
Bernie Bradley 07/21/2011
Why did Ford steal my car? darn them what a good looking car
Swapnil Soni 07/21/2011
my fav one.
Terry Wallis 07/20/2011
i hae seen the 2012 mustang it is so cool
Ed Miller 07/20/2011
That is so cool. Buying a lottery ticket as we speak
Judy Zimmerman 07/20/2011
Looks great and I bet it is fantastic to drive!!! It certainly will makes heads turn when people see you cruising down main street any town U.S.A.
William Jackson 07/20/2011
Definitely nice !
Sindee Gaetz Jeff Gaetz 07/20/2011
Pretty car
Jill Matthias 07/20/2011
Thats just awesome!!!!
Ron Chaisson 07/20/2011
This Blue Angel Ford Mustang GT Rocks Bigtime!!!! It's Ready For Takeoff!!!!
Bill Harris 07/20/2011
My Next Car Rag Top
John Northrop 07/20/2011
I iwish Ford will build more!!!
Impératif Automotive Customer Management 07/20/2011
Gary Watson 07/20/2011
Those HRE 590RS wheels really finish off the car!!!
Jackie G. Morgan 07/20/2011
Yea, it's awesome. I would love to fly I mean drive it!
Joe Edgerton 07/20/2011
Really Love That Color...
Cindy Griffin 07/20/2011
Awesome!!! :-)
Kevin Green 07/20/2011
I want 1!!!
Mel Walters 07/20/2011
Blue angels!
Paul Moore 07/20/2011
I want one. yeah!!
El Sanchez 07/20/2011
Yea, well, I went to two airshows with the Blue Angels. So I should get one too.
Simon Hurr 07/20/2011
Great vehicle being auctioned for an excellent cause. Looking forward to owning a Mustang one day.
Branden Castleberry 07/20/2011
Cody Mehaffy 07/20/2011
Extremely nice car!!!
Bill Johnson 07/20/2011
It's the 624 hp, 5.0 engine output that I like. Performance to weight ratio must be outrageous. Gotta love it.
Stefan Borgdorf 07/20/2011
very nice car i love Mustang
Abreeu Zeetiina 07/20/2011
Jon Caves 07/20/2011
Vary Vary Cool !!
Nils K Sanden 07/20/2011
Chris Wagner 07/20/2011
bet they wont do it patrick
William Brutsche 07/20/2011
Beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Almost as nice as my 2011 GT/CS.... :o)
Scott Mackay 07/20/2011
Swweeet! But I still don't like the back end... too rounded, not retro enough. I'll keep my '05.
Junior Gonçalves 07/20/2011
is beautiful
Barry Felix 07/20/2011
They should send this to Barrett-Jackson's next event and I bet they would get a lot more money than where it is being planned on being sent.
Patrick Fitzgerald 07/20/2011
I want one! you should give the blue angels 6 of them for the shows =)
Stephen Peele 07/20/2011
Giovanni Eduardo 07/20/2011
Alexander Prus 07/20/2011
Special edition #60343534. Its still awesome.
James Darrell Weed 07/20/2011
Way to go FORD....
Michael Rogers 07/20/2011
Look's awsome. Always liked the Black and Gold Mustang Shelby... That's one nice looking car....
Jon Lacey 07/20/2011
Shelby's by far the best of the west
Giovanni Eduardo 07/20/2011
the best of the best
Giovanni Eduardo 07/20/2011
i need 1 rite now
Ashley Charlebois 07/20/2011
Buying a boss 302 soon:) can't wait
Verb Fromarizona 07/20/2011
i meant 2012 ahahahahahahaha
Shawn Linderman 07/20/2011
want one really bad
Jim Graham 07/20/2011
Cassie Pena 07/20/2011
Ford your the BEST! :D <3 keep doing the BEST Cars (:
Giovanni Eduardo 07/20/2011
that car is sick
Sean Winograd 07/20/2011
Aaron Justice 07/20/2011
Love the color!
Cassie Pena 07/20/2011
Dream car(:
Paula Loper 07/20/2011
Nice-- I like. Keep them coming!
David Paul Cutler 07/20/2011
I went to college in Oshkosh in '68. Can I have one?